Livre d’artiste de Kenneth WHITE, oeuvres de Bernard ALLIGAND : LE GRAND RASSEMBLEMENT A …

The great gathering at Geographic Harbor A hyperborean dream that winter up there in Alaska Now we are all gathered together in the big blue house be of good cheer here we will beat time the far ones are among us those who have come through the Northwest wind is with us and the Southeaster too now we will take part in the world the one great world with its ways for us to walk on When the chief had thus spoken a messenger entered saying « there are strangers on the beach » the speaker sent a man out this man went down to the seacoast come back he told the speaker the strangers asked to be allowed to enter the big blue house the speaker sent for them Among the strange visitors were Éric Champlain director of Advanced Geopoetic Studies at the Open World Academy Lev Makaryevna
eminent member of the Russkoye geograficheskoye obshchestvo Joseph Wolfgang head of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur und Völkerkunde Alec Hardliquor of Wisconsin University Sergey Zolathorev author of Notes on the Glaskovo Period Kenichi Takagaya author of a massive study on HegelBeyond the End of History Jack Galbraith of the EIS (Extreme Ice Survey) Catherine Carlyle a Scottish specialist in magnetic fields Ezechiel Joyce O’Leary of the School of Superior Irish Studies Dublin Potlatch giftsnow began to be laid out at the foot of the headman an Athapaskan antiquarian presented twenty genuine blue-gold Chilkat blankets Catherine Carlyle offered a lump of basaltwhose sensitive minerals had picked up the magnetisation of a long ago time when North was Southand West was East… when it came to my turn I set down a bulky manuscript entitled (provisionally) The Earth-Ocean Log For a while after that what I heardwere comments on the manuscript : « This is another of those books by this Caledonian nomad that stand in the neighborhood like erratic bouldersfrom some foreign landscape ». (Humphrey DoocotPresident of the RSECRoyal Society for English Culture) « I must agree with Dr. Doocot this cosmomaniac has no respect at allfor our community he lives and writesas if he were alone in the universe. » (Oliver Smithson PottDirector of the SLACSouth London Authors Club) To these remarks Arkady Izmailov started to reply : « If I didn’t know already that in certain quarters such abysmal interpretation such abominable reduction is endemic… » when a big wind sprang up drowning out this planetary parliament which was indeed a pity because Alexander Zenkovitchand Lora Lomonossov Italo Barbarino and Wieland Berliner were all awaiting in the wings not only to do some exact exegesis but to open up a splendiferous cartography It was only later during a lull I was able once moreto pick up on the proceedings All of the participantshad trooped out of the big blue house into the glorious morning light of Geographic Harbour there to listen to what the great glacierhad to say about the future with its chilly green-blue lips : Creuk criiik grgl craak Flouch crash splair lourge souech swooguer voumch « Goodbye, Florida », said O’Leary « Goodbye, Tipperaray », said Hardliquor « Goodbye, goodbye, goodbyeto all of you » cried a passing band of Vancouver geese.

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