Lord Huron – The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

42 thoughts on “Lord Huron – The Night We Met (Lyric Video)

  1. I remember that night. Wasn't the first time we saw each other or talked. But it was the night my heart found home in you. A night like any other night. And somehow it was different. Then again, perhaps, your heart already had a home somewhere.

  2. Throughout my life I have moments of discovery for the soul, this was one of those discovery’s. Take me back ……

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  4. Dear reader, I don't know you and you don't know me. Probably we are not even living in the same country. We look different. You may be older than me or younger. We are just complete strangers. But there are a few things which connect us. We are humans. We have emotions and feelings. A personality which defines us. And we are both on Youtube, searching for sad songs, no matter why. Please, if you read this. No matter what's going on in your life at the moment, you can do it! You can manage out if it, you will stay strong because there are people who love you. And these people are worth it!! Yes, we are strangers but not too far away from each other to not say that you are a great Person. Because you are! I hope even if it's just one of you, that I could help or support you in a way. This comment is for all the lonely people out there! If you guys could please take a minute off of your day and subscribe to me it would mean the best. Thank you even if you do or you dont!

  5. This song hits the emotions so hard that even tho I’m in a happy, long term relationship it makes me miss my partner like he got dusted by thanos snap

  6. Use the hurt you carry to fuel the fire inside you… Believe it or not, it can take you farther than the happiest souls ever go. Carry your pain with pride because its the conquering of it that makes you an able human being capable of empathy and love. The saddest people are often the artists, the loners, the lovers and losers of the world. we wear it on our sleeves.

  7. this gives me late summer night vibes like walking on empty streets or maybe sitting on your rooftop just looking at the stars

  8. This Thursday night June 27,2019 I’m laying down in my bed listening to this beautiful song not being able to contain or control these tears from rolling down my face, i can only think about that first time you said you loved me, it was the first time I’ve ever felt complete in my life, the first time I felt like I belonged and suddenly i come back to reality and realize you’re no longer mine, and it’s almost my time to leave and go after other things but it doesn’t feel right, my heart belongs with you the only person that has made me feel loved and truly happy, life without you doesn’t feel right but I can’t make you love me when there’s no love for me left in you, it hurts me because I will always only love you and no one else could ever be as important as you are… i was just the ride and not the destination…. 💔

  9. This song like to my girl, that girl is not whit me in this moment, for diferents thigs. I love her, is my first love, and i hope that his life be so nice and realize his goals, i love darling.

  10. The day we met. What a snotty look you gave me. 😅 Didn’t think you’d like me after that. Then it progressed and I was the one who made you laugh every day. I loved those days. Those days have me reasons to come to school just to see you smile. Then… we started to fade. Then smiles again. Then we faded. For good I guess. 💔

  11. I did something really bad ( bad to me) i’m a good kid who gets good grades and has respect for all and at a sleepover i was peer pressured into something and i don’t wanna tell my mom, but i fell guilty for not telling her. i fell so bad.

  12. Recently I've been lieing to myself… I act like I don't care and I act so insensitive when deep down I just want to care and fix situations I have no control over.

    I've been dealing with suicidal thoughts recently which have been growing deeper in my mind. I sit back with pen, paper and guitar and spill my emotions closing them off in the book

    I've been messed around which has added to my fury and depression

    All I say is look after the ones you love don't pretend to be someone you arent

    Be who you are

  13. so i’m in a position where idk if my bf loves me , we’ve been together for almost 4 years now , long distance, it’s so so hard not seeing him everyday. he says he loves me but he’s never in the mood bc he says it’s family issues. he said he wanted to take a break , everyday this kills me overthinking if he loves me as much as i do . i don’t really have friends to talk about this besides my bestfriend who lives so far away. i can’t even type this correctly and say everything that i hold in without crying.

    i will always remember the night we met , september 29, 2018, he made me feel a type of way no one ever made me feel , his smile , his eyes, everything. words really can’t describe the types of feelings i have for him , but i always hope he never falls out of love for me if he really loves me , i love you

  14. suicide in not the solution.look at the children,how cute they are.look at the sky,how big it is.do not get frustrated, your life is a valuable thing for this earth.you just have to realize it.make smile to the children who are still hungry.the people are waiting for your help.then you can realize the meaning of your life.hope you can die peacefully then.MAY ALLAH HELP US ALL TO AVOID SUICIDENESS

  15. i’ve never made it to the end of this song. ever. it reminds me of my uncle who committed suicide in 2017. i can’t ever make it past the first chorus without crying

  16. I made the mistake of letting another person into my life and now I regret meeting them we stopped talking and now I think about them every day

  17. I dont know how to explain it but this song has helped me process in more ways than 1 and I don't know if I'd be here without it .

  18. This song literally gave me goosebumps… I just finished speaking with a crush of mine, and we broke up a month back. I've known him for years. He just told me he felt like taking his life. It hits me hard if I think of how things would be if he isn't around and I'd never want that.

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