#Lollies 2020 Ask the Judges: Why are funny books so important?

Michael: Funny books are important because
you want to read them! That’s the great thing about them – you open it, you start laughing
on that page then you wonder whether you’ll laugh again on the next page, then you find
you do, then you turn over and you find you do again!
Kate: They enthuse children and they really entice children into books and get them reading.
Scott: Laughter is liberating. In the classroom between me and my children, sharing a funny
book is the most wonderful thing of all! Alison: Quite often funny books are the gateway
to reading for lots of children, they’re the ones that create a buzz around reading, the
ones they want to pick up and they get hooked on and it opens doors into a lifetime of reading
for pleasure for them. Scott: To paraphrase a book that’s won the
Lollies already, it’s the best medicine! Michael: They draw you through and you have
a wonderful time and you feel good – what’s better than that?

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