Love Island 2019: Writer, Blogger and Love Island Fan Louise Pentland 'I'd couple up with Curtis!'

I literally jumped off my bed and screamed at the television I didn't physically move and on a moving kind of account everyone so we've got a bit of a different video today as you will see we have a very special guest who is here to chat all things love Ireland you know tell us a little bit about like what you're doing in London at the moment and yeah yeah so my name is louise Pentland i write books and have a new one out this week so I'm writing on a bit of a book shorts called wild women I also make youtube videos and Instagram Twitter social media mod and also a big love island fan big love while in fact I say this now but I've got this fear that you're gonna be like soul of Island and I'm not gonna remember anything that's gonna go blank I mean to be fair a lot of us don't remember what likes it all changes so quickly I went oh yeah and came back and I couldn't believe what I was seeing I blinked and it was all changed so we're at what point in the series did you go on holiday I went on holiday and just as Maura was getting a little bit frisky for Curtis yeah can we just how was your what was your reaction stuff because when they did the whole like hip hang a bit at the end with with Curtis his face I literally jumped off my bed and screamed at the television I didn't physically move and on a moving kind of gal I was very surprised very well I was very surprised the whole cast and all that is shook him that much yeah I couldn't believe it like I thought they were there forever Amy and Curtis five-ever and all of a sudden they're not but all of a sudden more is there they were like immensely I loved more I would more if you're watching I'd like to be a best friend in real life yeah what a great night in or a great night in I feel like she would just have to bomb this we had a really good job yeah I enjoyed that she's just very confident in everything she said it's Wonder Woman saying totally team aura so I have pulled together a little quiz yeah to test because as we were saying everything happened so quickly and move so quickly one minute you're loving someone the next minute you're like oh who are you it's all very very intense it's notion if you were in there we're gonna mess you up yeah a hundred percent so we're gonna take a little look back at some of the things that you might have forgotten about from the beginning of the series yeah and put it to you to see if you can answer the questions but okay here we go first things first who was amber first coupled up with Callum but she felt like 28 was really old now I so when she was like you're really old it's like wow wow wow I am for now I feel real old and I think that pretty laughs he was just a bit not into was him no I took that really personally as well when she was saying I think anybody over 20 18 took that quite person hundreds and I was like no apart from the age what did amber say that she didn't like about him did she think he was boring or had in their balance maybe but that's not the answer I have did she not like his jokes I had sunglasses oh she made a comment about his sunglasses gosh no I didn't notice yeah comment always cuz I thought was a bit mean but then what was quite funny is after she said that he literally always wore his sunglasses so I like to think he was like subtly throwing a bit of shade bit of shade shade with a Shakey's like shaker who was the very first lad to enter the villa and Tom yes how are you I had to go back and re-watch episode 1 to do this because I couldn't remember you and he got with Amy didn't he did so that was the next question can you name all of the couples from the very beginning from the first recalling sir Anton and Amy yeah Lucy stepped forward for Michael but then changed her mind for Joe because she liked his hair yeah Sherif and amber Anna Anna but I meant yeah I was thinking Anna remember oh my mind amber and Callum yeah Lucy and Joe Lucy who was the other girl one day you one day and Michael their friendship couple yes when I was rewatching episode 1 this quiz I saw your one day saying tomorrow you're a heartbreaker and he was like no she won a really nice guy I was like well now we know the Oracle who did Tommy steel steel at the first three coupling Lucy but then she went back on him and then add hashtag regrets took good honor for saying so yeah do you think I thought I mean yes lovely ballsy it was born she wasn't trying to see him Java crude tamale she was just saying how she felt in her heart mm-hmm she wasn't saying like you're trying to lure him she was just having a conversation with him about how she felt and say yeah are you and Molly who did Molly may pick for a date in the hot tub when she first came in oh wow okay Tommy I'm gonna mean one Sharif Curtis so weird right Amy wasn't very happy who did more choose for her three-course dinner date Tommy yeah was one I don't know Michael yeah guess it okay and I'm Sean Danny Danny Danny agent I can't imagine I'm you I think that she's a man-eater that's what I mean I feel like he wouldn't go out tonight handle it was quite timid was there yeah and then also when she was like feeding Michael yeah yes that was the one and they were all screaming like enough I didn't like this I mean I didn't either I also did kind of love the fact that she suicide I'll give you something to scare you but yeah yeah what's caused a stir yeah what did Tommy cook and I'm gonna say cook for Maura was it like cheese on toast with ketchup yeah I actually think it was Chuck bread cheese on threads it was like a blob of ketchup in a blob of mayonnaise Oh horrible I would have liked to toasty can you name all of the Islanders that Antawn has ever grafted I can't name every single laughing Islander I hadn't or likes to om God loves to try yeah all of them yeah I mean I might not even have all of them here but I had an ax yeah because he pulled up for the chat and was like basically saying he liked her while also telling her that Molly Mae was his perfect type on paper we don't go around realize that that didn't work out and then go for Amber like I really like you she's like no you didn't yes but no that is very little she's done that Wow that happens a lot answer though people were like would you work out with one I want I want you like she shakes amazing Anna Molly may obviously Bell who is with now Amy who's first coupled up with Lucy who he pulled for a chat while he was coupled up with ima Tommy because he said that he got lost in his blue eyes and then Michael because when Michael first looked into the villain he was like I'd step forward Oh what was Lucy's catchphrase that never caught on Bethy he's a bevy a berry glad but in court yeah who said it is what it is for the first all of all of them I now have a thing with my partner where I was saying it is what it is and I but like in the mocking oh I don't know Anton was it Anton it was Sheree I mean Anton definitely said it – I think Sharif said it within 20 minutes of the first steps last year it was where's your header I just want to know where's your header the concept of where's your head up but oh you just feel like if you say that's someone every day I would just be saying same place it was yesterday still there I don't like my head fell off things lost my head they lost my head is what it is where's your head at pulling for a chat or your ATAR the plea fridge hat why did anyone ever go no I'm fine where I am let me know show them on somebody's enough I'm off the drama for the day Yankee too much familiar chat the heads been turned as my heads who did Shareef pick when he first went in Anna Amy amber all of them this one surprised me when I was preparing who step forward for Michael when he first entered on day one they didn't end up cockle dog Lucy yeah yeah I forgot that happened yeah best assemblage was like and no actually she when she did she did I should go him but then I saw an interview and they're just friends outside really I mean I kind of get that though because of the whole Tommy thing like that would be quite hard I think to watch what did Tom say to unleash storm aura hello yes he said let's see if she's all mouth before they were about to head into the hideaway I was like yeah let's see she lives up to it yeah yeah and she was like that was a dick thing to say yeah I was really glad she stood by and me to go everything he was a bit a bit naughty because he was like I was just repeating or what you weren't no he wasn't doing lols balance but he wasn't just repeating no and who called themselves a real-life hero in their VT Michael he's a firefighter yeah but it'd make me cringe a little bit who said their favorite love song is take that's a million love songs whoever it is I would like to put up with them is it Tommy Callum I mean cannon was like that'd be game yeah but I own is old so suit me so you've just written back I have this is my third in the series it's the allergy and this is the final one and I think that this would be a good read in the love island filler or for people that don't live in the Levant villa so just like to read this is a very it's a good light read with some pretty hard topics but sort of set in a really happy way I won't go into it too much if you haven't read the only tomb but you could still just read this without with the cheapest as I could capture for the start and it's available now if it's available whereabouts with everywhere Waterstones doing resistive market Amazon okay we'll leave a link in the in the box below that's the right thing to say you're like the expert here yes that's a much thought to say really cool thanks for joining us everyone and if you liked the video give us a thumbs up you

7 thoughts on “Love Island 2019: Writer, Blogger and Love Island Fan Louise Pentland 'I'd couple up with Curtis!'

  1. The ONLY good thing about this show are the suicides at the end. If only they could do it before the show starts it'd save alot of time. Cheers.

  2. Molly didn't pick Tommy. She picked Curtis. The public chose Tommy for her. Lucie didn't do anything wrong the first time but once was enough. She also lies a lot saying Tommy was her best friend in there but want Maura or Anton to win. Not your best friend no?

  3. Lucie was trying to lure Tommy over by confessing her luv over and over and crying on his shoulder spending all her time with Tommy and flirting with him… Lucie was a sore loser chasing after Molly Mae guy

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