Luh Kel “Cold Heart” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

It’s gone be a lot of girls that think that
I’m talking about them, a lot of them. But like you know, girls be trying to put
theyself in places that they don’t even need to be in. We ain’t even established yet, but you think
we like married. You expect rings and Birkin bags. I’ll settle down with Rih Rih, but she
can’t get no ring. I’ll Kevin Gates her, kiss her on her forehead. I
picked it as a single because I feel like it’ll connect to the fans, just because
like it’s me speaking deeply about but like in a lit type of way. You know what I’m saying? People could still bob they heads and turn
to it, but it’s also has meaning to it. It took me about an hour and a half to make
the whole song from start to finish. Soon as I got to the studio, we made the beat
from scratch. CashMoney he just put like doing stuff with
the beat. I’m like, “Aww that’s hard.” I didn’t really tell him a vibe. They just start playing on the little guitar
or whatever. Soon as I walked in the booth, I just started
freestyling. You know what I’m saying? Just put the headphones on and just caught
a vibe. I write music when I’m dealing with pain
and stuff. As soon as I walk in the studio everything
is gone. You know what I’m saying? Like I don’t feel nothing. That’s like my mental booth. I think the girls would say they want me. I ain’t gone lie they probably all want
me back. Now that I’m on I had a lot of old girls
hit me up. I’m trying to be cool, I ain’t focused
on them. I don’t want them. I want somebody else. It was a female you know what I’m saying? She always trying to like come at me on some
extra stuff. Like you know how you be in the studio and
people be all like “Aww you working, da, da, da, da.” And “fall in love in the worst ways” like
when you fall in love with somebody and all y’all do is argue. Ya’ll ain’t in love for a good reason,
y’all in love for what each other got or you know what I’m saying? That’s the worst ways. I wouldn’t wish to go back to when people
didn’t know me. Because like people knowing me now, it’s
like I’m impacting people’s lives you know what I’m saying? I didn’t really get nothing real deep. It’s just a lot of people saying I inspired
them to do what they do now, you know what I’m saying? They keep they head up because of me, you
know what I’m saying? That’s some deep stuff. It ain’t nothing too much, like I was finna
kill myself or nothing like that. I don’t encourage nobody to kill theyself. Don’t do that. I love you if nobody else wants to. Me having a lot of females, I’m with it
again now though. At that time, I wasn’t with it. I’m with it again. I started getting girls in like the eighth
grade. After that I had so many. When I was at summer camp I did a lot of talent
shows. That drew a lot of attention. I sang Jackson Five “I want you back”
and I also sang “One time” by Justin Beiber. That was my thing. I always put all my effort into music, you
know what I’m saying? That’s all I felt like I was really good
at. I ain’t gone lie. But a lot of people tend to rush. Like I was trying to rush too, but when you
don’t rush you just take it slow and take your time, that’s when you really get the
most successful. People that’s around me like who helped
me through my pain. you know what I’m saying, people just give
you good vibes, to where like you feel no pain when you’re around them. One person I can always go to, his name Kane. We be having conversations and conversations
about females about everything. Even when you’re going through something
we can talk. That’s my guy. As soon as I met him, we clicked. you know what I’m saying? We was finna fight at first I ain’t gone
lie. But that be the best relationships right there. Kids and stuff, they don’t play in the rain,
they don’t really run out in the rain. Usually when you think of rain, you think
of sadness but if you freeze rain then it’s snow. Snow is a good thing. You know what I’m saying? People run outside, they play in the snow
they make snowball fights, you know what I’m saying? So it’s just like you had to freeze to stop
the rain, you know what I’m saying? To make bad turn to good. If you got a cold heart, keep it cold. You can’t trust nobody but if you got a
warm heart keep it pumping because that mean you got some people in your circle that you
can trust so just watch your back. Even people that’s been in your circle for
a minute, you know what I’m saying? Just cause we kids don’t mean we brothers. You know what I’m saying? Just because you knew me back then, don’t
mean you know me now. People change

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  1. Awww was it just me or did i hear him say ill love you if nobody else wants too?
    if he did say so tht made him even more finnne no cap😍😍

  2. " If ya gotta cold heart keep it cold, cuz ya can't trust nobody " Nahfr that's wassup real ones can relate🤧💯

  3. The song doesn’t start like that it starts with “ I know one day i’m gonna make it just gotta take it slow”

  4. Wassuo guys! I dropped 3 songs (one musicvideo) so it would mean the world 2 me if you would give sol honest feedback. Having so much fun with music lately! Love ❤️

  5. He is one of those dudes who always looks for the next girl to be and can’t commit and ditch them and is seriously just sad

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