Lincoln Riley eyes and which are tied to public 2020, 2021 commitments

because that is the power of the eyes like that's what it is done – oh you Twitter there's nothing that gets people going more than seeing Lincoln Riley tweet googly eye emojis now what changed was in 2016 when the NCAA said you can retweet like tweets it's fine and Riley who understands the Twitter's makes a habit of doing that like one of the things that he does is basically he he gives some feeling to an offer because when a kid tweets out that he got an offer from an institution Riley will retweet it from his account basically verified if nothing else which is cool because nobody wants another Ryan was catfishing like you know last year so this is actually a really good feature in the Oklahoma Riley told them he estimates that 20 words giving 99% of his Twitter use is just for recruiting and fans right so he understands that he needs to be there and why and one of the things that I want to underscore is here is that he writes his own tweets there are many coaches who don't okay they're heads of state who don't they could care less about Twitter they could care less about Facebook they can care less about social media they say I'm too old to learn those tricks that I'm not gonna because I don't have to and you know what I'm gonna get older I'm gonna stop learning stuff – at one point but I'm not there yet so for a guy like Lincoln Riley who has over 150 that 7,000 followers and has all the reach to continue to engage and Twitter the way he does speaks more to his character than anything else and I find it fascinating that he's got the second most followers in the big 12 by head coach behind Les Miles who well we're gonna get into less in the next segment look now Riley doesn't always just you know tweet the eyes for a commitment but that seems to be what happens right is when there when there is a commit he tweets it now one of the things that he actually outlined and I think is clear it's very cool for anybody that's on Twitter's and looks at his tweets or eyes he really does try to tie it to when he thinks a commitment is going to become public by a kid oh because only the bad people break a kid's commitment only the bad people break a kid's commitment only of the bad people break a kid's commitment alright you don't do that because it's their opportunity to declare right and every time somebody does that I make sure to call him out because it happened last year and I was very unhappy about it happen chrissteele among other things now one of the other things I thought was interesting was players don't always drop a commitment when they you know drop a public announcement when you expect them to as to do that works in recruiting day-to-day yeah that means I kind of checked my phone on a day to day basis but last week the eyes were for EdgeRank Cooper Ezra Cooper as a linebacker what's called a gap shooter he also is interesting in that he basically gives you the full blueprint for what it is that Alex Branch is looking for in his defense of recruiting philosophy because now you have a defensive tackle you have your defensive backs and now you got a linebacker right so you want speed in the front seven and you want linked on the back end I'll say it again speed the front seven length in the backend not necessarily size in the front seven but speed that's necessarily speed in the back end but size so that's very very very interesting and just as an audit because we're talking about the eyes you know like best I can tell with this stuff so you got the eyes for a Trevon West you got the eyes from Mike Henderson you got the eyes for RG Proctor you got the eyes Cody Jackson first twenty twenty-one dude right got the eyes for Dante Manning Ryan Watts Nate Anderson Noah Nelson Seth McGowan I don't think there were eyes for Brian Darby and then Parian whispering of course rock band a group here of late now I also find it fascinating that many folks have got Twitter accounts specifically so they can a follow recruits and be following can Riley too picky pup we're recruiting because that is how you know that somebody is deep into the weeds of their fandom because there is certain sect of human beings which I am one who really do enjoy being in the know recruiting because there really isn't anything deeper other than being inside the team and that's getting more and more difficult to do and yet we still managed to pull it off but should you care about eyes tweeted now I know there are folks that want to poopoo recruiting call it fantasy football sure whatever fine but yeah you should care because the kids stories are most important because all of the all of the the classes are formed well before signing day you know my man Masek coined lesser signing day you know and we're talking about the transport portal and how it's changing recruiting but recruiting still matters on a day-to-day because these are the same kids that are recruiting other kids they want to play with and that is interesting because you look at the twenty nine crop at Oklahoma all of those dudes wanted to play with each other and they formed around the best quarterback in the class and I don't ninety-nine I don't think that's not a coincidence so if you wanted to see how high class is going to be shaped and you want to be able to look at a group of kids and say those are gonna be the world changers you need to start with recruiting like the 2017 class for Oklahoma is about to start paying dividends in a real way guys like Trey Brown guys like Levi Draper who hope comes on but also you can see how it doesn't work out like Lincoln Riley's first miss as a quarterback guru as the dude that can turn your son into a Heisman it's actually Chris Robison right people forget that kid out of Miss Mesquite Texas God bounced from Oklahoma has been suspended twice at Florida Atlantic so no it's not always going to be good stories but the stories are important because stories remain and I think that if you want to get to understand how teams are formed especially at the college level you need to pay attention to recruiting do you need to pay attention eyes being tweeted only if you don't want to be left out of the conversation that's going on here I left out of the conversation that's going on at your place of work and what I find is most people want to be engaged in the conversation that's what Twitter's about people sharing their ideas and their opinions especially if they're unwanted Patrick I I keep bringing up recruiting and I understand maybe see you always be Cruden well but what is fascinating to you about any of this well I'll say this about the eyes they did they've taken on a life of their own when he tweets out the eyes he being Lincoln wryly people get excited it creates a buzz I mean I'm again I'm not a no I didn't go to oh you so I don't consider myself a fan but it's one of those things where I see it I'm like oh well something's coming and you start to get you start to wonder like oh is that this guy is that that guy is it someone we don't even know something crazy that's what I think is is is what's great about the eyes he took that he in look he invented the eyes but he invented that recruiting buzz and it's a way to look he's not breaking or he's letting the kid have his day his moment but it's still stamping and putting on you out there well Lord is that the kids off don't ask or can I beat the eyes yeah they're excited about it right and and I get that you're not a know you thing but you are a Michigan fan yeah what does Jim Harbaugh do to signal to you that recruits are coming your way that much yeah well look that that's his style he tweets a little bit he does now he'll he'll once a he has a podcast he does stuff like that but I think that have you a most podcast on a few of them what do you learn oh he's a fun guy he's a more interesting I think people think he is he's goofy does he have different sets of khakis or as you wearing the same pair oh it's this exactly has again it's like he has his closet of like 10 khakis it's all the same kind does he have like you know pictures of Coach Schembechler in like his bedroom no okay i'ma start dunking on Jim Harbaugh no but the but but he's taking this these made it something great and like I said when I see him I'm like oh boy something's coming and the best is when he tweets it and nothing happens for a few days and people like you'll see people retweet the eyes like hey what's going on oh and wolf I blew up my account like hey RJ who is it what happened we don't play that game but oh you and again I talked about this the other day what he has done in a short time he being looking around I get they first off what he's done is he has a great staff the guys the holdovers from Coach Stoops are good recruiters they've done a good job of keeping that together and he's boring you're not all about building both somebody would fire would probably pick a fight with you over Tim Kish oh yeah I'm okay not everybody pick pick you know Cain is not been your thing it's been development yeah Kayla's been good obviously bill beaten bo is just jack of all he does it all as far as a recruiter as far they also good like yeah thing like they don't all just recruit their position no I'm saying just like he's one of those guys who he is a outstanding coach of you know tactical coach and he's an outstanding recruiter that's that's that's rare no that is the way that it has to be if you're gonna be a lifer in college football right because you better you better lock down your region because that's a good way to distinguish yourself but he's gonna lock down your region no I'm going to be a good coach cool it closing out though he has what he's done in a short period of time is amazing unbelievable oh you to me again oh you they're gonna break through that ceiling I mean oh Clemson and and Bama are real good but OU's gonna break through at some point not unless they get a defense yeah III think the recruiting is there that they're gonna get good players in there they just got to figure out how to make it all work but I I feel like like Lincoln Riley's gonna get it done it Patrick trying to get me ranting about the defense right now I'm looking right you know thinking Riley's gonna get it done oh he's gonna break through

18 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley eyes and which are tied to public 2020, 2021 commitments

  1. So who do you think the mystery commit was at 10 am on Twitter this week? I wouldn't be surprised if there are several still to be named.

  2. Best thing I did this year was create a separate CFB twitter account that doesn’t tweet. Easier than a list and I get to log on, check Twitter, and not be ticked about politics for the rest of the day.

  3. What if you were able to get a commit let you make his announcement for him on the YouTube show? Or even better, he announces it on the show!😁🤔

  4. hope that it is a defensive pick up, we need a good defensive class to go along with the awesome offense we have!

  5. I am with you . I created a Twitter just to follow recruiting…It's fun and I love hearing the recruits stories and their families perspective. It's all about the craziness of recruiting just please dont tweet at the recruits if they don't choose you.

  6. “The Power of the Eyes…”

    Love how he lets the commit press “Tweet” on his phone if they want..

    This is why I think he stays after 1 title. Once he’s staring at the possibility of signing a #1 class… I don’t think he can say no.

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