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you seeing in paper was just goddamn (mumbles) at first, it was no words. I was just goddamn humming some shit. If I say goddamn, (mumbles) If I say that, that sounds
close to kinda chicken. It don’t sound right right now but if you see in the
studio, you’ll understand it. But it don’t sound right right now, but that’s kinda how it
be, ya know what I’m sayin. I don’t really just got
to be like no super- I’m finna jot all this down. This s*** right here gone be fye. If it sound fye, it sound fye. If it don’t it don’t. F*** it. The name Mak sauce, it came from McDonald’s, I was eating McDonald’s and goddamn a n**** said, “Your name Malik, bruh,
you might as well goddamn take the L and the I.
You gone be Mak sauce with a K. Big Mac got
the Mac sauce with a C. You might as well be Maksauce with a K.” So there, I just had the shit. I just had the beat in my email he sent to me the same day, I used it the same day. I don’t really have no inspiration, cause I don’t really goddamn fucking… I don’t write shit. I just goddamn run it
or move it freestyle. So I just goddamn was like, turnt up in that bitch and that I just goddamn motherf****** woot de woot de woot the feeling, the beat woot de woot. Came out with that and I just said “Ah Good morning.” Yo bitch ass was talking shit on the phone or goddamn in my comments, whatever. Have that same energy in
person, pussy ass n****. Beef, burger, Five Guys, Smash the beef whatever, I don’t know what the fuck they do. I’ll say it’s the best burger
spot cause I use it in my bar. Yes, it’s the best burger spot. N**** be like “Boy you a chicken” that means goddamn, you a bitch, pussy. You don’t goddamn, you ain’t gone do what the fuck they said. Whatever the f*** they it
is they want you to do. But when they be like “Boy you going Ham.” I’m saying you going fucking
crazy you know what I’m sayin’? So yo bitch ass go chicken. We go ham. They both two meats,
know what I’m sayin’ ? but they different in the
street lingo, I guess. You know what I’m sayin’? So chicken, bitch, ham, crazy. Yo bitch ass go pussy
mode, we go beast mode. Why yo ass at goddamn
work, know what I’m sayin’? where ever the fuck you work at, I don’t give a fuck if
it’s a high paying job, low paying job, I don’t give a fuck. Why you was at work yo
bitch was getting hit and she was like (moaning) I don’t know if you gotta set up a security camera, whatever
the fuck you gotta do. But when you are work, I promise yo bitch is doing something that you don’t know about. If I’m poppin Perc’s, I be like “Damn, where
the hell that Perc go?” and I be like “Damn, I
popped that motherfucker, I forgot.” But then I’m driving, I’m like, “F***.” I’m swerving ’cause I
forgot I popped a Perc and now I’m driving. I be driving high anyways, but I’m just saying. I just had to make it
make sense for the bar. I don’t be thinking ’bout
all that extra shit. I just be, goddamn, did it rhyme. Perc, swerve, that kinda rhyme. I’m finna say this shit in the song. I don’t be goddam doing
all that extra shit. I like smoke, I like when a n****
say he want war with me or something like that, cause I know what’s going on on my side. So he be saying that.
I be like “Okay cool. We gonna play how you wanna play it.” But I don’t be starting shit! We be finishing shit, fasho. If a pussy nigga, wanna play, today is a wonder day for that shit. Everyday is a wonderful day
for that shit, if they on that. In goddamn elementary school
you get the goddanm chalk and you goddamn draw on
the goddamn lil concrete, where the swings and all that shit. When somebody die, the police lay out white chalk around how they body was. However the fuck they body was goddamn, motherfucking laid out,
they goddamn draw it around that before they pick the body up. It might be reset ’cause yo block finna get white chalk, Know what I’m sayin’ You get it, you get it, you get it. If you listen to that closely in the background it say “Mud.” They know what mud is. It’s dirty Diana you know what I’m sayin’ Dirty Diana, I got that
Michael Jackson of course. You talkin’ ’bout the female
being a goddamn lil slut or whatever she got a goddam group pic or backstage. I’m talking about the goddamn Dirty Diana- what’s in ya goddamn cup. So they call a dirty sprite, I just use dirty Diana
instead of Dirty Sprite. I f*** with Michael Jackson, everybody just f*** with Michael Jackson know what I’m sayin’? If you don’t f*** with Michael Jackson, then I don’t know what the f***- I really f*** with James Brown the most. I f*** with him heavy. I’m not even go lie,
I f*** with him heavy. You run up on me, two two three. Glock. You get it You know what I’m sayin’ sayin’ today is the day to run up on me. If you do run up on me,
you can if you want to, but then the next bar says
what you’re gonna get. Popped.

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  1. Wow there’s a rapper name mak sauce and I’m a rapper name Rich Sauce lol

    Like if mak sauce sound better


    Comment if rich sauce sound better

  2. I’m not trying to be mean but does he have trouble talking (but I don’t mean to be mean but I was just asking💙💙💙💙💙

  3. What I heard in the beginning:"Ed redDning wasn't paper just HuShA hUsHa AsSHhkaffv Ah first but then no words, I was just gotdamn HuMmUs and shit. If I said gotdamn UGHA UHhAu UhhAU If I say that sound closer kinda chicken, It don't sound right to but if you seemeintheshuayyoudunderstandit, man I'm saying all wrong rn but that's kinda how it be yaknow I'm saying so so all I know isbelike-nosuper MmM mNm bitches jot all these down knowwhatimsaying this shit HmFyaA Sou Fa Sound Fa- no It don't. Fuck it."

  4. Lemme translate the beginning…he doesnt sit there and write lyrics like other artists he just listens to the beat and makes sounds and the ideas come as he keeps doing that kinnddaaa like when you randomly see niggas mumble some shit while they freestylin coz they can’t think of anything else to say..he does that but backwards

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