LITERATURE – Marcel Proust

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  1. I loooooove this channel, but you guys need some diversity. There’s so many incredible thinkers and writers of color who have changed the world; so few of them represented on your page.

  2. thanks here i don't have to read the 1.3 million words..i've got th main thought which cheisheng life purposefully

  3. I like enjoying the small things in life. The big small worries of the world may make us think that our life is bad, but there's joy to be found if you look for it.
    Happiness is nowhere but everywhere.
    I will be definitely be reading this novel someday.

  4. Bravo bravo bravo! I’m an artist and I’ve been re-inspired by this video many times. Thank you to School of Life and Proust!

  5. A juxtiposition of masculine empiricals has shown that the lack of virtues have hit me hard to see that holistic laws have no more than a few remaining purine blossoms.

  6. some small negligible mistakes:

    1. The narrator goes with his grandmother to BALBEC, which is a fictional place based on Cabourg.
    2. Albertine isn't short haired in the novel.
    3. He doesn't really have an overwhelming crush on albertine. Its more like an affection, which isn't even based on albertine, but to a whole group of girls, and he doesn't even prefer albertine.
    4.And the narrator does NOT think about albertine for threehundred pages in the second volume. Only at the end of the fourth volume, Sodome et Gomorrhe, the narrator starts developing strong feelings for her (because he suspects that she might have affairs). And the whole fifth and sixth volume are centered on her, so there are far more than threehundred pages, even more than thousand, devoted to his affection to Albertine – but not really during the second volume.

  7. Intensity! Feeling is understanding! All lessons from great people are connecting. I MUST LEARN MORE!

  8. Life choices: (1) social statues, (2) sexual status, (3) artistic status. Overly drawn distinctions from an evolutionary standpoint (see: as well as from a class (Marxist) standpoint: (see:

  9. What a lovely recap of Marcel ! I adore him. After reading him, you realize why he was so unique, so perfect, – he is capable of moving you with words, beyond measure 🙂

  10. I came here after watching the movie "Little Miss Sunshine". Sublimely brilliant, just like Marcel Proust.

  11. The book of Life would be the perfect name for this masterpiece. It'd take a lifetime to (maybe) finish it. Good stuff.✌️

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