Lines you wouldn't read in a romantic novel | Mock the Week – BBC

30 thoughts on “Lines you wouldn't read in a romantic novel | Mock the Week – BBC

  1. They need more prompts for the “scenes we’d like to see” section. I love it, but it’s a little repetitive

  2. My ones:
    As he slid into her, she gently moaned, 'UNEXPECTED ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA'

    Rachel's love made him feel like a boy again. So after sex he promptly cried, called for his mummy and shat himself.

    'DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?' cried Harold, his words echoing over the fields, the wind carrying his voice.
    She replied tentatively. 'New phone who dis' she whispered, before disappearing.

    Gary undid his zip, and Florence was overwhelmed with excitement. 'DID IT JUST WINK???!?!?!' she whispered.

  3. Based on what I know of romance novels, I am 98% convinced people would have used these exact lines had they not been used here first XD

  4. After they had the best night out together, he decided that now was the time. He went down on one knee and said "…Will you carry me?".

  5. And as Stephen was looking at his girl’s lower back tat, he could only think of one thing… “Any lower back tattoo is queer, it might as well say insert cock here….” 🤣🤣

  6. "This show isnt funny anymore" he typed joyously into the comment section, just as he had written before on every clip hed seen of the show since the first time it went to air…

  7. You have got to give the produces of the show credit. They are forced to include tokens on the panel, so they pick the most outrageously unfunny examples that they can find. The viewer is left asking "why is this person even on this show?", and then it dawns on them, "oh yeah, obvious mandatory token".

  8. "As he climaxed inside her, John knew he would never be able to visit the Statue of Liberty again."

  9. He fell into her arms and made sweet, passionate love. He knew deep down their love was forbidden, especially when the police came and said, "Sir, the cemetery is closed after dark."

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