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– As a continuing part
of the self-published book unboxing series, it’s
my pleasure to open up a box from none other than my
friends over at Lulu. Stay tuned. Welcome to self-publishing with Dale, where you’ll learn to
publish books that sell and build an unstoppable brand. Today I received a package
from none other than, and I am very ecstatic with what I have to share with you today. Before we go jump into the unboxing, I want to definitely let you know that what I’m going to discuss is not necessarily the contents or the manuscript of the book, more so the actual distribution platform. We’re gonna pay attention
to three key metrics on each one of these
distribution platforms, and they include delivery time, shipping and handling, and quality. These three things I think vary from one platform to the next, and Lulu is definitely no exception. Good friend of the channel, Darren Powis, ordered and sent this book,
and it got here in record time. I had scores of books sent to my address, and this was by far, the fastest. It wasn’t rush-shipped, it
was just standard shipping, and it got to my house in five days. That’s right, five days, not bad. So as far as delivery time, I don’t think even Amazon has Lulu beat. Now for shipping and handling, I have to admit, I was
fairly underwhelmed. I thought for sure that
they would, of course, do the same thing that has
been done with CreateSpace. I mentioned this in the previous video on how there would be
corrugation, a corrugated box that actually would support this. Now, no complaints, this came undamaged, but it did come in a bubble wrap envelope so my recommendation, Lulu
if you’re paying attention, corrugated boxes or any kind of envelopes with corrugation is
probably the best way to go so you can minimize the risk of damage from warehouse to customer. Now, quality. I have to say this. I am going to gush over what Lulu has to offer the print-on-demand industry. This is second to none. The glossy cover feels really nice, and it doesn’t paw up or get
printed like the other ones do, on say, Amazon KDP Print or CreateSpace. The cut is just absolutely stellar, and this is cream colored
paper on a six by nine book. I have to say, this just is amazing. I’m really, super happy
with what Lulu offers as far as quality goes
for print-on-demand. I’ll be discussing Lulu again
in a future comparison video because I have another one that has similar quality to this one. What do you think? Have you used for
print-on-demand publishing? If so, what are your thoughts? Definitely leave them in
the comments down below. In the meantime, the party’s not over. Believe it or not, we’re
gonna start to compare some of the print-on-demand
distribution platforms, and we’re gonna do a little bit of a comparison side by side
analysis between the delivery, the shipping and handling and the quality. So what are you waiting for? Head right over to the next video.

15 thoughts on “Lulu Paperback Books Review | Self-Published Book Unboxing

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  2. Hi Dale. I placed three orders with in the last two months. Lulu has always without fail shipped in boxes. Two of the orders came in envelops like yours did. I complained to Lulu support and they sounded upset that this happened and contacted the printers. My last shipment this week came in a nice cardboard box. Lulu told me that it's possible the printers ran out of boxes and may have shipped in envelops for that reason. . On the first order a book had gotten bent because of the mailman. Lulu offered me new copy free and I told them it was fine. They did refund my shipping for that order though.

  3. On the comparison video, can you show both the matte and glossy of each company and also can you do a video on what size you recommend newer self-published authors to get for their books (if you haven't already)? I'm loving these videos, too. Also, can you do one on Barnes and Noble (nook press (if you haven't already))?

  4. Thanks, Dale. That's much appreciated. The book looks good on screen there. I've always found LULU to be a reliable service. Their staff are always friendly and helpful to deal with. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for the review, Dale! The packaging variation has been brought to our attention and we're working on a solution. As always, we'll continue to review and improve our process so your feedback is much appreciated!

  6. I used Lulu for a number of years and found the site and uploading/publishing very neat and easy to use. However, since discovering Createspace I tried my latest book with them and although the uploading and site was a little more clunky, the 5×8 and matte finish is totally superior and having it go on Amazon within a few hours and be eligible for Prime is a total winner for me. I have shifted far more books this way.

  7. I used Lulu for my first book but I found their prices to be a bit higher than Create Space or Ingram. Did you look at cost?

  8. I have published almost 100 books on lulu and I've always received the proof copies in boxes, never in an envelope.

  9. Are "library backings" an option with Lulu paperbacks? For some nonfiction topics, it's an enormous potential market.

  10. I believe library backings are the clear, durable (urethane?) casings that vendors or in-house library technicians put on paperback books to get a little better wear from otherwise fragile commercial volumes. Used to see them a lot on pet-related books and children's books.

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