31 thoughts on “Literary Theory 5 : POST MODERNISM IN ENGLISH LITERATURE UGC NET

  1. Ma'am I keep staring at your eyes… they are so beautiful and expressive… they can do all the talking for you💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Though I am not a literature student but I found these lectures fascinating. Can anyone tell me which era (-ism) we are living in circa 2018 in terms of literature?

  3. Thank you mam from the depth of heart ,u explain so clear that l can retain it so well.may god bless u a lot with good health and a very healthy long life

  4. great explanation! please can you tell me what is the difference between the american and the French postmodernism

  5. Who gave the concept of postmodernism paranoia?? Is this concept present in postmodern theory?? Plzzzzz someone help

  6. Great video! Want to read more about the postmodernism art movement? Make sure to check out this article from the Global Millennial! Thanks:

  7. Fantastic MAM….I am very much pleased with the way you teach or I can say "a better understanding of literature" is spreaded and I think iattracted toward the law of nature which is law of attraction I am able to understand the exact what u want to convey the main thkughts of the lecture ……thank u very much mam we students enjoy your lecture and very well understood.

  8. would u please devote one of your videos to explain for us American modernism ….thank u in advance for your efforts and for such superb video

  9. I appreciate your innovative thinking .
    U have made all literary theories so easy, now i can get through ur discussion. Thank you teacher

  10. Please discus some of Post Modern writers and works that need to be read to understand all the points you told

  11. Post modernism is my favourite!
    And you have rendered it flawlessly:)
    How comprehensive and consolidated. Waiting for more 🙂

  12. It seems the Goddess of Literary theory overpowered the speaker and delivering her crticial sermons on Literary theory through her voice ! Indeed a critically informative video 🙂

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