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TIA: On August 12, 2013, Big Sean released
“Control” during Funk Flex’s radio show on HOT 97 and shook hip-hop to its core. BIG SEAN: I wanted it to be a part of the
album, but unfortunately weak shit happens all the time. It came down to you either gon have
to push yo shit back to have this song tryna figure this sample out. So I just dropped it. TIA: And nothing was the same. TIA: Dot had released his debut studio album
‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ the year before and it was unanimously praised—but his now
infamous “Control” verse overshadowed Sean and Jay Electronica and put him on the
outs with plenty of east coasters. TIA: As controversial as these lyrics are,
Kendrick seems to be paying homage to two of hip-hop’s biggest icons—Tupac Shakur,
who called himself Makaveli The Don, and the Notorious B.I.G., who referred to himself
as “The Black Frank White,” based on the 1990 film, “King Of New York.” TIA: The line itself is an interpolation of
Kurupt, who had his own coastal beefs on songs like “Callin’ Out Names” and Tha Dogg
Pound’s “New York, New York.” KURUPT: I’m the King of New York. His name was Frank White! Since somebody from the West Coast will say they’re the king of fuckin New York, they automatically assume we’re disrespecting
New York. King of New York is a fuckin movie! TIA: No matter what Kendrick meant, that bar
coupled with him substituting Biggie’s name for his own in this JAY-Z interpolation… TIA: …gave east coast rappers the ammo they
needed to respond. TIA: But not everyone was upset with Kendrick. KENDRICK: The main heads that understood the
context of the line were the actual kings of New York. It’s not about what side we on it’s about
being great. As Biggie as Pac. TIA: Kendrick’s “Control” verse took
another turn when he competitively targeted his peers. KENDRICK: These is cats that I feel inspire
the game. If they’re competitives and they respect
the culture of hip-hop I don’t feel like it should be any type of feel ill feel they
should have towards me. TIA: Of the rappers Kendrick did namecheck,
some people did, some people didn’t. WALE: I’d be offended if my name wasn’t in that shit. So shoutout to TDE and shoutout to Kendrick. ROCKY: K.dot and them niggas…That’s fam,
yo. I think hip-hop need this shit, it’s niggas who’s
pissed off just because they wasn’t mentioned. PUSH: First thing he says to me is like, “Yo
thank you so much for understanding and not taking the verse the wrong way.” And I was like, Kendrick you don’t know
I’m different bruh. TIA: Mac Miller and J. Cole responded jokingly. TIA: Meek Mill took it as a chance to spar. MEEK: We bump into eachother and be laughing
like “yeah, I’mma get you” “I’mma get you” it’s a laughing thing, it’s
like fun. TIA: Jay Electronica eventually tweeted, and then deleted, that he thought the song’s skills lineup went: TIA: But Drake’s response seemed kinda serious. DRAKE: I feel like he made a decision and
it was a decision to make. He was like, Man I’m either gonna go for
this moment because I know it’s gonna be a big moment, or I’m gonna like take heed
to the fact that I have real relationships and I’m gonna not do that. I don’t know if I necessarily respect it. TIA: The two seem to have been secretly subbing
each other ever since. TIA: And Big Sean might even still feel some
type of way. BIG SEAN: How long ago was that? What year is this? CHARLAMAGNE: You right, you right. You’re right, you’re right! ANGELA: But you do have Eminem on the album. BIG SEAN:And I still don’t feel like I got washed
anyway, nigga. TIA: Moments like Dot’s “Control” verse
are few and far between, but when they happen, it’s hip-hop history. I’m Tia for Genius News, bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music. PAPARAZZI: How you feelin about all the comeback
from your “Control” verse? KENDRICK: They gotta try harder!

100 thoughts on “Looking Back At Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse | Song Stories

  1. "NO FEELINGS" i would TRULY LOVE to hear the feelings from someone who's existence is sustained by the swagggg purse of that jean-ralphio-horcrux-squad.

  2. I always thought that Kendrick's Control verse never lived up to the hype, and I still don't. It was good, but not great.

  3. I love how much respect Kendrick has always had for Mac. I wish they had time too make more music. Rest In Peace MR. Fisherman.

  4. Let's keep it real here.. nobody has really responded since this dropped. We heard some reactions but not much more than that.

    Time for someone to light another fire under these cats asses again

  5. When Drake do it it's "biting lyrics" when Kendrick and cole do it it's "paying homage" Yall can ho massage my ass with your bias

  6. kendrick said"im tryna make sure ur core fans never heard of u niggas and that they dont want to hear another noun or verb from u niggas" that is bars

  7. It wasn't better than Jay Electronica verse. He just named dropped everyone and people thought it was a diss.

  8. It was a good verse. The energy, the flow, the way he rapped was dope. But the bars werent of king of new york quality . its a good verse.


  10. Hold up; so Meek Mill is laughing about how this is a joke yet to the young ones on the streets this is real and some probably could lose their lives over this? What is that?!

  11. Drake thinking he is bigger than he really was back then is pretty funny 😂 outta all the rappers name dropped, drake is the weakest

  12. Fact is Kung Fu Kenny is the King of Hip Hop and he's been carrying that torch ever since he stepped in the ring, niggas tryna act up because of a few name drops. Bitches sit down and be humble.

  13. Personally i think the kings of New York are:
    Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, Nas, and Jay Z
    Those are the big 5
    You cant really deny it

  14. These wack ass rappers getting actually mad over even being mentioned. Im looking at you dead in the eyes, Aubrey.

  15. All these little niggas comparing themselves to Biggie and Tupac
    Stop that shit man
    J Cole is the best MC of this generation

  16. If any of you guys are interested in new music and a versatile artist check out my YouTube and soundcloud I drop every week stay tuned and stay positive lmk how I can show love back

  17. I love to see lyrical combat. People take it too serious. Kendrick basically made everyone come harder. To bring the best out of them.

  18. Meek the dude that always starts shit but can’t back it up 😂 I love Meek but I’m glad he stopped trying to call people out.

  19. The loop that sounds in the background actually says: "El pueblo unido jamas será vencido" which is a very common used protest yells in latin america. That's just crazy.

  20. I personally think what kendrick lamar did was test niggas you notice alot of people came out n did like naw fuck that n brought people back into rapping when those people were like ghost very smart kendrick

  21. Lol kendrick even replied yes REPLIED well to king of new york (true inmo) statment of opinion n intent

    We have sevels kings queens princes n princesses

    We really listen to everything kendrick says n it s brilliant hes creative and experessive

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