Lucha Underground WRITERS Chris Roach & Chris DeJoseph INTERVIEW || Lore, Lawsuits & Season 5

[Applause] ladies and gentlemen is a pleasure to be here with these two fine gentlemen who have decided to take time out of their days to come to your boy deluxe man's YouTube channel to give you guys an exclusive interview on the notorious show that we know from El Rey Network lucha underground it is my pleasure to introduce first off one of the rider game producers Chris wrote say what's up man what's up and then his partner Chris DJ did Joseph say what's up what's up guys I gotta say before we even begin I'm an avid fan of the show big fan of lucha underground I go out of my way to tell the world about it I have some friends who are not really wrestling fans but they like lucha underground and it's amazing that you guys are able to attract those kinds of audiences people you know might not necessarily watch w eat anymore but you're able to connect with that audience so you guys are doing great thank you so much for being here and also I got to give a shout out to two people you know them as twit Wow John and Ashton they are guys that we are close friends by the way they were able to influence me to do this interview the questions that I have you guys come from John so shout out to both of them and a shout out to everyone who's here in the live chat be sure you tell your mother you see you tell your father your auntie your friends your uncle everybody that lucha underground creators all right here I'm really excited to get to it so once again thank you both here for being here and of course I was told all bets are off I can ask me whatever questions that I won't and they're gonna give me the straight answer that even means season five so guys strap in it's gonna be quite the interview you guys ready to go ready fire away here we go so let's just start with the simple questions kind of tell us a little bit about yourselves how you came about to be writers and you know TV producers so what inspired you one day to go I'm gonna be a TV producer I write for shows you can guys can go one by one I suppose we could start with Roach that'd be cool uh well I I always was interested in doing something in a creative space I went to college you know to learn about film writing and so then I moved to LA and you know in LA there's a lot of opportunities to work in television I was also a huge wrestling fan growing up you know I met DJ at WWE that's how that's how we got together you know working at WWE's always kind of a dream job of mine so you know I lived in LA a few years when I applied and went through it took a while but I finally got hired there and that's where our friendship took off so what about you DJ oh well gosh I think it started I've been a wrestling fan my whole life for as long as I remember and I actually wanted to be an actor but I find a real job so little mixture there so that's kind of how I got into like writing and producing wasn't able to find a way to kind of pay for myself to survive so you know plus I had always been kind of a creative person and yeah I love professional wrestling so I had actually tried to get in double w a few times I think when I was like 18 I went to the headquarters to those visiting my sister lived in Connecticut I was visiting and I went to the headquarters with a resume to try to like just go there and get a job cuz I thought for sure I'll get a meeting and the security guard yeah threw me out but eventually years later I did I did eventually get a job there and I started in the TV production side and then ended up being a writer and again like Chris said that's where I met Chris Roach we had a brief time together there but we remained friends that's really cool guys by the way I'm just curious what were your favorite who was your favorite wrestler you guys can just shoot off like this was the whole game watch wasn't just like a combination of a few I mean for me I always I always like the guys are more in the Intercontinental scene mr. perfect Shawn Michaels Marty Jannetty the word up yeah I like Bret hitman Hart obviously he went on to I mean so Shawn Michaels become main eventer but I love Bret Hart back in his icy days razor on phone all right man yeah yeah I guess I get I guess for me I always loved Macho Man Shawn Michaels Jake the snake and Harlem Heat by the way my favorite team that's really cool man Stevie Ray's finally getting some credit about time about you yes yeah I mentioned this sorry to interrupt you but I have a friend whose dad was a bouncer and he actually met Stevie Ray through one of his jobs and they happen to be pretty close so I was when I heard that he was going into the Hall of Fame I thought about whoo that's that's really really cool so I just want to put that yeah yeah man oh so listen you guys mentioned got word for WWE you know I can't just let y'all sit on that so I gotta ask I guess we can start roads take us back to what was like to work in WWE and look under the you know the the tier now I want say tyranny but you know the guy well I was there for a much shorter period of time than DJ so he has a lot more war stories I mean for me it was pretty awesome you know when I was on the writing team Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Dusty Rhodes Michael Hayes they were on the writing team with us in addition to you know I met to Joseph Bryan Gertz was there guy named at koski Craig tell oh really good people to work with and you know we worked under Stephanie directly and then of course Vince and you know my experience with all of them was really good I I you know it's hard work it's very hard work it's probably even harder now but it's it's fun it's rewarding it's cool to like have a meeting and then that night things you talked about in that meeting are happening on Monday Night Raw you know obviously people have stories but Vince and Shane and Stephanie though all the McMahons are very cool to me so I have nothing but nice things to say about them oh gosh well I mean I was there for probably about six years which is a lifetime for a WB writer you know I survived many of people who have come in and out of there I think I probably saw about seven deep different people I think well I was there but yeah I would say you know from all the experience I've had whether it was working with again like Michael Hayes I worked you know hand-in-hand with him Bruce Prichard yeah I worked with Bruce – he's awesome yeah Million Dollar Man Dusty Rhodes Paul Heyman you know Dave lagana like you know burn gore so a lot of great great people who are even still involved in the wrestling world today so yeah it was definitely a crazy experience it was a lot of work a lot of time you do really don't get an opportunity to do anything else but work when you're working there at least for me it was that way and yeah I had the chance to I started on Raw and then I moved over to SmackDown and I'm pretty proud of my time on Smackdown it was like most of the time during like you know what edge was champion Jeff Hardy CM Punk CM Punk in the Straight Edge Society a lot of really good good times there Bautista Bautista and Undertaker so yeah I mean I can say that sure were there hard times about it yes well there are times where I didn't like it 100% were there times when I absolutely was in love with what I was doing yes and but I do think if anything you know that it's I learned how to survive in other job pretty much working there has made everything else I've done afterwards seem easy so yeah you know when you work for somebody as demanding you know and as as smart as Vince McMahon is it's you know it's a challenge but you know I will never take back and will always you know treasure the the things that I learned there and my time there so it was it was a whirlwind got to see the world by the way another another guy that I didn't work with there but DJ worked with Matt's Tolman who was a writer writer sister or something WWE went on to be one of the lucha underground writers as well wow I didn't realize that so many people from WWE was you know making that transition to lucha underground but you know what guys that is a great way to kick things off when it comes to lucha cuz eventually your time with WWE came to an end and then you gave birth to what we know is which underground so let's start at the beginning how did the idea of lucha underground come about you know wait where did you guys get the inspiration to create this show that we love today well well actually okay I was just gonna say we didn't create it we were more hired guns I mean I think the original thing came from Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett DJ probably knows a little more okay yeah yeah yeah that originally had come from them it was a concept to kind of bring Lucha Libre to the United States and with Triple A combined with Mark Burnett Robert Rodriguez they kind of wanted to create a you know were like a comic book type universe okay a Latino Marvel let's say but with Luchadors and and that kind of you know there was an original concept and some ideas and a lot of those things changed but there were some original characters principal Mel more tastes some characters that were kind of created but they they weren't really fleshed out and that was partially what we were brought on to do was to kind of make these characters real find somebody to play those characters and kind of maybe add some depth and and a little bit more direction to those characters and then kind of create wrestling matches involving them because I think when we first stepped in their word there weren't too many people involved by me besides the people from triple-a who were familiar with how professional wrestling really works you know I think there's lots of I guess people in Hollywood who think that they know how it works but they really have no idea and so I think that's where we were brought on kind of for our expertise on on on how to do that and how to present it to an American audience I think was to try to find a balance between how its presented in Mexico and then how its presented to America and then kind of give it that Robert Rodriguez twist of how he would present it like in this kind of amazing cinematic fashion with these crazy over-the-top characters and kind of grindhouse look and stuff like that I think that's really cool mystique and fantasy Lord that we don't usually see in other wrestling companies like WWE but I got a you know play on that and just follow up with this question so this unique cinematic approach to your shows do you ever just kind of you know get worried that oh we're gonna have these WWE and impact wrestling and all these other wrestling fans who are used to wrestling repr Zynga you know a certain way where there's certain realism to it were you ever worried that these cinematic stories would take away from your shows you know were you always confident it would attract the audience you have now you know that's a big question but I mean I think that a you know WWE is so dominant that the idea with lucha underground is you got to do something dramatically different or else or else you just no one's gonna notice you so a I think it helped us get noticed and yes even though there is a realism especially even more now than there was four or five years ago when lucha underground started you know there's also always been a fantasy element to wrestling I mean The Undertaker's one popular characters ever and that is a character that has coffin matches and gets resurrected and you know there's and there's been a lot of over-the-top characters in wrestling history so I think we wanted to honor a different side of wrestling with these characters and cinematics yeah I mean I totally agree and I think a lot of things we did is like you know we went to the well of like things that we've always liked about professional wrestling and kind of throw them into the mix you know and and and I think in the end I think the most important thing for us was telling a good story and I think that's what wrestling is about that's what tell of a good television is about is telling you telling a good story I think that was that was the goal and you know I think we knew that we were gonna have I mean our goal was to still have amazing wrestling besides that we knew we knew we had amazing wrestlers and we knew they were gonna put on great matches and I think I think the cinematic thing kind of added to it and kind of worked started was we originally had shot a version of the few versions of the show I think for a few episodes with vignettes that were shot completely different almost very they were still like two camera shoots but very kind of similar to WWE a little bit but we had also done the prints Kumba vignettes but those were done in a more cinematic way and then after looking at those cinematic Pumba vignettes it was like wow we should do the entire show like this and that's how it kind of turned into this yeah and everything was kind of shot like a film yeah as far as any backstage vignette and you have a ton of amazing characters my one of my personal favorites is Mel West where Ted's Katrina what's everything y'all did with those two just phenomenal stuff but you speak on storytelling and one guy spent about lucha underground i appreciate its as attention to continuity even stories from season one still have an effect on later seasons going all the way to season four and I gotta put you guys in the spot when you look at other television shows and you see how everything just in a vacuum you know how does that make you feel as a creator like for me it's just like what they're and I'm not gonna put anybody on the spot here you know like I'm not gonna call in your breasts any kind of wrestling show the earth shows that do this period but there are times while I'm watching a show and one thing happens one week and then it completely gets ignored the very next week and it's almost like most the point of even caring about that particular show like how do you guys feel about that in particular well I mean I think that was a big motivating factor I think there's two motivating factors for us number one shows we admire really pay attention to continuity whether it's Game of Thrones or you know shows like The Sopranos shows that that don't forget their history season the season and things come back to play years later and you could tell the writers really care about everything that they've done and other characters so that was one motivating factor we want to be like that and I think the other was you know growing up wrestling fans it's no secret that wrestling storylines don't have very long memories so you know it always bugged me growing up like like GTV that was like something that started in WWE in the late 90s and it was never revealed what GTV was and there you know there's countless examples of story threads started and then never explained or you know starting giving someone a push and then just ignoring it and so we wanted to counter that we want to make sure we followed up on everything yeah I agree I mean there was there's my big I agree it's like one of the biggest pet peeves of mine and at least when I worked at WWE was that like sometimes we would just drop a storyline whether it be for you know an injury or and then it would just be forgotten about or whether it was somebody getting some kind of heat for doing something like you know maybe driving bad on the road or or or saying the wrong thing and then all of a sudden they're out of a storyline for politics reasons enough that was one thing that I definitely despised about there and and it's something that I think that we tried to not do like you know we we empowered the talent and and we tried to stick stick through the storylines the best we could sure there are injuries or things that happen things that are working and things that aren't that you have to kind of kind of move on from but we always tried our best to it to address every every storyline we could to make sure that there was continuity at all times just kind of pick up from that particular and was there ever a particular story line that sticks out to you right now from WWE that maybe you guys came up with that just never got off the ground like maybe you had something for like you said he was working with CM Punk Jeff Hardy so maybe like a John Morrison who's just what happens to be working in lucha underground right now that just never quite got off the ground or do you want to do something with that it wasn't one of those things where you know you were he was at least pleased with your work I don't know gosh I mean for me I talk for me to remember some story yeah we did I know that you know and working with Chris we had a bunch of crazy storylines that we wanted to happen that that that that never really kind of happened I mean you know that happens every day there you you pitch I mean I guess for every one idea you get on TV you probably have pitched 99 before that um you know that's just the job is to just keep coming up with different stuff is there stuff that that you wanted to see pan out a different way that didn't I mean sure I don't I really can't yeah I can I can remember something which was you know when I was there Marty Jannetty came back briefly which I was super excited about because I liked him a lot as a kid and you know there were plans like we're gonna reunite the rockers for a while I mean I think Shawn faced Vince at WrestleMania that year but you know there were plans where you know we were even gonna maybe turn marty heel against shawn and and really fun stuff with that but um we're gonna have I got rockers world tour t-shirt yeah that's right yeah yeah so it was gonna be a pretty big storyline for Marty and then he ended up leaving too soon again yeah yeah yeah I'm not another big one that I wanted to happen which was supposed to happen I can remember was they are WrestleMania 25 we're gonna do Hulk Hogan versus John Cena and that never happened because I guess something with Hogan fell through I mean there were no no there are always things that happen that fell through so I would have I would have been freaking amazing no I'm the appears you see Texas and now we got that what that wrestle nation was known for Shawn Michaels and taker so they're great yeah right maybe the greatest match of all time so at least you got that one another lucha underground guy involved in that Marty Elias I'm just gonna say cue imagine how big that WrestleMania would have been with Shawn and taker and seen a Hogan that's that's one of the heartbreaking things about wrestling especially WWE is like things sometimes get so close to being perfect and then they don't work out like I remember when I was there at WrestleMania 22 the original original idea was Austin versus Hogan you know some version of that which quickly faded away but that would have been incredible that's so really crazy stuff like and I could I don't know was like being backstage but if I was when I was in your position and I admire you two but for me if I was a writer I would be like yo man like come on this is supposed to be Hogan and Cena that would have been one of the best matches and I would have been just sneeze just all kinds of heartbroken but like you guys said you just gotta keep moving but anyways let's get back to lucha underground here um you have a plethora of characters on the show a few of my favorites that come to mind are mr. Sierra miedo Pentagon junior Pentagon dark the time-traveling arrow star of course like I said no more access and his mistress Katrina and of course Johnny mundo was the worldwide underground so here's my question how exactly do you come up with the concept of these characters or is it something you leave up to the wrestlers themselves to come up with and you just kind of weave them into a story I guess we can start with DJ about that um yeah I mean like for instance Aerostar I think that we had looked at we had seen him seen that kind of his costume and kind of just said hey you know what's what's something more we can do this guy this is what is he is he like a pilot or is he whatever and then we kind of you know started to you know you looked at the mythology and kind of you know like no ancient aliens and time travelers and and stuff like that thought that might be cool Pentagon we didn't really we just knew like I think the beginning that he looked cool and then we're kind of looking for something for him to do and then maybe Christian can kind of talk a little bit more about about that and how that that character kind of changed a bit yeah well with him I can't remember I mean I know the first time Pentagon ever broke someone's arm was in a vignette that skip who shot our vignette shot and I can't remember if we had written that in yeah we were that we did we wrote that in so we thought we thought that'd be cool more like well man he what if he just started doing that after matches and so we put him up against a cup a few guys we didn't care if their arm sir pokin and we didn't have them for a few months and it started to get over and you know Pentagon someone I think we always thought would be fairly big but he kind of became a runaway hit more than we anticipated rightfully so I think a lot of people on that show became a right away here especially I got mentioned them dario Cueto active named Luis Fernandez if I'm not mistaken that's his name yes yes fantastic he's amazing he is so I mean first of all he's an amazing guy but he's also an amazing actor oh I just I just like where'd you find this guy yeah we we actually we had auditions for the character and the least kind of blew us away and but there was a time where we had to kind of fight for him because they weren't sure that was the guy they wanted to have there there was talk about getting even a big big known star possibly to play the character but eventually everybody got on board and and thank God because man least brought that character to life and it's probably one of my favorite characters ever mine too I thought about something that Paul Heyman Wednesday you probably don't remember this but he said something on the lives of it's always good to be looking for someone who can bat 500 and you know you know score you know of course hit home runs but think they angry that he hasn't that he didn't reach it or in he wanted he didn't surpass it instead of getting the person who already value at 500 and he's about to leave you always want to be creating new characters you are going to be creating new stars and stuff and I think which underground has been known for doing all kinds of that so my next question when it comes to uh well this one might be a little tough for y'all but I'm just gonna go straight in with it as you know we've seen many wrestlers leave this includes performance like prince puma who's ricochet he's on NXT and helico alberto epic ron and a sexy star was there ever a performer you felt could have contributed more or you know simply just left too soon um yeah I mean from that from that list I mean obviously Prince lumen ricochets amazing we keep him forever but I do like that we ended his storyline we wrote him off but and Halleck oh and especially sexy star you know we we didn't want to not have them for season four I mean we had big plans friend helico versus Johnny mundo so I wish we could have kept him sexy star we had big plans we could have done with her – so I I'm you know it was disappointing to not have either of them for season four yeah 100% agree with exactly Chris's point they're the same answer no speaking of season four which rests wrapped up in got a ton of praise I was always worrying about this I noticed that seasons one and seasons three had like around what 30 40 episodes there were a lot longer than seasons two for yeah I personally preferred the longer seasons because it allows for the stories to breathe and also gives time for characters to develop for those who aren't keen to what goes on behind scenes can you explain why those seasons at times tend to be shorter than you know the seasons before money it would really not have anything to do with creative it just has to do it with what the network wanted to order as far as episodes but I will say this I agree 100% with you that the longer seasons the 39 episode and the 40 episode seasons are the much better ones because I agree you give the characters time to breathe you can tell I think better stories and you don't have to rush things so fast sometimes but yeah to me I I prefer the longer ones because it gave us some time you got to see a lot more our characters a lot more different different kind of matches we were able to just have a lot more real estate to do things and yeah the most deadliest matches happen it comes from those two seasons and those matches are from season one CRO me odo between Pentagon Junior and the hell of war match from season three shot a fox and kill shot throughout the series I got to ask you this was there ever a match or moment that made you genuinely concerned for the safety of the town because there have been some gruesome gory matches under gucchy underground so I just got to ask that yeah yeah I mean both cero miedo I mean actually the second one the one that were main event at Ultima lucha Quatro between Marty and pentagons marty was bleeding a lot more than I think we anticipated and that was kind of scary yeah we had to stop we actually had to make the finish happen earlier because he was losing so much blood there was some concern he was originally supposed to get put through a flaming cable and and that was gonna be the end and we had kind of teased very similar so it is either like a flaming table on top of all those chair or something like something crazy like that but Marty had lost so much blood after being not only cut open but then thrown once he got thrown through the glass I think that happened he was a little pissed afterwards but I think it worked out for the best I would say the avert the first match I was ever really legitimately scared I think I was standing up to the entire match like almost speechless was grave consequences the first grave consequence and I had never seen anything like that before really a you know you know mill biting his head and looking his blood I mean and just just you know that body he drops on top of caskets and you know we knew that they were gonna do a lot of that stuff but you know when you actually see it go down it was it was one of the most amazing things I think from that moment on I mean those guys just those two guys to me are the ultimate classic rivalry in which on the ground and to me like the chemistry between those two guys just I mean and and Carlee to Katrina to like it's just you can't you can't hope for a better you know better chemistry between two for two or three performers absolutely incredible the moment when helico jumped off the roof into the ring the first time he did in season one which by the way that was the episode I got hooked like I gotta get your reaction to that this is just for me personally like when you first saw that was that first off I'm pretty sure that wasn't planned maybe it was but when you first saw that what was your reactions it was just like what the hell oh my god you know um well it was planned I mean it was planned that day I mean what happened was you know that actually all worked out because we knew that one day we'd want someone to jump off of dario's office into the ring we just didn't know when it was going to happen and originally and helico and Ivelisse and Senna havoc weren't gonna win the trio's titles and then when we changed our minds and decided to do it I think and helico said hey now that this is a big match for us what if I jumped off of this and we're like can you make it and he practiced that day and he could make it and you know we love the idea because it would really solidify them as top players as they won the trios titles so it all worked out pretty well it's great yeah I mean that whole story with you know ivelisse is there fighting from underneath with the with the broken leg and then your son of Havoc's down and all of a sudden there's there's this moment when you think all hope is lost and here comes in helico off the top you know rising from the ashes it's just an incredible incredible moment speaking of wrestlers I gotta ask you guys cuz I'm pretty sure you check out other resti promotions like WB NXT even you Japan I guess I can start with you Roach if you wouldn't have three talents from any wrestling promotion on your show I'm pretty sure you know I'm pretty sure there's a lots of them but only three who would you want okay and are we saying they're three people that have never been there before right it had never touched lucha underground okay one would be the velvetine dream for sure that guy is incredible I would say let me think maybe the rock just cuz he's the rock and it'd be awesome to heaven him and some cinnamon cinematix it'd be different I'm sure yeah yeah and then you know I don't know yeah throw name your way yeah yeah what about Bray Wyatt well Bray Wyatt if we I mean he's an example of if we could have him in lucha underground and like have that character and use that character absolutely because you know that's a character i think you know WWE did well with but then they kind of dropped the ball with I think we would have a lot of fun with that character you know another one who comes to mind is Samoa Joe I think he's he's he would be a good base for a lot of the Luchadors and could be seen as a powerhouse but put on really great matches too I mean honestly there's so many there's endless amounts AJ Styles Kofi you know I was gonna say Kofi Daniel Bryan gosh Oh Dolph Ziggler god I would love I mean not just he's a friend and I just think he's a great great wrestler yeah I've always felt dogs digger like a talent like his would be like excellent for lucha underground because you don't really get to see a lot of his personality yeah I do when he does get to show it's great but he's mostly known as the workhorse in WWE so who should my undergrad would be great a great show for someone like Dolph Ziggler uh any women that come to mind like if I was to mention like maybe a Charlotte or a Becky maybe Sasha or Bailey perhaps so I'm pretty sure you know I mean if I had to choose one of those I think I would I would choose Sasha banks I feel like she would fit in best in the lucha underground world that said I mean Becky and Charlotte are amazing I mean they're two of you know two of the best in WWE two of the most fun to watch so clearly we'd love to have them too but I feel like you know what I like about lucha underground is like you know Sasha banks is amazing I don't know if WWE has let her reach her quite essential so it would be it would be fun to have someone like her who would just dominate in lucha underground yeah and unfortunately what I've noticed a lot I'm not you know putting too much crazes about WWE but a lot of times talents like her usually have to leave like a drew McIntyre make a name for themselves outside the business and then go back to get well like I said what will make a nice key now cuz McIntyre is killing it on Raw he's currently impaired he was on the main bit this upcoming episode of Raw so yeah I mean look you know Becky Lynch was put on the back burner and now she's like the hottest star in the company so you never know and it's good for Sasha she's a that they have those women tag titles so I I mean I do a pod w/e in the sense that lucha underground first started WWE was not doing with their women's division what they're doing now and I think it's pretty awesome that they have their own pay-per-view that these women will probably main event WrestleMania that they're that they're not just you know used to be there to be one storyline with women and that would be it and now that there's multiple I think it's pretty great like to say they're DJ no i 100% agree with chris about that yeah good stuff guys so ok my next question is for you guys as creators one of the biggest critics of anyone's show is the creators themselves if you had the power I'm pretty sure you guys you know feel this way cuz I'm a creator myself and I feel this way what is one thing you would go back and change and any season in the past or are you completely content with the content with the UH what you have so far [Applause] for me I think the one thing I would change is I think season four we had less episodes than we've ever had but I think we were still trying to cram 40 episodes worth of story into it and I think that if we redid season four which I still really like season floor and I like all the story we hit a lot of the matches but I think I would maybe do a little less so we could have give the matches more time and let the performer shine a little more okay yeah I would probably agree with that I would also wish that we had had only stayed it up the original temple the entire time III just I just thought the environment there was was awesome and the other temple was like filled with mold and crap but but yeah one thing I mean gosh I mean I honestly wish that I think if I could go back and do anything I wish that when after Austin warfare at South by Southwest that we went and did some more things on the road and got to to take which honor down to ooh other places unique places whether it be like an abandoned mall or a parking lot or like done a different kind of like touring with that I just think that would be something totally different about that and that I think we could have really capitalized and maybe grew the brand a little bit yeah yeah I mean if we're talking about things that were beyond our control I mean there's a lot of things we do differently like we would not have had a five month hiatus in the middle of season three which I think really killed momentum I mean there's a lot of decisions that are above our pay grade as far as like merchandise and doing live touring and how many episodes we get you know we do a lot of that stuff differently because we think you know the brand was really hot back in like 2015 and and it it didn't keep up the momentum we wanted it to so I know I would have I think also I wish you know we did have some issues with some travel and stuff like that and I think that would have made some things different but then at the same time like sometimes like when you're left with whatever you have you have to shoot these things and it changes for the better so you know there's a lot of things you do you think hey maybe it would have turned out this way and maybe it didn't and there are a lot of things that we were forced into that ended up turning out amazing so you know all you can do is just make what you call it lemonade out of lemons or something like that or yes or the other phrase you know offset chicken a chicken salad out of chicken yes you know what I mean and you I think you guys have done the best you can with what you got alright and thank you I guess for me I think it's time we get to the ultimate question because let's not hide it we know what's happening with people like evilly he's overly complaining on social media about her time in which underground wrestlers leaving kink where no apparently suing over a network to get you know office contract it has put what you're underground under a microscope so let's cut to the chase I gotta ask you guys like what happened what happened to cause this I dare say mass exit from the company and what bearings us is have on you getting to see your vision through to a season five perhaps well oh go ahead I mean I think there's a few factors at play I think you know I can't speak directly about evil eats or kink or no because I don't really know I feel like I just saw Queen King queer nose wrestling in a lucha versus impact live event match or something but regardless I don't really know but I will say I think there's two big factors number one lucha underground isn't on as much as it should be and it doesn't give the performers as much work I mean I think they tried to rectify that by letting them perform in other places like impact and stuff but you know WWE is really hot right now is you know ricochets on Raw and Smackdown every week I'm sure a lot of people would love to go there and they're if they're still under lucha underground contract i don't think they can you know a couple years ago when Lou tender here I was filming a ton of episodes you know I think it was a good place to be but you know when they only film a month or two out of the year and they don't know if it's gonna keep happening that's probably why they're not as happy there as they once were I feel 100% totally agree I think the you know not not being not not working regularly yeah it's it's tough to to stay in one place especially with when there's so many other opportunities out there you know so yeah it's tough especially I mean it's been almost a year or maybe a little longer than a year a year since we shot season four so you know that's that's it's a tough situation to be in because you see the you see the rise of this new company called all elite wrestling coming out of nowhere you see NXT who I thought had one of the best years has ever had 2018 you see all these other pressing promotions coming up and I guess these wrestlers feel like I can be a part of that or I can be a part of that but they can't because they're under contract like you guys said they tried to rectify that and you know it does hurt me personally because when I hear people like Ivelisse and especially kink right now who's amazing I became a fan of him through underground when I hear that they're just unhappy it just makes you go oh man come on y'all like this is great like I would think from the outside looking in like what could they be complaining about and like you said man like we made working 300 days a year not seeing their families and they don't have money to provide I guess it does kind of change your perspective on things yeah and listen listen I you know I love pink where no I loved Ivelisse their amazing talents I you know I think DJ and I both if we had our way lucha underground would would film year-round and have a have a bright future but you know I can't blame them if they're if they're feeling like they're not gonna get an opportunity elsewhere and they're also not making new episodes of lucha underground with that i guess the real ultimate question is are we getting a season five i don't know yeah I don't know I hope so you know I've heard things you know both ways I mean but gosh I hope so because I think that it would be amazing to to to at least complete that portion of the lucha under that story and whether there's more story to tell than there is but yeah i think i think that that would be an awesome awesome thing to do so I can't totally say yes or no do i I mean do I have feelings one way or other probably but you know I don't have to wait and see I don't know how Chris feels but yeah I mean I don't know either you know the truth is is that I would you know DJ and I I think had a plan to sort of end the current story in season five the one that you know we were kind of setting up if I can I borrow a term from the Avengers the end game for season five of course if there are more seasons we have ideas for that too but who knows I mean it's hard to say and that's you know obviously if they do another season and they want me or us back we will definitely do it but it's hard as you said you know I mean I don't know anything about any wrestlers contract or wanting out we don't our department we don't we don't mean the truth is I don't know anything about ivelisse or kink or no or anyone else but you know if we had it our way we would have a season five and we would have all the performers we love back and we make the best show there is so we're we I for me I would say we're hopeful but we're not holding our breath play one day at a time I I completely understand that well let me just say this as for that stinger of season four it's kind of hard for me to deal with the fact that I just saw Wade Barrett come here as the ultimate baddie of lucha underground the overlord or wherever you call him and now the idea that I won't get to see him do his thing because I know he's a great performer it you know it kind of hurts me and you know as a fan of yours the first thing I want to do is I want to ask is what can I do to help can I donate can I promote what can I do to make sure that season five is a thing and like you guys said there's there's only so much we can do as fans and as you guys in your positions to make that happen is our your control but you know to the fans out there listening and to the people I just want to say thank you once again you two for being here to be open like I appreciate that personally that you guys did not hide anything from me these questions were intense thank you John for that and you guys were honest to the point humble about it and from one-run fan to an there thank you that's all I got to say guys thank you so much No thank you for being a fan and we you know if there isn't any more lucha underground appreciate the people who about it we were very passionate still are and you know let's let's hope they're you know let's pray to the aztec dot that they do another yeah i agree with chris there and i will say you know we're blessed to have like so many great fans and feedback and you know have the opportunity and how much fun we had may have making lucha underground it's it's really maybe the the best job I ever had and yeah it comes back for more but if you but if you want to do anything about it I mean my only thing I can say is I don't know demand it from the El Rey Network there's two them emails bombard Isley yeah I don't know I tell them that you want it if you want to see it yeah let's do it I don't know let's do a movie I don't know let's do something I want to see you like at least give us a conclusion that's not treat just like Firefly you know what I'm saying come on even even give us to our ultimate Lutra special where we can wrap everything up in two hours Dario Guido's Christmas special one of the two will take either one yes hey Chris Rose tell where they can find you a social media men um on twitter my handle I believe is CM underscore Roche and that is not because of CM Punk it's because of my initials yeah at CM underscore Roche yeah you just follow me at Christie Joseph on Twitter also on Instagram to now I guess I had that was told it'd be a lot cooler if I was so yeah check that out and you know hopefully I love talking wrestling so yeah if anybody any fans out there I'm pretty open people III love wrestling fans I'm one myself so yeah I enjoy the conversation about it hey thank you guys for being here as you guys know if you like what they said like the video subscribe share this let's get some people talking more about lucha underground please give us your thoughts your comments down below and show some love to these two men once again thank you guys for being here we're gonna go ahead and get out of here that yeah oh oh can I say one more thing yes sir yes sir shout out to famous B shout out to famous B and shout out door collectors and Andrew Bukowski of course our leader Eric fan wagon and Ray Papa and Chavez the real Paul London Vampir domestic and Matt Striker Oh Matt Striker above all outs such an underrated commentator if he's watching soccer hey man love you you're great I'm a big fan of yours you deserve better than you've actually didn't you ever gotten that you're a great what you do but yeah um four three three get Fame I'm glad you here you guys thank you guys so much this is lucha underground riders and your boys relax man signing off you guys have a good awesome beneficial Wednesday and we're out peace

12 thoughts on “Lucha Underground WRITERS Chris Roach & Chris DeJoseph INTERVIEW || Lore, Lawsuits & Season 5

  1. I miss that sound! Of the lucha break …Dunn .dunnnnunn. Y'all know what I mean!

    Good interview! Thank solomonster for telling me about this interview happened! They gotta do a season 5! I miss it because it's different!
    Best dario moment is when he come out with the wheel of doom! I come up with this idea all by myself!

  2. Thank you for this. I really enjoyed hearing the thoughts and I thought the questions were fair but hard sometimes which is what should happen in an interview.

  3. I can't believe I missed this live. But great interview Dalyxman hope your channel gets bigger sooner than later.

  4. I don't care what happens… a final Ultima Lucha, a movie that just involves the story with at least one match, or a Final Season.
    I just hope Lucha Underground returns and concludes the Story.

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