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I'm gonna talk more today about content because you know increasingly it sort of it has been driven home to me that the language learning efficiency depends on good content I noticed that I spend almost as much time looking for content as I do actually studying the language that it's not quite true but I spent a lot of time at it it's time consuming and and sometimes you put a lot of effort in the content it's not exactly what you want so in the last video I said there I discussed the content that I have some of which you see behind me that I said maybe we should have someone at link who devotes his or her time full-time on the whole issue of content because we are redesigning the library so it's gonna look a bit more like Netflix and then we got it we want to have really good stuff in there we want to have you know content that either is in our library for the people can access and bring in that's going to be just you know appropriate for them at that you know level which works for them and and on subjects that are of compelling interest to them and actually that takes a lot of work to put all that together so I will put up a so are you interested in working with us on that we're gonna I think we're gonna go ahead and hire someone we have put a job description up on our website and I'm gonna leave a link to that job description in the description box here to this video and I would invite anyone that wants to work with the link team to apply for this position you know you can look at that what we're looking for obviously is someone who is familiar with the internet with technology who speaks languages who is interested in who has a high energy level we would prefer someone located in their office in Vancouver but we're gonna take the best person we can find so whether they're for that person works with us remotely or works with us in our office in Vancouver will depend entirely on what kind of candidates we see and who we think is going to be you know the best fit for the job this whole content thing now I see this as a as a sort of a collective effort even though we'll have a person managing this a lot of the content I think that's out there is content that probably cannot share in our libraries or we have to try to approach people to see if they'll sell it across our you know a system our platform you know I put so much effort in the past into you know basically hiring someone to transcribe as C mail in Arabic and then only being able to import it for my own use and I've approached s email to ask them if we can sell their product across our website and they hum and haw and I'm gonna see them again in Fukuoka but I'm not hopeful and very often we approach people who have very good content they don't even answer our emails but even if we make people aware of where this stuff is people can import it into link or they can simply access it for their own use I think the idea that we would have someone coordinating the whole issue of where to find good language learning content whether we can import that link or whether we can direct our members to go there and import it for their own use you know it really doesn't matter until to that extent if we get help from people they are helping everybody else whether these people are members or link or not obviously for that but it is something that we want to address and link you know on the subject of content so someone like Justin just since I mentioned this here I've had so many good suggestions come up in the comments here to my videos a couple of very good sites for Turkish one of which I can't remember the name right now but I downloaded a bunch of stuff and I have approached them sent them an email asking them if we can use this material that link my experience is they won't even answer my email but also the suggestion about using learning languages on Netflix so I started doing that that's a very interesting extension for Chrome and so I watched a Netflix movie and I see the the Turkish in this case because I'm learning Turkish the Turkish subtitle and then below that the English translation more or less good translation and then I have the and I can go sort of frame by frame with arrow keys I can move to the next line in the text and then I can look up individual words the problem is that if you're sort of reading both the Turkish and the English translation and looking upwards you're really not watching the movie and what I really would prefer to have is sort of a transcript and even there if I get a transcript there's so many parts of the movie that are just you know the sound of a car the sound of shoes the sound of a door closing there's lots of sort of action sections in the movie what would be the best would be if within each episode of a movie that I'm watching like right now I'm watching a movie called good news I'm not watching the whole movie because it's very all these Turkish soap operas are very soapy dramatic and that districts on and on but it's interesting and but if I had extracts of dialogue with the an ideally with audio then I would study those and I would increase my vocabulary so that I would get more and more of the movie as I watch the movie ideal situation I don't know if that's possible there are again just googling around you can find that there are ways that you can extract the transcript so we are going to look at and see if there are some ways that we can facilitate people you know importing sort of time-stamped you know audio and text into link I don't know what's achievable we've asked our technical people to look at it but that would be one example you know the way we can import you know videos from YouTube where there are subtitles and then these become lessons but even to find good stuff with subtitles is a lot of work so again if we can sort of collectively and with the sort of coordination by one person here who would be working with link to develop better content for us but that would benefit everyone that maybe we can make whole content thing easier like I don't want every time I want to okay I have my mini stories but after all the mini stories get tiring they're a bit rapid you know repetitious so I'm looking for new stuff and then then there's this constant searching for appropriate and interesting content if we can make this more readily available and also direct people to where this stuff is available and take advantage of things like Netflix and songs that are out there and you know YouTube and stuff so that that really because I've convinced that and I don't mind paying for content oh I don't mind paying for s email I don't my paying for anything this is that's good I mean we pay for a tutor if you pay $15 an hour for a tutor you can pay 15 or $20 or $25 for excellent content and content is the key driver if you have and even though as we've discussed that you know there is this problem that you know the frequency falls off so dramatically but one of the interesting things I found in going through this Turkish soap opera go new with this learn learn languages with Netflix where you get one sort of sentence at a time that I know a lot of that vocabulary so the vocabulary in the movie the sort of simple casual dialoguing back and forth is actually a lot easier than if I try to bring in a newspaper article for example in Turkish and there it's just all unknown not all but so overwhelmingly unknown words whereas I had the impression at least that the sentence by sentence dialogue that I was following had a lot more words that I already knew so I I would really like to get at that as study material and I D I think we can extract the transcript but if we can also get the audio then I could be really warming you know improving my vocabulary so that I can then sit and enjoy the movie at Netflix anyway we're gonna get someone we're gonna get someone to get on this whole subject of optimizing content for language learning in general and specifically add link so if you're interested you working with the link team have a look at that job description which is posted on our website and please get in touch with us thank you for now bye you

22 thoughts on “LingQ is Hiring a Content Manager

  1. I love the idea of adding more content. But if it’s not authentic content (i.e content produced by natives for natives) then I’m not interested. Some may think that that’s an arbitrary distinction and that all content is good content, but you’ll be surprised at how dumbed down and unrealistic unauthentic content can be. When I want to hear how people speak, I want to hear how people speak, not some fictional and superficial representation of how people may speak.

  2. I think it would be amazing if everyone in all the different countries could go out on the street and record natural conversations and then transcribe them and upload them to Lingq after getting the permission of the speakers.

    I think initially, the conversation needs to be recorded secretly, and then either deleted or transcribed depending on whether the speakers give permission to use it.

    The reason I think that it needs to be secretly recorded is to avoid the speakers altering their natural usage to fit the learner. In other words, if you tell them in advance what you are planning to do then they might not speak naturally.

  3. That actually sounds like a great job!

    I haven't used that extension you mentioned yet. I usually have Netflix in one window (with the regular browser experience) and the subtitles (if I managed to extract them) in LingQ in another. If I'm focused solely on the Netflix video, I usually get quite a lot of use out of the regular browser interface. I usually switch between subtitles in just the target language or no subtitles (later to challenge myself and see how much I can hear). I can switch it to English if I need to check my comprehension. Keyboard arrow keys allow one to jump back or ahead by 10 seconds.

    I didn't know until recently, but some shows (like 'Dix Pour Cent' [Call My Agent]) have two options for the audio in the original language. So in this case, in addition to 'French [Original]' they also have 'French – Audio Description'. I wouldn't pick the latter for trying to enjoy the show as intended for regular viewers but for language learning it can provide an additional extra option. It might have been intended for the visually impaired because you get a narrator talking (whenever the actors aren't talking) describing what's going on.

    It would be nice if Netflix would agree to release the subtitles for some of the many shows that they have subtitles for to a service like LingQ. I imagine they would still want potential customers to subscribe to their service for the video content. Given that other streaming services want to compete with them these days, maybe giving permission for their subtitles to be used (and possibly direct potential customers their way) might be considered.

    There are roundabout ways to get their subtitles anyways for one's own personal private use, such as shown in this video:
    You still end up with a text file with things like time stamps in them and some other minor annoyances—at least for purposes of importing the text into LingQ. If you are familiar with some more 'advanced' search and replace features in Microsoft Word (ie: 'wildcard' search) you can get rid of a lot of the extra stuff fairly quickly so long as you aren't too picky with the results. You still get sentences that are split with 'hard returns' but I just ignore those and fix them on a case by case basis if I need to (if it's interfering with a phrase I want to link).

  4. An idea to consider as content becomes more abundant: Introduce a rating system for content so that bad content can be automatically removed.

  5. The Russian content is pretty good for the first while, it's a bit easy when you reach a b2-ish level though. So more challenging stuff about history and politics would be nice.

  6. While being on the subject. Would you still have the transcripts of Toulky česky minulosti? I would be ready to pay for the episodes but without the transcripts to make the content comprehensible they are useless to me. I wonder if it would be possible for you to share them in any way.

  7. I use dualsub with youtube videos. Luckily my favorite content are documentaries which usually have clear narration which makes it easy for youtube to generate subs for.

    Unfortunately youtube doesn't have a way to search for videos that have proper subtitles, but with a little trial and error you can usually find enough good stuff. Then if the subs are good you can import it to LingQ for further study.

  8. The library always seemed limited since you can only import like 3 things, since most people dont pay the amount of imported material is low

  9. yes at beginner 2 some content is rather boring and unless one was about idoms thats germans say which is kind of useless and like really boring stories like about some how children play hide and seek or a mother waking up her children for breakfast and school (this is on the german section btw)

  10. I hope you can find the right candidate and I am really looking forward to the library looking like Netflix. I have some knowledge on interesting content for English Spanish Italian German French and Portuguese but mostly is about documentaries and politics

  11. hey steve! what do you think about assimil to learn german? and how can I start in my learning process in german ?

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