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we all know that 2.0 will be technologically the best in the world but still it's an Indian robot it must have a beating heart and when it comes to the matter of hearts from hardware experts we move to the software writer in simple terms the lyricist ladies and gentlemen with great regards I would like to invite mr. Madan Karki onstage the lyricist 42.0 hi all right we have the lyricist mr. konkey how do you write lyrics for a film like this kami remember EK menu card may made a disco gaya like things like this how do you write how do you kind of make it fun I started my career with Indian won my first song was for Indian a robot won its even Billy it's like you didn't believe or either the America the heart is growing out of Steel so that's how it started and going moving can successfully behind cover we have forward moving people huh lyric writers are always behind the screen so maybe yeah I started my dialogue writing and lyric writing with engine and between a 1 and 2 I'm sensing this infinity here with all these Superstars and all these galaxies and everything around so writing was always a pleasure working with the director Shankar he always want something the best he wants the best out if they want something new he doesn't want to go inside cliches he doesn't want to go inside anything that what people will usually think this is what will be in this kind of a movie so that's why every department of his movie succeeds so well and working with the maestro era man must be the cherry on the cake yes and he actually sung this first song of mine and he's amazing so all these years these seven six seven years since they first launched and they both have been shaped me into a good writer I believe their ideas how to think differently out-of-the-box and how to give something positive out of out of a situation which is not that very positive so there are so many things which I learned with them in this past six seven years so well we can't wait to listen to the fantastic score of this film and make sure I'm sure that there are amazing blockbuster tracks in 2.0 thank you very much thank you please join us

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