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hello brewers and beer enthusiastic welcome to another episode of beer school this is another one of those videos that I’m doing to make up for the videos that I I lost for the loss of hd and today we are going to talk about beer books is a thing I wanted to talk about a long time too many people have asked me to do videos like that and, not like bloggers wen two people said, really a lot of people asked me i think four years that we have the channel and a lot of people tell me and today we will talk about some books right but the overall goal is to make a little review of all books so to start I’ll show you my collection of physical books which I’ve practically abandoned it, it’s beautiful physical book looks cool not so many books the most is reasonably technical and it’s been about two years that I abandoned the physical books except one or another for some reason is when i bought the kindle and kindle it was a evolution in my life so the biggest part of the books we don’t talk about there’s no way to talk to or show because is here kindle and is very good to have an idea I’ll call him here will probably be in page of The new ipa that’s it in the book of the four pms benefits and harms of using the hops in the hot part so guys like this is a introduction video let’s start from beginning the first one, has very little good book in Portuguese the use and say that the first good book in a footprint like that but the deep technician it’s from carlos henrique there from Espirito Santo He is here microbiology of beer is each book sensational he’s somehow got like Yeast, normality a book this one which is the other quite sensational book obviously im not saying because it’s a copy, just talk about same theme is and and has a structure of introductory topics to microbiology and biochemistry quite important for the brewers I’ll make a video just about him but no it’s going to be today. taking him off I think that the only book in portuguese i have the beer larousse, is worth the pity more or less a book for people beginners for those who are already there time in the middle of beer he’s not much doesn’t add much information but if you it’s starting in the middle of beer I think this is the ideal level for you will catch will see is style will see the ecopoints will see ingredients is very very good in this matter in this aspect he speaks from ambient history raw material process style cup raisin for a lot Now in a quick resume, this one certainly is a important book of beer at How to brew, he’s in the fourth edition if I am not mistaken written by John Palmer is a book like this well deepened he starts from the beginning like this this is very good this book here is very special to me is a john palmer’s dedication here look what that’s cool that’s awesome you finds it translated on the internet but it’s a much earlier edition and so the book the editions have changed so much beer changed a lot, this book here is a “must have” since everything in English right there’s no way not having this book is a inspiration for all of us after the How to Brew I think you should buy I don’t I don’t know if so much more today but let’s talk about them I would give other indications but let’s sa.. the serie malt, yeat, water and hops i don’t play hawks here they are are there in the ethanol of nearby was seeing some things about profit there but a really cool balcony they caught is some expert authors in each area so it’s a book that talks just about the evil that has a lot of it in channel has a series on the channel that we talks about the malt process is good match malt types here the hour book written by John palmer once again talking to the John he said was the way that he found to learn about water of beer I’m going to write a book about beer over water because it’s basically a milestone in beer water before and after this book. the book this is probably the book that I most even today about beer it’s been a long time today that I don’t read it too is advancing in the topics but it was a watershed for me you came on a channel four years ago the channel was this book we just talked about it on the channel today has other references more coolest insights i’m not going get into merit today but it’s the books really technical, this are the ones intermediaries set the basic books of beer production as if here by example with “Homebrew hor dummies” after all, is a cool book, We have this semi thecnical books and the real tech that’s more academic so today I have access to these books mainly by university in that books very more
expensive but until then it was this book here my bedside book – yeast and for beer in general I think for finalize as classics of literature brewers classics book, is very cool as the things happen, is this book here Designin Grat Beers. today we use a lot Of Beer Smit a software to calculate recepies, this book will explain from 0 calculate anything in beer like design a recipe and not only in that more scientific part so more math in the creative part in the part of harmony of ingredients so he’s divided into two parts where the first part he talks effectively about the process is the math of the thing and a part 2 where he talks about styles where he goes talk effectively about how you going to design a beer how will you design a pilsen or braley wine interesting this book he does a lot I confess time now flipping through i have eager to read again now with another one another is a way of seeing the things actually now I have opportunity to read everyone looking diferent that’s a cool thing right we read I read they at my beginning of my life of brewer I changed a lot a lot a lot a lot and now I think I would have many gains I read again finalizing our classic literature radical Brewing, do Randy Mosher has translated to portuguese had forgotten about our project of free portuguese translation this book he approaches more eccentric to make beer thing that we like here on Beer School I took the project from SAHTI remembered the project Beer School Labd, we did this very worth reading once again and it’s a beer classic once this book is finished you can play for a long time right there opened publication she has a series pretty cool is being updated which is a series by styles for example i have American Sour Beers, which is a book recent version is already from the updated version of this series of beer types right actually doesn’t even enter the series because the series i’m talking about is Brewing Classical styles, that I’ve been doing classic styles but I think I can’t say it’s a continuation are of the most modern series right then are specific books on styles of beer so you can delve into styles usually when I want make a style that I never did I know a little bit I buy a book from this series So . . unfortunately it’s not that easy all over cool stuff is in english and so it seems the simple fact to know English passes help us to open the extremely wide universe and giant that in this part we have to to envy english speaking people because they have if this extremely accessible, now i want to leave my suggestion reading and maybe i ll do a review of this book which is the book the New Ipa from scott Janish a guide scientific for flavor and aroma of Hops . this book is a very recent book so i think he must have been released six months ago but it’s a Boris is eating my books . but this book here it is like this paradigm breaker well to the point with useful content is is a very good book is a book that you take and you want keep reading that’s keep reading because all the chapters bring useful information for you this book here for example is very good is cool he talks about using wood but not not so spectacularly as this book talks about Hops,and my last tip is that buy a book, please because I got sad for scott janish when that book came out and the other day two days later everyone had pdf version the pdf version is translated this is one of the reasons that discourages people wrote the book. I know wrote the book gives no money because from the moment he went written in a few days he will be available on the internet and it’s a huge commitment and talking to John Palmer he said he tooks 4 years to write How to brew and two more years to write a water book, then guys it was a video more introductory from now on if that interested series make a mini review of the most interesting books even let here poll leaving the comments which of these books I showed you guys want review, . . . thanks guys see you . .

23 thoughts on “Livros importantes pra quem faz cerveja – Beer School

  1. Ótimo video! Faço exatamente como você, tenho vários livros da série classic beer mais para conhecer um estilo que nunca fiz, especialmente a parte histórica e porque o estilo existe.

    Para complementar, meu autor preferido é o Gordon Strong, recomendo fortemente Brewing Better Beer (especialmente se você faz cerveja pra concurso) e também Modern Homebrew Recipes. Existe também o pai Jamil que fez um "livro de receitas" com o Palmer Brewing Classic Styles, que é interessante não por causa das receitas mas sim porque cada uma tem o raciocínio todo por trás de cada escolha numa pegada mais prática.

  2. How to brew e Designing great beers eu tenho. O How to brew estou quase terminando a leitura geral – depois eu volto consultando e vendo coisas que eu não tinha "captado" na primeira leitura. O outro, devo começar logo mais.

  3. Tem dois que eu senti falta de serem citados:
    1 – Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Home Brewers (Gordon Strong)
    2 – Mastering Homebrew (Randy Mosher)

  4. Jamal, obrigado por compartilhar conhecimento. Muito legal essa série. Acho bem bacana você fazer uma resumo dos livros mais tops, na sua opinião, ajuda nos a decidir que livro comprar. Abc é boas breja.

  5. Tava vendo no mercado livre o HOW TO BREW, tem um anúncio, custa R$ 134,00 e vendeu 99.000 livros em 4 meses!!!!!

  6. Alem dos livros citados, tem pelo menos 2 sites que não podemos deixar de comentar:
    – Brulosophy
    – MilkTheFunky

  7. Seria bom saber quais os que tem medidas métricas… Alguns deles só trazem medidas imperiais… E as vezes complica a leitura…

  8. Yeast foi o livro que eu mais li também. Li umas 3 vezes em inglês e mais uma vez em uma versão meio mau traduzida, aprendi algo a mais em todas as vezes. Atualmente estou lendo o new brewing lager beer e está sendo bem satisfatório.

  9. Eu curto muito Radical Brewing, American Sour Beers e The New IPA, mas acho que todo mundo (homebrewer ou não) deveria ler A Mesa do Mestre-Cervejeiro, que além de abrir a cabeça pro aspecto sensorial e histórico dos estilos, é um manifesto lindamente escrito em prol da valorização da melhor bebida do mundo =P

  10. Comecei a fazer cerveja por causa desse livro "Larousse da cerveja" não por conta do livro, mas quando ele chegou onde trabalho, uma colega viu e me perguntou se eu fazia cerveja, eu disse que não, ela disse que fazia e me ensinaria se eu quisesse. Eu quis, faz uns 3 anos que comecei a fazer cerveja tudo por conta deste livro!

  11. Você conhece "The Joy of Homebrewing" escrito por Charles Papazian. Foi um dos primeiros livros escritos e durante muito tempo foi considerado a bíblia da cervejaria caseira, lá no começo quando não se tinha internet e tão pouco informação de fácil acesso a respeito desse assunto.

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