Literature Introduction: The Laws to Success

The Restored Church of God presents, author
David C. Pack. Most people have no idea how to define success,
let alone how to achieve it. Nor have they been taught the laws that govern it. In fact,
almost no one has been taught that such laws exist. Yet they do!
I have never met anyone who truly wanted to fail. Everyone wants to be, and be considered,
successful. But most fail without knowing why. They have no idea how to achieve success.
And they are not sure how to recognize it if they see it—either in themselves or in
others. Supposed “higher” education has never taught it. Nor have most understood that there
are basic, specific laws that must be employed to reach success.
Just what is success? So many seek it, having never defined it. As a result, very few people
ever really achieve true success. And most never actually sit down and try to analyze
the reasons for their failure. Most are capable of recognizing they have failed—but cannot
explain why! Though some might feel they are destined to
fail, this is not true. Men and women of all ages can achieve success. But they must understand
and practice the right formula—and only after they understand exactly what they are
trying to achieve! The booklet The Laws to Success explains how
to achieve true success. It is priceless knowledge. All you must do is apply it! To access the literature offered in this video,
or to order a free hardcopy, visit us online. And be sure to explore our extensive literature
library, which contains a wide variety of books, booklets and articles on many subjects.
These materials present biblical understanding found nowhere else—providing plain answers
to life’s greatest questions. Visit today!

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