#Lollies 2020 Ask the Judges: What’s your favourite funny book?

Michael: My favourite funny book from when
I was a child, maybe people haven’t heard of them very much, they’re the Professor Brainstorm
books. Kate: My favourite funny book is The Twits.
It really reminded me of my parents which was relevant to me but actually it was really
really funny and just rude. Alison: One of my favourite series of funny
books are the Marge in Charge series by Isla Fisher. This is a series about a mad-cat babysitter
called Marge who looks very sensible but as soon as the grown-ups have gone out, she lets
down her rainbow hair and she gets up to all kinds of hilarious shenanigans.
Scott: Has to be The Twits by Roald Dahl. I remember as a seven year old myself, my
teacher reading it to me and the tricks those two play on each other have lasted long in
my mind. Michael: And then of the modern funny books
I think it would be the Captain Underpants books. I love them! I think they’re really
really brilliant.

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