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hello everyone my name is Linda no and I'm doing my technology use in the classroom okay that's checked here it says the purpose of the study is to explore the technology used in the classroom for students in general education special education and English as second language the study was conducted to determine the community of parents teachers college students and other participants regarding the use of technology and devices in this study there are 40 participants responding to the online survey about the benefit of the technologies used for the students learning and engagement in the general general curriculum the results indicate the most of the respondents believe that the technology should be included in the classroom the use of technology would also motivate students to learn and participate in general curriculum many participants can most likely see the benefits of technology but there should be a limit use of technology which I'm going to be explaining that in later um in the in the literature review the technology had changed on how teachers teach the lesson and how students learned in the classroom when integrating the technology with lessons and activities in the classroom students are most likely to become an active learner than a passive learner it is a tool that will assist teachers to become creative with the content and instruction the research topic that I am interested in are the benefits of technology used in the classroom for high school and grade 9 to 12 for all students including like I said general ed special ed and ESL to you know to help to motivate students and engage them with their learning and activities and lesson so for the research questions how does technology motivate the students to learn and participate in the classroom what are the benefits of technology used in the classroom how technology can be used in education a wise technology not beneficial at this time here I included the criteria is that must be an original research study must include special ed and in general IDI Oxford must include ESL or elo in general ed classroom so basically so basically I am like with those two you have to include like special and ESL anytime students in general a classroom as well let's include the apps and technology such as Schoology blackboard – who – creative or any other tools that's provided by their teachers and must include survey for students and teachers so that so they can write down their opinion so the key words that I included our technology survey general education special education English a second language and participation the database I use is is Eric right here so I use Eric as databases because I found so many articles that are reliable for my research and the search strategy is valid so the search resulted in 20 1940 hits which I I inserted the search strategies that I included in my literature on task so the Eric database included the publication state that shows the years that the articles were published the description has shown the link that related to my search strategy along with other authors along with the authors sorry rather than clicking every single link I could sir for any educational levels such as elementary so your if you're teaching elementary could search for for elementary middle school high school or college so my main focus with high school because because I work for the bush high school as an in-class support and I've I've been working there for like almost like three years now and and so I I choose some high school the link for the audience is included along with survey and assessment so here are the search strategies that I use for technology survey general education special ed ESL and participation so when I type in um the first third of the technology search strategies they show a lot of informations a lot of links that you can you can read into the articles so as soon as I as soon as I type in all the search strategies and I am depending on the like how me um how many like studies I included so for instance I found only three articles to include in my literature tasks in my spreadsheet and when I'm running out of information to look for I just went ahead and type technology general education special ed ESL and then it'll come out it will come out with different links but the information is still reliable for the research topic so you can always like it's like basically you can mix and match to to find certain articles that relate to your topics so the method that I did plan to choose like you know to grab gather informations for for my research topic is an interview online survey or observations but you know since since there was no school like during the summer I just decide to create and survey by using a google form for the participant to respond to the survey question the participants are the teachers college students parents and any others any others who are who are also like non educators so it could be anyone else beside teachers college students and parents after creating an online survey I copied and pasted a link on social media or send the link through detect message or email so here are 40 participants had responded to the online survey about the technology used in the classroom and and so like each participant does have like a different opinions and so the data here shows that there are ninety two point five percent of responded they believe that the technology used should be included in the classroom but but there are seven point five percent of respondents um does not agree to have technology devices which I'm going to explain along with the other two tables right here so right here table 2 table 3 has the same result of 95 percent of respondents whom they both believe that the use of technology in the classroom would motivate students to participate the classroom and improve how they were learning but in both of results it says here that five percent others Fonda's believe that the technology would make students do other things but with technology like with with their device such as you know playing games watch a video or anything that's not educational on chatting with Austin AIDS or texting so so here in all results right here sorry see a lot of them do feel that technology you should be included it will help students um prove their learnings it will motivate them to participate actively in the classroom like during the activity their lessons so here the beneficials the technology can be beneficial because it helps the educators set up the environment where it is easier for students they can the teacher will monitor students work performance and progress it provides many resources the students could use to find information that will help their study and it will help students to advance their learning to their next level creativity and updated information and why is it not beneficial at this time is that there too many technologies that affect our generation it would help students she on the on the assignment or the results online that are not best one so for instance on for instance in my series from one of the year when I was in the aquatic science class assisting specialized students the teacher would give them the assignments where where they answer the guided questions that related to the movie so for instance the Finding Nemo so the students have to watch the movie and and answer the questions but instead of watching the movie there are students using their phones to Google the answers and there will be like therapy some informations that are not correct but there are students who believe that it's the easy way and technologies would lead to distractions and off task or students would spend their cost time surfing the net or texting in today's society technology has been growing every year in the education environment technological use is a staple for many career and education fields that will help students in developing their skills and become successful we should always integrate technology in the lessons and activities in the classroom technology should also be used in timely and appropriate manner such as lectures notes less and plans and curriculum in addition it will attract students to provide different ways of learning and sheriff communes with class-leading the technology will also help students and teachers with their learning experience and interact with each other through school emails and other educational tools such as Schoology blackboard or any other tools provide by school district and according to one of the study teachers parents families and the community can work collaboratively environment this technology has become part of the life and social advancement which can be part of educators role it is important to benefit improve the students quality of life through tools and technology we must become familiar on how to use the learning tools and apps before demonstrating to students or showing them how to use them in the class here the references and I'm looking forward to with you back thank you

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