LIVE from the North Pole – Christmas Books!

– Hello, yes, I am Mrs. Claus. I am delighted to be here at
this book party this evening. Your party planner
invited me to talk about all of the best Christmas books coming out of the North Pole right now. They are all Usborne books. Santa visits children all over the world leading up to Christmas, and each year, always the same. I say, Santa, what do the
children want this year? And he says, they all said Usborne books. And I say, Santa, that’s wonderful. The children want to read. So let’s take a look at the
most favorite Christmas books coming out of the North
Pole print shop this year. Our most artistic elves have been working on Pop-Up Christmas. It is a beautiful display of Christmas, including the elves themselves
and, of course, Santa. Babies and toddlers love
the Slide and See books from Usborne, and the
Christmas Slide and See is no exception. They can turn on and off
the Christmas tree lights, whiz up and down the
slopes in their sleds, and even catch Santa going
up and down the chimney. This Christmas picture book
pack comes with four stories that you can read leading up to Christmas. Each book tells a different
colorful and magical story about Christmas. Babies and toddlers will love
getting to know Christmas time with this touch-feely
board book, and of course, we have some That’s Not My
Christmas books, as well. Now, leading up to
Christmas, you have to cook, you have to clean, you have
to get ready for company. You have to shop, you have to wrap gifts. You need the time and focus
to be able to do those things, so your children can only
watch Elf so many times. Let’s look at some activity
books that they will love to do, while Elf is playing in the background, that will keep them busy. Christmas Puzzle Pad. Which is not one of Santa’s reindeer? Ranger, Dasher, or Blitzen? I know the answer. Little Children’s Christmas Pad. Fill in all the shapes
that have purple dots. What do you see? Hmm. Christmas Doodles. Draw decorations on the branches. 1,001 Things to Spot at
Christmas Sticker Book. That’s me! That’s also me! I love the Fingerprint
Activity Christmas book. You can build toys and all kinds of different Christmas decorations
with your fingerprints. Now, after all the chaos
of shopping and cleaning and cooking and wrapping,
you want to pour yourself a hot chocolate, turn on the fire, put on Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, put on those fuzzy socks, and get out your Christmas
Patterns to Color book. You deserve this. The Story of Baby Jesus is a
beautiful and simple retelling of the miraculous birth of baby Jesus. Little ones can read about the same story in The Nativity Touchy-Feely book, The Nativity Flap Book, Musical Nativity, which has
the most beautiful pages, and (“We Three Kings”) And two nativity sticker books. There are many more
Usborne Christmas books that the elves have
been working diligently to get printed, so check the website. Just search Christmas,
and they will all come up. I hope you have a very merry Christmas reading with your children by the tree.

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