Linkin Park – One More Light Lyrics

48 thoughts on “Linkin Park – One More Light Lyrics

  1. If everyone would care about every light, this world would not be this fucked up in every aspect!
    war and death every day in poor lands, and in rich lands everyone is blind and fat and not interested into change ANYTHING!

    Linkin Park did so much Music and so deep meaningful songs and it STILL DOESNT change this idiotic world because the most dont want to change this chaos, its absolute madness!

  2. Eu me importo com essa estrela que apagou aqui na terra, mas que brilha eternamente no céu.

  3. My dad killed himself 21 years ago. I’m still hurt and I’m still angry.

    If anyone’s reading this and they’re struggling, please get help. You have no idea the amount of hurt that comes from suicide.

  4. I just hope he knew the difference he's made in so many of our lives; how many of us wouldn't be here today were it not for him and the others.

  5. Whenever I feel down or depressed, listening to LP made me feel like I am not alone! RIP Dear Chester Bennington!

  6. Turut berduka atas meninggalnya personil link park semoga personilnya yang di tinggalnya ceaser semakin sukses?

  7. I listen to Linkin Park every night before I go to sleep especially this song cheasters voice makes me fall asleep 😩

  8. We cared when you died, you weren't just one more light, you saved thousands, maybe even millions, from scuicide with your music, we will miss you, R.I.P. Chester

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