Lynne Ramsay – The Poetry of Details

42 thoughts on “Lynne Ramsay – The Poetry of Details

  1. "What can one detail tell us about a scene? If you’re Lynne Ramsay: absolutely everything."

    Then why should I even watch this video? When I see a movie, I pay attention to the story and the dialogues. I don't care about interpreting any camera angles or close-ups. If the director doesn't manage to convey his statements in an understandable way, if he gives "room for interpretation", why should I bother to decipher it? I want clear facts, not "meaningful" imagery to decipher. When I want to solve puzzles, I buy a puzzle or a crossword puzzle.

  2. "If anybody ever asks you what poetry means…..I dunno…Make something up."

    INSTANTLY subscribed.

  3. I love Lynne Ramsay, yo should update the video with images from 'You were never really here', a masterpiece. Thanx!!

  4. Amazing video. What track does sound at 2:39? Is the original soundtrack of that scene or did you added it?

  5. Poetry is something you feel. I think it's hard to put it into words. But somehow it follows a certain structure or structures we're all familiar with as humans.

  6. I feel like I see this quality a lot in UK films by female directors like Andrea Arnold and Clio Barnard. Lucile Hadžihalilović and Nuri Bilge Ceylan are great as well, although I agree that Ramsay is an absolute master.

  7. Cinema has no use if you don't find a way to take advantage of images and sound in order to create feelings.
    Lynne does it in a beautiful way. <3

  8. You are the only person whose video I'm gonna watch for my life time. I'm your big Fan. Wanna meet you.

  9. I want to know how you all do this??? Buddy thx for sharing. I'm your big fan. Would like work with you on your condition.

  10. I heard the beginning of cello song and was happy to find a kindred spirit here. Still watching…

  11. This is my film "The Creator" can you please tell if the editing is good or not?

  12. I LOVE this channel. Constructive, well made, analytic, great voiceover. This should be on TV. I reference to this whenever I get questions about film. Thx for the great work.

  13. Just got back from seeing her new film You Were Never Really Here. Loved it amazing, came to youtube to see a trailer for Ratcatcher and stumbled onto this, great job.

  14. Just saw my first Ramsay film (her latest) "You Were Never Really Here" and ……holy shit. Her choice of shots and her use of them are incredibly special and poetic. Just incredibly small details that other directors wouldn't notice or care about, she turns them into the main focus of the frame and elicits so much from them.

  15. I like the little challenge at the end. Effectively giving people a thirst to know their own definition of poetry. Great video!

  16. This type of storytelling is very annoyingly underappreciated. People never want to have to go through the work of paying attention. They want everything to be flashy and in their face.

  17. I was moved by this video until I scrolled down the comments section… because misogyny. Geez, guys, why can't we appreciate great filmmaking without shoving gender issues down each other's throat? Disgusting.

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