Loose Kaynon's interview on lyricist Lounge w/ Modenine

oh no it's monopod Matthew welcome to the lyricist lounge place where the lyricist lounge season 3 coming right back at you and the building I got my main man cute producer in-house producer representing the tribes you know how we do let us manage order you down I'm just a old OC pop words that don't mean nothing announcing tomorrow but we got a special guest now special because it's no stranger to hip hop no stranger to organizing Hip Hop shows no stranger to holdin it down no stranger to having a Rick Ross beard sorry I didn't say that he's no stranger to real miss mowcher that's too bad music anything you can tell him nothin mama just let you guys hold that thought before you start guessing hold it right now we got some three beautiful videos pretty poppy news we need to watch and enjoy before we bring him on you already know just know that lyricist not funny man I'll see you just watch those lovely videos and guess what those like see the same people in some of the videos yes I want to talk about hip hop but I really don't think it's necessary right now because more people a new skater and I'm down to the game is probably like is not one of the branches of hip-hop is a sub-branch as the on two from Norwegian side where you actually build and people the sad thing is that people who do these people take part in the building when they're doing the house some people meet their comments so that's why shout out to my boy news kingdom but actually taking his music career seriously putting out singles shooting videos and trying to get that album popping because we don't want to be part of the building and when it comes to the housewarming man left out so we build to do the half of housewarming later shout out to all these builders out there son love is so cool after this is Lucy the building of those tables what's up mama now stayin on like yes we have Niger's book he's not the guy who things with that guy in the drama but even though rest in peace but some things with the guy doing booze like you know where else I took drink young jersey was elves Isles I'd Sookie been shoulder the place to look this is where we wrapped you know that's why I drink what we say nice things about lll sighs one of the best in the game you've seen a lot of very great wrappers for underrated kids that dope don't even know where to go they just know that they have skills they see at home right Ryan's the only place they could come and show the skills was on a Monday night Baxter so what happened are you guys still doing it yeah definitely we're having a few problems when you cook it and when I started on the show I wanted counted it should be a 1 finisher but here we're thinking of tinkering with that situation – yeah but definitely good news – so like I was saying or I said something about you know you're actually taking my it's very it's a very important part of hip-hop the group or your manager because you're helping to build but why try not to do is but try not to build and when they're doing the housewarming will not behave so that is why were you gotta be opening our singles and you're fast yeah I suppose I thought was like that's how I got in the game as a rapper but I just came up with a platform that I felt so helpless likes people right some people will just be content you know but then they carried away yeah you got one song should granny video you have the project Gemini project we don't know what I was called we know the general for this I'm going put on two installments of it because it's not a mixtape I started now because it's all original music front is the project the agent project so put two installments of that pouch you can I've been working on that Sharky connect is a shout out to kids are immense that's the whole work keep the neck so it's so good now we heard people talk now know they look like this everywhere that you are signed to right now they got me they got Ruby awesome so single you guys movie and they got DJ languages like is she gonna DJ or a single she do everything it's not a dress right records like that heel and mocha breath yeah I got no detail of Fallujah I know she's you know she's like that she's how do you see on the streets and it was I had a dance yes you know and yes you can detail I didn't really know she knew before or she's a great deed you know great I mean I knew it before I knew she was in details just kind of Numb yeah she's do nothing so you got Ruby Ruby I know so you're like the only rapper like the rap rapping rapping guy basically I guess so that means like do you guys have a rock star oh you all guys I only you guys coming out at the same time we we are working so hard I mean I'm in studio 24/7 movie to is do nothing so and what it has no time for us less I got this product I have a way I think you should work it let's go unable the label is dead waiting for that line now me I know you've worked with a lot of artists like I'm talking about when you agree your shows you know all these restarting cards you know quite a few of them have to come out to be that would be the time when one of them will just walk up to you that you know somebody's you lose put all the channel my show on on assignment Al's behind it you walk in the room you feel like okay you've got the head honcho even if I knock your mouth take over the new systems are them and it looks at this agreement my arrangement sorry DJ Wow let's go to miss fun is so they have nothing to do that means I'm taking abusing yeah but I know I'm not news so let's go that's awesome jay-z says I will not lose that no not but it's so good loser I just wanna ask you one last question how do you say because I know you're well informed well if somebody was to poop and you know influence is different from pressure just joined all of them I say on do to raise pressure how would you fit under now if you crumple or what you just face it you do you don't have a choice you don't wanna pressure you face if I give you a bad shot so that means you're gonna you know Tracy I don't know how to try this few direct definitely show dr. won't find out come back where we will put this on a pressure you know how are we through this is my house

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  1. Erigga I trust and believe you ,I fit saver you like king I no lie you .where I dey for warri Everyone no without your I no fit stay.even I dey ajah Lagos I still carry your matta for head like government work I swear I no go tier till I die

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