MADtv Literature Class

now the three witches were giving voice to make best conscience like a Greek chorus does anyone know what these three witches might represent you and your mama anybody Larry Moe and Curly hello mister Silcox I believe you all know mr. Silcox our principal he'll be observing the class today jazz pretend I'm not here mrs. King easy for you to say now Shakespeare used many different heralds in his plays the ghost in Hamlet puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream excuse me now while many playwrights of the period chose to Lampoon contemporary figures Shakespeare stood out by basing his program facing his protagonist on historical rather than contemporary figures that way he could address larger character issues without limiting himself to celebrities of the time now it would be easy to write a play about OJ and Nicole for example because they are familiar contemporary figures but it's hard to imagine anyone being able to relate to them in 200 years that's the challenge of any good writer to take normal places and events and lift them to a level of universal understanding now can anyone tell me why he chose to represent mr. Landis I had just about enough of your coughing fixed what I do don't even try I'm sure a trip to the principal's office will clear up your congestion and I'm sure mr. Silcox will have plenty to say when he's done here I do anything I swear just go I'm sorry about that now getting back to Shakespeare yes Ted couldn't Shakespeare have used contemporary characters and Sylvan considered classic good point Tech does anybody want to comment on why don't you join your friend in the office woman not a chance now you and your buddy can make all the noise you want to you can do a little duet do you smell – Deltan just go Arthur go let's just keep moving shall we now the parallels between Hamlet and Macbeth have been well-documented all right Bobby Silcox that is all I'm going to take from you don't try and tell me that wasn't yours Helen I'm the principal right so you should know where your office is yeah this is now live Jim I swear you love that office so much 20 years ago you just couldn't get enough you're still a bitch did you say to me sir I've got an itch well well well hello boys hey what's up huh you ready for what beer run detention units

36 thoughts on “MADtv Literature Class

  1. I thought The teacher Mrs King was kinda hot!! In a dominetrix kind of way…I remember teachers like that and they liked me…..I think….

  2. Dude. I don't know of they're great at acting, but why did it seem like the students at the back and the girl in the middle (what's her name by the way?) seemed to lose character? They genuinely find the shit funny like they didn't expect what will happen.

  3. Wait a minute, i just realized that Bryan plays Coach Mellor in the Goldbergs. He still looks good.

  4. Lmaoo this show was awesome asf . I remember coming home from school just to wait for this show to come on

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