Local author talks about his books

Jacksonville man is churning out action-packed spy novels he's got a book signing coming up Ron Whittington back on the morning show here to fill us in on his page turners good morning it's interesting Ron because you you're not a spy you know you're not some former espionage guy right how'd you get into this well I've always wanted to write a book and after 9/11 I you know taking me back you know it was very very sad to see people looking for their spouses and their wives and things after after the towers went down and I was upset and I didn't know anybody who was affected and I said what if I did and then that that idea went to what if I had lost someone in 9/11 and you know and also had somehow been have been working with the spies and not knowing or working with terrorists not knowing it so that's kind of how the books developed it was this idea of this character and I said I just wanted to take it to that realm so I wanted to kind of have an everyman or a common person a businessman who got in the fight against terror so kind of that's Hannah how the books developed and this was you know it took a while and I took a while this character kind of developed in my mind and finally got to a point where I've got to write to Scott I've got to write about this guy and you didn't stop with just one novel no I've done three the first one second strike came out in 2010 and I've done one about every two years and working on the fourth one now and I have five in my mind so I kind of have a arc with this with this with this particular character sure and the first book actually takes place a lot in Jacksonville okay second strike yeah a lot of it takes place in the beaches and Ginger's is mentioned my uncle's mess the terrorists are down in Green Cove Springs and then there's a big battle near the landing so the first book is really a lot of Jackson in it and for those that aren't you know familiar with the scene gingers and monkeys uncle are two notorious water right but they've been here they've been here a long time and and I pretty much get juniors pretty accurately so that's good is it hard to write a book nowadays when people have such short attention spans everything so snackable you can get information in 140 characters or less on Twitter you can get it on Instagram it's all put on Facebook and everybody's kind of an amateur blogger is it hard to be able to go and put several hundred pages together and still get people to read it it's pretty and I think it's pretty intimidating I mean most books are about 80,000 words compared to what I normally writes the press release which is about maybe 75 or 100 words so you're right I think I think about what Spielberg said he said somebody once said you didn't make great book write great movies and he said no I tell good stories and so I think that's that's the real challenge is to write a story this intriguing that keeps the reader engaged and can get them turning the pages and wanting to see what else happens to this person so I think it's it is more difficult but I think also I think there's always going to be a an audience out there that likes to read and enjoys reading sure and you've got to have a local following because people do like to know that local landmarks are incorporated in the storytelling here yeah I mean the reason I bring that up is because of course you have for readers you know if you'd like to read some things about Jackson though that you may not know about or just want to read about your own area that's kind of good the second book takes place in napa valley the third book takes place in the caribbean and free surface effects the most recent one and that's about targeting terrorists a target a cruise ship and take over a cruise ship which which is still kind of in the news you know we just had that happen where the Iranians attacked a couple of tankers and in the Persian Gulf so so I try to also try to capture what's happening in the what's really happening out there in reality and trying to fuse that into a fiction fiction account it's rooted in reality well Ron Whittington good to see you thank you so much for coming back on so you can meet Ron at the bookmark in Neptune Beach from noon until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow you can also check out his website it's Ron Whittington dot-com

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