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let's make a calendar so the first thing you'll do is open publisher and with publisher open there is an option here where we could look for calendars but you Paulus don't do this if I look for calendars you're gonna see some templates where it's one per month but the one that we need is not here so instead of actually searching for calendar we're gonna go in and manually open the eight and a half by eleven and then up under page design we're gonna go over to change template now I know that seems backwards but if you notice here are some other examples of things that we didn't see before so if I go to calendars we're gonna scroll down and find the one called understated understated is the one that I need you to choose and the reason is the others have color accents and if you change the color of one in one month it'll change in all so we want one that has no color so that we can add our color in so once we choose understated you're gonna have some options pop up up here on the template on the right so we're gonna change the first thing is instead of landscape we're gonna go portrait and then also scrolling down we want to adjust we do want one month per page but we want to change our calendar dates to January 2016 all the way through December of 2016 please make sure that you get these dates right otherwise you're gonna have a calendar it's not going to be much use next year so click OK it brings us back to our template options and I click OK and it's gonna go ahead and set up my publication so now if we look over on the left hand side you're gonna see all your pages so there's a page for every month the dates are automatically gonna be set up correctly so January 1st falls on Friday and everything will be exactly where it should be now this is not impressive and oh it's Times New Roman so what we want to do is come in and actually adjust a few things what I'm gonna do first before we go any farther is actually change my margins to a quarter of an inch so that we have more room to work with so we're gonna adjust an arrow that moves that blue line out just a little bit so we have more room to work with now I want to resize this table because right now I don't have room for anything except for the actual calendar so if I click anywhere in the table I'm gonna go until the mouse and if you notice to see how the mouse changes here to the arrow pointing in diagonal direction that's what we want to use to resize because if I click here this is gonna move it but it's not gonna resize it so I need to be here now again I could go here that is only gonna resize that one line so if I drag there then it's gonna mess up my size but if I grab from the corner with that diagonal arrow and then drag it down I can resize my table now as I'm moving watch over on the left hand side right here see this guy this is our vertical rule and up here we also have one that's a horizontal so this shows you where you are in your page from 0 all the way to 11 because this is 11 inches tall and again from 0 all the way over to 8 and a half because it's 8 and a half inches wide so as I click here I'm gonna move my table down to 5 and a half so that way I have plenty of room to work with I'm also going to make sure that I go all the way over to the margin but don't go past it and the same thing from the bottom right corner now it's resized looking good the only problem is that the dates are kind of squished so I'm going to put the mouse over the line and see how it turns into two parallel lines with arrows now if I click I can just adjust that top one but it also resizes everything else at the same time so again a couple of things that you got to be aware of as you're working in your calendar making sure that you get your mouse moving right it's gonna help you set up your calendar correct next thing I'm gonna do I'm gonna go up to this box and I'm going to delete now if I click delete it deletes the text but if I click on the line on the outside oops then it'll actually and delete it'll take that box away now why am i taking that away because that's boring and I don't need a constant reminder that we're in 2016 so instead of doing it that way what I'd normally do is I pick some style of word and then I use my word art to enter my month name and then you can change your font you can change it to whatever you want it to look like change the size change the color changes the style and then remember – is that as you're adding pictures and you're adding color you're gonna be able to come back and adjust those so I delete the one option I'm gonna take that shadow away later but now we've got to start so today your main focus is going through and resizing each of the different months after you've resized the next thing you're gonna do is come back and you're gonna actually add in holidays so January 1st is New Year's Day so I'm gonna just click inside the box and type New Year's Day now the font is gonna get cut off because right now it's a size 18 that's pretty big so if I go inside I'm gonna need to actually adjust smaller smaller until I can get the whole thing included in it so I'm going to adjust my size here all to 14 I'm also gonna bold it and I'm going to Center but if I sinner the only problem is that the day that I completely messed that one up um then the day is also centered I don't want the date center I want the date to actually stay there on the left so I just hit enter to take this down to a new line and there we've got our first holiday now you are free to change your font to whatever style makes you happy so I might decide to match what did I pick for the last one fringe script so I can do for a script that was kind of hard to read so you can change your style play around until you find the one that you want to use so we've got one holiday and we should also have Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and again I'll need to resize my text but you get the picture so once we have this started then the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna start adding some color now you can add color in different ways but you do need to leave some white space on your page what I generally do for the cow is have a block of color on Sunday and another block of color on Saturday now you can accomplish this a couple of different ways one way is you can just highlight inside and you can go to our table tools I'm gonna go to design and for fill I'm gonna change our fo color I could do a fill effect and do a gradient and then let's say I decide that I want to do a dark color on the bottom a light color on the top and then I can just adjust what colors those are there we yeah and we can change so maybe I want to do stay with the blues and then have this be kind of a lighter shade of blue to go with the kind of winter theme but again you've got lots of choices here so please feel free to play around it to make your happy now when I hit okay and I click off to the side that's a gradient fill but what I wanted is I wanted one big long box where the color here is dark and the color here is light the table makes every one of these boxes get treated separately so I'm gonna undo cuz I'm like that if you don't like that effect you do have another option if we're gonna insert we can just draw a rectangle right on top and then send it behind so that we can see it so right now it looks beautiful look at that I said no outline and then let's go back to our gradient and if I go down to choose our same style and maybe I want to work with a different one um I thought I did so which use our gradient let's go to more gradients and we're going to change this dark back to our lighter shade of blue and our other shade of blue and then when I do okay then I've got my pattern now if I want to change and adjust there are options here where you can change the effect so if I don't want it that direction I can click here and then choose a different one so we can have it start dark on the left and then bleed into a lighter shade on the right now if I send backward the only problem that we're gonna have here is that the fill color and the table is actually white so if I choose to do my color editing that way then what I want to do is click inside go back to my table design and change my fill oops – no fill so that that way whatever shows behind it will actually shine through all right so that is how you add color that is how you change your fonts and your styles and you're going to start doing that for every month let's roll

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I've printed out my own calendar for years with Publisher. And then I got the new update. It's like the designers asked, "How can we HIDE the calendars and make things more complicated?" 🙂

  2. Lets say you wanted to keep the same Calendar from that year but just roll it over to the next… So say I have a calendar for 2017 and wanting to be able to just roll it over to 2018 because I don't want to have to add to all the dates again???


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