Living Lore: Final Writings of the Lunarch

faith it's such a fickle thing I should know I've been heading the Church of other s'en for most of my life as a Lunik of our order i makea sassani have overseen many hardships to befall the holy domain of the Raven I've achieved this rank through my lifelong service to the denizens of innistrad and my loyalty to our hope Allison through her light our inquisitors and Cathars are given the weapons needed to shield our people from the darkness which so eagerly seeks to destroy us though faith in our Savior has faltered as of late I write this decree to assure all noble and peasant alike that Ava's sin is still with us even if Justin's spirit our unyielding faith in these dark times will be rewarded children hold strong to the light and our hope will shine forth I this decree will also serve as my final correspondent even as these words strike parchment Draven is under seed the city has descended into darkness and I well I find myself far too busy to lead in its defense I've placed that duty in the hands of a Cathar Talia I hope my trust was not misplaced death itself Marta's only holy Cathedral and Alison is nowhere to be seen not that I expected any different mine you I guess faith is just a hard habit to break even when you know the truth I I know what's befallen our angel our hope but I cannot write that information here nor ever speak it we need to keep our faith strong it's the only thing giving us a chance if the faith of Allison and were to be revealed all hope would be lost yes faith can change with the winds but we must remain true should the darkness take us if I am to die tonight may my soul enter the Blessed sleep and body not linger on this world I've kept many secrets and at times been less than the holy man my title suggests even now I cower behind the excuse of paperwork in a futile attempt to prolong my existence that's my final hours bear true my life has been dedicated to the church the candle has dwindled and the dark is all-encompassing someone has come knocking at my door let me answer and face whatever may be on the other side

22 thoughts on “Living Lore: Final Writings of the Lunarch

  1. like the concept but this one was a bit off tbh. I imagine mikaeus would sound a bit more…elderly and british….like the high sparrow in GoT

  2. You know, while watching this I thought, a set or block, in which the bad guys, are the white mana users, and the good guys use black

  3. Seeing this first, I didn't have the context but after watching the FNL Mikaeus episode, I appreciate this liveplay A LOT more. =) Darn that paperwork!!!! Uh oh, where did that letter opener go…. ?

  4. Personally I think you do the madman better. I still like this, but your first living lore of Tibalt was just awesome.

  5. Is that rains of castamere playing? And is that last part a reference to the raven by edgar allan poe? These living lore videos are awesome.

  6. Voice acting is tough, especially after the high bar set by Martin Lis Lisowski in the first two videos. I would love to see more future Living Lore with more guest voice actors. I realize that is probably harder to organize, but I wouldn't be surprised if you and Martin didn't have more voice actor colleagues who would enjoy the exposure these videos could give them. After listening to the Tibalt Living Lore, I immediately went on a search for more voice acting by Mr. Lisowski.

  7. A loyal Priest to the Church of Innistrad. Only to fall and rise as one of it destroyers. The living lore vids are awesome, keep it up if you can.

  8. living lore is fantastic. i can tell this is you, but as an idea you could get some friends in here to do some voices for more variety in the living lore voices. regardless, love this series. keep them coming.

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