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hey girl just one minute huh one we lost the dog presenter sir are you ready ready woofers are you ready ready ready ready if you've got your pencils and paper ready let that countdown begin [Applause] action hello world thank you for tuning in from your classrooms and welcome to our new home today we're celebrating the fun and magic of reading you'll hear from astonishing authors and draw along with illustrator Tony Ross and in just 30 minutes you'll know exactly how to discover a book you will love remember you can see your school shout outs right here by tweeting at puffin books using the hashtag magical authors let's get things started for our first trick NIC Mohammed the youngest ever member of the Bradford magic circle before we grow up is about to read your minds please focus your minds on the screen let's begin hello my name is Nick Mohammed and I'm the author of the young magicians and the theives Almanac and welcome to the magical author Suge so I thought I would do a quick trick to start off with all of you in the classroom so I'd like somebody on this side of the classroom I'd like you to think you'd have to say it out loud or write it down I just want you to think of a number between one and ten somebody on that side of a classroom or a few of you if you'd like I'd like somebody in the middle of the room to think of a vegetable so something like an onion doesn't have to be an onion I want you to think of a simple vegetable and somebody on this side of the classroom I'd like you to think of two simple shapes something like a square not a square think of two simple shapes and I want you to picture them in your mind one inside of the other so two simple shapes one inside the other now first on this side of the room I think that you're thinking of the number seven is that right I hope I got that right I think the person who's thinking of a vegetable I think you're thinking of a carrot I hope I got that right and the person on this side of the room who's thinking of two shapes I think you're thinking of a triangle inside a circle anyway I hope that worked and I look forward to seeing you very shortly he's so awesome you can look forward to war magic from Nick later before that though on utterly charmed to be joined by our next magical author she's presenting this year's Winter Olympics and Paralympics has enchanted readers with her racehorse books and is one of this year's World Book Day authors please welcome into your classrooms the fabulous Clare Balding okay I'm going straight in there what is it that you love about reading I like the fact that it lets us all escape into another world don't you when you pick up a book and you read is you're you're investing a lot of time in it you're spending hours reading it and you might go somewhere really private to read it might read it in your bedroom you might take it out outside and read it in a cubby hole and it's your world because your imagination is fired up by what you're reading so I like that I like the escapism of it is its own little form of magic yes and you've traveled the world haven't you where's the most unusual place you've read a book I would say either on an island in Samoa in the South Pacific at the end of a beach there was nobody else there in a sort of shack that was a bar but it was a shack with surfboards hanging down outside looking out to the sea sitting there reading a book or on a ship going into Auckland New Zealand that was pretty cool wow those are exotic you're just showing off now now you might notice you're sitting next to a TV screen but this isn't any TV screen no this is our curious new toy it's called words–all it's got all the questions that you guys have sent in inside so Claire if you would like to be the very first person magic button yes to press the button if you could be a character from one of your books who would you be and why that's from Bob bulik primary school in Scotland that's a good question I'd probably be Percy the pony who's in the race horse who wouldn't gallop in the race horse who disappeared because he's really really naughty and he's really greedy and he's a little bit vicious actually but I think I'd probably choose to be one of the animals rather than human because like if I can choose any character what's the point in being another human being doesn't it hurt a lot as well yes in very inappropriate times and places and in front of the Queen and all sorts of things yes I'll so basically you just want an excuse to fart in front of a screen I see to be really naughty that's all I want well I think what time for one more okay is there a specific activity that you do that sparks your ideas for your books some ignition Catholic school in the Cayman Islands Cayman Islands how come we didn't get to go there let's go meet them I think that's I walk I walk a lot and that's I walk my dog Archie and that's when I do most of my thinking and I'll try and think as a character would think so if I'm thinking like Charlie I like Charlie bass I want to be making I sort of think about the decisions she would make or if I'm thinking like the girl who thought she was a dog you know if you think you are a dog how do you react to things how do you respond and I look at other people's dogs as well because you know they behave differently to arch they're almost a bit like acting yeah yeah yeah exactly you max it out and you think what would be logical and then what would be funny and how can we try and do something that follows the plot but also is just really funny and stupid what a great idea maybe you can try that too marvelous magician Nick Mohammed is back to answer your questions and I think he's just getting ready for his next show excuse us Nick can we ask you a few questions course you can yeah what are you doing currently I'm rehearsing for a magic show what does it take to become a magician well anybody anybody at all can become a magician mostly it takes lots of practice though you have the author of the young magicians what's your book about well the young magicians is about for young magicians who go on to help Scotland Yard solve a series of impossible crimes can you tell us more about your characters in the young magicians I can indeed yes so there is Zach who uses lots of sleight of hand in his magic there is his best friend Johnny who likes to combine sort of science with his magic as well there is Alex who's a bit of a wizard with playing cards unlike me and her there is also Sofie who uses lots of mentalism and hypnotism in her magic as well Nick true or false only magicians are allowed to have bunny rabbits in Queensland Australia oh gosh I would say that that is false it's true is it true wow I did not know that what you love about reading oh gosh I love that you can just curl up in a ball somewhere with a good Berk and just completely escape and let your imagination run wild usually accompanied by a large sort of glass of squash or something like that's what I like to do what you do if you get writer's block I tend to go for a jog if I get writer's block what was your favorite lesson at school drama and also science as well big fan of science you sure as a magic trick I can indeed yes I have got a coin here I'm just going to cover it with this handkerchief and I'm gonna count to three I'm gonna go one two three and you see that the craziness what's the weirdest thing you've ever pulled out of a hat another hat can you do another magic trick I kind of need what an irritating a talented guy you buddy magicians out there can find out more about life in the magic circle in Nick's books but now on to a different type of magic when words and pictures come together tremendous things can happen you'll certainly recognize our next guest pictures he's Illustrated horrid henry and covers for david walliams and Clare Balding please put your hands together for Tony Ross [Applause] my dad was in the Magic Circle was he now he was a conjurer and your magician in your own way aren't you I am NOT in the magic circle there with all your lovely pictures so have you always ill astray teachings books not when I was a little baby or a toddler but when I went to art school and left art school then I had to do something you could leave you leave art school you can't do anything really you can't build bridges you can't blatant condoning accept draw so you would find some way of learning to get a living out of drawing and the only way I could think of it was books so Tony have you got any tricks for people who are watching what to practice their drawing yeah you draw better if you understand what it is you're drawing hands for instance a lot of people think hands are difficult they're not they're really very easy what you don't know about hands is you never really understood them never looked at them for instance if I'm drawing a hand there's a point about there which is very important because from that point all the fingers you see radiate exactly from that point see what I mean and even the thumb which shouldn't really be there at all because the thumb isn't part of these the thumb is part of that so we get a hand at the back of a hand like that that's this that bit huh okay yeah that point is that point there which is useful because all the fingers radiate from it like that and the thumb does as well but down there halfway down so the thumb comes out there you can see a hand it's dead easy well thank you Tony it taught me a couple of things there it's almost time to draw along and I know Claire's here to join us sit oh oh okay over to Puffin reporter mihaela who's going to get the scoop on Claire's World Book Day plans thanks right everyone now I'm going to talk about Claire boarding and the magical process of writing a book we asked Claire to bring along a few special objects in our story satchel so Claire what's inside let's have a look well first of all we have a copy of black beauty this was my absolute favorite book as a child and it's all written with the horse as the narrator an Anna Sewell wrote it was the only book she ever raised in her life and all the profits went to the RSPCA which had just been established I love that book our horse is your favorite animal well I yes I do love horses but they're quite difficult to have living in the house with you so dogs would be I think at the top of my list what's your world birthday book about well it's about a girl who thinks she's a dog and it's called the girl who thought she was a dog and my aweful girl who's called fennel is born into a family that have a dog and she wants to be at the dog as her best friend and she wants to do everything the dog called twiglet everything the dog does I did yes I was always surrounded by dogs actually we had lurchers and we had boxes and I do love a box so they got really really soft cheeks and they've got really soft ears and they've got lots of wrinkles around their mouth and they think they're here I've got other things too you might be interested in I've got sisters sounds gripped I banish yes right clearly those are my sausages my such and leave thank you I once shot a sausage at the Queen across the breakfast table I know it's very strange thing in Queens very keen on dogs she's got corgis and she's got doggies as well which are a cross between a dachshund and a Corgi I have to say mihaela thank you that is the most interesting interview I've ever done roll next Petey hey my name is Zach king and I'm the author of Zach king my magical life and the magical mix-up [Applause] so as a magician a lot of people ask me how do you do your trick so I'm gonna show you a quick video and then I'll explain how I did this magic trick all right here we go okay this is all I need are you ready oh this is my brand-new book and it's magical this is a fun trick because you guys could actually try this at home it involves you printing a picture of something so I printed a picture of the book on a piece of paper and then I flick it downwards and I freeze and someone comes in and puts the real book in my hands and takes away the paper and then tada it's real and just splice out the time in between the cuts well that was something you can do after the show here's something you can do right now Tony's gonna teach us how to draw a dog Wow well I start off with the eyes so I put two big black dots there like that and then if you put the black nose in about there you basically got a dog so then you put the hair on like this put the hair over the eyes going down and round the nose down there oh yeah like that and you've got a hairy dog is that what it would what particular dog have you got there Terry yorkshire terrier I didn't know there were different sorts of dogs I thought the dog was a dog I had a dog once it's just a dog well don't say that across I'll give myself you might be a hairy mouth there is no that sort of hairy dog I can't draw from the side from the side I have to do more a sort of sleek dog so from the side the long sleek nose like that okay and then I like that and nose down there we've put a little line there you have a smile okay and then took the bottom jaw like that and an ear like this here it doesn't take much does it just a few lines and you've got it's depressingly easy a way to draw a dog with a full body is to draw the dog's face say let's put some teeth in and growling dog like that there's a rather vicious dog that's how many years quite small years like that and to put him in a collar and tie like that and put his paws in his pockets then you don't have to bother with drawing paws coat put him in a long overcoat then you don't have to bother with those dreadful legs that's a great tip so yeah paws sticking out of the bottom of the overcoat so if you have a trouble drawing animal stick them in close they're coming along Loco yeah it works with any animal works with a horse or lion anything at all and the wagging tail is always a good idea to show that the dog's basically quite nice what do you think then have I got a career in children's illustration beckoning you've cracked it yeah I mean the bottom ones fantastic you look so vacant only right okay it could be a TV character this gun right well might change your career starts tomorrow then yeah you can animate that Wow oh thank you Tony you're welcome story time now so get a wiggle on wiggle into your chairs corn everyone in your classrooms and listen closely because afterwards I'm gonna want to know what mummy fairy's wand is called and what spells she uses in the video do you know a grown-up who might have magical powers maybe your teacher always knows where everything is or your cousin is really really fast or perhaps your grandparents sound like they've traveled through time this story is all about a little girl called Ella her mummy looks normal but she's not because she can turn into a fairy we're about to join Ella and her mummy as they get ready for a visit from Zoey who's their next door neighbor she's not very nice and Ella really wants to impress her let's see how they're getting on I'm going to read it but the story is narrated by Ella Ella said mommy what's wrong we haven't got any cupcakes I said we don't have any cupcakes for a tea party Zoey said we would burn our cupcakes I told mummy she said we'd have to throw them in the bin and now she'll think it's true she said that did she said mummy and she looked across but then she smiled all right Ella my darling I promised you cupcakes so we will have cupcakes but it's too late I said through the window I could see Zoey and her mum coming up the path Zoey was dragging her mum along she was saying just wait till you see their messy house there's stuff all over the floor and they haven't got any cupcakes oh I think mummy fairy's going to need her computer one for this one that's better very quickly mummy fairies stamped her feet three times clapped her hands wiggled her bottom and said marshmallow and poof she was a fairy mummy fairy looked sternly at her computer wand no nonsense now suddenly the doorbell rang oh no mummy fairy I said they're here already hold on she called just coming then she pressed a code on her computer wand and said cupcakery do and at once the kitchen was filled with cupcakes hundreds of cupcakes there were pink cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes and sparkly cupcakes all on plates they were even cupcakes that said Tom and linker and Zoe they were beautiful and they smelled like the yummiest cupcakes in the world not all mummy fairies spells work but this one certainly has now I've got a trick that you can use for your creative writing mummy fairies spells all have hurry do at the end so now it's your turn to create a magic word first write down one thing you can see in your classroom looks like our illustrator Marta has spotted some milk next write our we do after the word so milk becomes milk Eridu and here's the best part imagine what would happen if your character said this word in a story milk Eridu might make it rain chocolate milkshake or a cow might suddenly appear good luck with your stories everyone hope you were listening carefully let's see if these guys were so what was the name of mummy fairy's wand yeah computer one yes and what was mummy fairy's spell cut cake curry do yes and there's anybody to come up with a magic word I can tell me what happens when you say it you Jacka dare you do right when you say that it puts on your coat Oh brilliant cause it's so hard putting your coat on isn't it really useful to have a magic word well let us know your magic words by tweeting at puffin books and using hashtag magical authors now it's time to talk about what something is very close No hi I'm sama this is so cool I can't believe I get to spend the whole night in this library I work a pieman Random House and I love my job because I get to talk about amazing books on Instagram YouTube snapchat and I get to talk to writers and some of your favorite youtubers about books as well so the book that I've chosen to escape into for my library lock-in is a wrinkle in time it is the story of Meg Murray and her brother Charlie you have to travel through a wrinkle in time to find back their father it's a dangerous journey through space and time that will take you to a different world maybe you can have a library locking sleepover at your school now we've got time for one more questions so gonna crank up words–all again Claire could you push the button yes if you could write a book about any other subject what would it be about that's from Annabel who's home school that's a good question isn't it well I'd probably stick hang on hang on how about Tony draws the cover while so you talk about the book okay I'm gonna stick to dogs but it'd be different sorts of dogs I'd go for rescue dogs so we'd be set in the mountains with a sunburn art who is rescuing people stuck out in extreme bits on rocks or in an avalanche so he's a big dog and he's got a keg around his neck you know on the collar and he's a search-and-rescue dog so he snips them out and I think dogs are really really clever and I could have a whole series of dogs that do different jobs so you get bomb disposal dogs you get mountain rescue dogs you get dogs that might rescue people from the sea dogs that consider buildings dog dogs with job series dogs with jobs that's exactly it this would be part one in the series of dogs with jobs there you go I've just given you give me a title right Tony are we giving you enough time to come up with something on the mountain claws well thank you so much for sending in all your questions and you can find out how to send in a video on our new website coming in March now he talks about real magicians magical mums and the magic within but if you can't decide which book to choose next his author Tom Fletcher with a plan for you hi everyone hope you're enjoying the show so far and that your teachers are behaving themselves especially you back there yes you've got my eye on you Who am I to tell you well I'm lucky enough to be the author of some books these books actually all of them wrote them all diver Wimpy Kid me gangster granny me Harry Potter or me you're welcome okay I didn't actually write those books by did write these ones I love reading I also love music I'm in a band what's all that got to do with anything well smarty pants thinking about who you are and what you love can help you find a book that you might enjoy reading and I'm gonna give you three ideas that can help you find that magic book I'm here lucky so this is my room where I write all of my stories and all of my songs and occasionally build Star Wars Lego see grown-ups play with toys as well we're not that bad I filled this room with all the things that I love from Christmas to dinosaurs toys to films I love which brings me onto idea number one loads of movies start off as books like Harry Potter or Wonder or The BFG see if you'd go to your school library and ask to borrow one of those books and see if anything changed when I was growing up I like slightly spooky things like Ghostbusters and the gremlins and it was these things that inspired my book the creatures which is about disgusting creatures that live in an East icky world beneath your bed so if you also like spooky and creepy then you could ask your librarian for some scary book suggestions maybe but if you don't like scary then that's okay maybe you like funny or romantic TV shows whatever it is knowing what you love will help you find your next book another way to find something to read is to think about the music that you like and why maybe it's music to relax to or meeting to dance to one of the things that I love most in the world is Christmas in fact I love it so much I've had two Christmas themed birthdays in July but one of the best things about Christmas is of course the Christmas music there are so many amazing Christmas songs my book the Christmas or Easter the song called the Christmas Oris the song became a book which became a stage show and one day soon it will be a film as well so maybe a good way to start would be to look at the lyrics of your favorite pop song and try and work out what the story is that the artist is trying to tell you okay here's my third idea hobbies maybe you love playing football or baking cakes or building Lego whatever it is I bet there's someone out there who loves it too and you'll be able to find a story in your library your school or your bookshop that's perfect for you so there you have it find one piece of music or a movie or a TV show or a hobby or one thing that you love and challenge a librarian or a teacher or your parents or a mate to find you something to read there are so many incredible books out there there's definitely one for you who knows you might even like one of my books you heard Tom Fletcher go out there and put your teacher to the test we're nearly at the end of the show so a huge thank you to all our authors and illustrators and to Tony and Claire for being here in the studio I hope all of you watching are set to find your next story because to find magic all you need to do is open a book we'll be back in June for a summer spectacular but until then from everyone here to all of you watching in your classrooms she just wants to be beautiful she goes unnoticed she knows you can't keep using your father's disappearance as an excuse to act out is that his work what's it about he believes that we could travel the universe instantaneously so you fall to space more likely article it you must really miss them more than anything in the universe then how about we go and find him once though dad was right it really is possible this is my favorite plan of the entire galaxy are you we are in search of warriors your father has done an extraordinary thing but he may be in danger we believe he is and the only one who can find them is Hugh you're kidding do I look like I'm kidding a little I'm not I'm not you're going to be tested every step of the way we have faith in who you are try it isn't safe here trust nothing please help my father you are stronger than I ever was that's do I [Applause] you

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