Llorca – The Novel Sound

18 thoughts on “Llorca – The Novel Sound

  1. Happy to own a vinyl. This album is pure dope.! F-Com was so much more then the Stuff people knew from Laurent Garnier (even tho his own releases had the same brilliant flow. It all connects somehow)

  2. Worked in a pub/disco as a DJ for 5 years since 99 till 2004. When this came out was the bomb! Always played a couple of tunes from this album. Also played St. Germain, Gotham, thievery. Those Jazz in the house cd's, playboy mansion, dimitri… Miss those times.

  3. I dont know what the hell this guy on but I want it.
    I have been listening to this song regularly for nearly 5 years now

  4. There are some of us who don't accept the dreams of dragons as their own, no matter how grand those dragons might say they are.. #adonistunes

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