Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, Jalen Hurts and the 2019 Oklahoma Sooners college football preview

okay so today I want to give the definitive Oklahoma football preseason preview complete with depth chart some takes on loud scrunch and Lincoln Riley it's gonna be a long one and all it's coming up after the bumper okay folks it's RJ young I am NOT on a step know considering the like and subscribe button because upload a video every single day so it's all your later college football related sports related we have a good time at today we are going to do the definitive pre-season preview ultimate all the things that you want to know and all the questions that we have going into the 2019 season about Oklahoma Sooners football we're gonna get into both sides of the football we're going to talk about Lincoln Reilly's philosophy going into the here where we all believe Jalen Hertz is gonna be the starting quarterback and Alex Grinch in year one what needs to happen how I think everything is going to stack up I also want to tell you that they got this really cool bobblehead that I was just put on game with that I just got myself and I feel like there's been like 87 people who have contacted me via Twitter Facebook Instagram the youtubes about yo what where did you get that well there's a link in the description below this is the Kyler Murray bobblehead I think it's awesome it kind of sort of looks like chance of rabbit but that's okay I got one maybe you'll get one too I think it's kind of Awesome now to the footballs look Lincoln Riley was asked straight up and with a straight face yo I expect that you're gonna give something taken back right the off its gonna take a step back with Jalen Hurd's quarterback to which linga Reilly kind of straighten his tie and said no I don't think the offense is going to take a step back and I'm going to hire Lincoln alright Lincoln had that bde if that's what you want to do because you know a lot of people thought that Kyler Murray was gonna take a step back after the seasons that Baker Mayfield had having won the Heisman and all Kyler Murray did was go number one in the last NFL Draft and win the Heisman Trophy so you've got back to back number one overall picks back to back Heisman winners we should know better than to doubt you and yet young man your quarterback is your quarterback alright we saw the dude at Alabama and maybe there's something you can fix and there was something that you could fix with Kyler Murray that we just don't see but the statistics don't lie the analysis doesn't lie the analytics decide that dude cannot throw to his left okay he's mediocre throwing intermediate passes to his left he's bad throwing shallow passes to his left and he's really bad throwing deep passes to his left and your best playmaker on the off inside the ball lines up on left side of the field and plays wider see if we're gonna get into that but I think his philosophy is gonna look a lot like Oklahoma 2015 when Baker Mayfield took the reins and everybody's looking at him kind of struggling against Tennessee and going don't you dare put Trevor Knight back in there at quarterback don't you dare do it and he stuck with Baker Mayfield and they worked it out they were able to run the ball they were able to do a lot more play-action you're gonna see I think some bigger sets gonna get a lot of Lee Morris this year a lot of grant Cal could tear this more probably a lot of Breit and Willis so you can get Jalen hurt some easier throws and you could take advantage of his ability to flat-out run against defenses like that dude really does like to get between two tackles and he can't truck some people he's actually put linebackers on the sideline and had them sit down for a little while and say I need a breather now the other part about that is we stack the box against Jalen Hertz you can take his ability to run out of it and you can make incomplete passes and that's where Bill beaten Bo's gonna have to do a job with this offensive line once again if anybody can get it done it's bill beaten Bo but I really think that this is going to test Lincoln Riley some different ways especially after he went up to Fellowship Church in late July and was asked yohoo in the big 12 scares you and I think most people expected him say like Texas or maybe teasing use defense and he says you know I get this question a lot and I come back to sometimes you think you should be politically correct and other times you think you should tell the truth and last night Thursday night when this happened he said I think I'm gonna tell the truth none of them none of them scare Lincoln Riley okay link to Riley be on your Muhammad Ali because they're all coming for you they want you on a wall they want to mount this program you want four straight big 12 titles you're the favorite to win a fifth everybody expects you to compete and make the college football playoff after you do that we'll see but that means you got to run the gauntlet once again which is the big 12 round-robin for which they are all proud to say you got to play everybody in this league and it hurts the league when we're talking about nationally we're talking about rankings because you just can't have four top 10 teams to come out it's leave because they're all beat up and each other by the end of the year somebody's gonna have more losses than they should or at least more losses then they might have it they played me SEC where they don't have to play the same sort of round-robin schedule but all that to say Lincoln right has got a good test coming out the front door with Houston Dana Holgorsen knows them well deer at Kings gonna be coming back we expect that Houston offense to be good we expect the Houston defense to be trashed but that's gonna be and leading to a good thing for Alex grinch see how I segue into that now there's some things that I want to get talked about on the channel just that we got and all the same page when we talk about Alex Branch as I spent who knows how many words talking about this dude since he got the job even before he got the job in January as the new defensive coordinator at Oklahoma now there's couple things like ten things actually that I think you ought to know about our experience before we get into more of the positional values of some of what he does and also just how I think guys are gonna line up in his scheme the first one is he got his undergrad basically in coaching his quote is really the only thing I've ever wanted to do is coach football and at Mount Union where he went to college you kind of get your undergrad in coaching because you see such an elite way of doing things maybe there's a naivete that you gained because you're winning all the time it's like if you work hard you prepare you give respect to your opponent and you play hard you'll just win every week obviously once you get into coaching you realize very quickly that it isn't necessarily like anywhere else and that's true a mountain union because when he played he played for Larry Karras and Larry Karras is one of the best college football coaches of all time and his coaching tree is stupid so is the Mountain Union coaching tree if we're getting really into it because we can really go all the way back to Don capers but we can also talk about not just Alex grinch but Matt Campbell and Jason Kendall and Nick's Arianny who is the offensive coordinator at Indianapolis and while people are looking at Indianapolis go on you know they started the season one to five last year yeah they also ended at ten and two okay so they're gonna be pretty good and all those twos can coach and all those dudes no football and Oklahoma was really lucky to get a guy like Alex grant who feels like he has the antidote for how to stop routinely big 12 offenses the only other dude that gets to say that he does that on regular basis scary Patterson now I'm prepared to give John Hancock at Iowa State his claps but look TC you came into the league was not calleb by it defensively if Gary Patterson ever gets quarterback they could be something else entirely look the second thing I want you to know about how it's crunch is he started one season at safety at his high school Grove City in Ohio now when he got to Mount Union he was one of 22 or more safeties on his first day of practice in Mount Union because they don't do the whole scholarship thing so he was really having to fight for his job with everybody else and this is a guy by all accounts who was not really as talented as many others notably Matt Campbell who was transferring in from Pitt and was an all-american look the fourth thing I want you to know is Alex grinches coaching method and recruiting pitch is run your knuckles in concrete and then that's how you learn right because that's how he learned to do it from Mount Union and Larry carats he says when I'd recruit a guy sometimes I'd say if you took your knuckles and rubbed them on the sidewalk it'd be uncomfortable even a little bit abrasive if you rub hard enough that's Larry Karras right he's saying doing what you're supposed to do in football is like that but if you want to be good and a good football player a good football team some of that discomfort is required of you think it over before you pick us yo is that not the message that Alex grinch is given to everybody we saying look it's gonna be hard it's gonna suck I don't have any guys on my defense right now I feel like you play in the NFL so you can come out here and you can play right away if you're willing to do it in my way and I think that's what's gonna be interesting see if all these guys take two is Alex grinches my way or the highway philosophy which is not unlike Mike Stoops in some ways but it's about not what you say but how you say it and the way that he's saying we're gonna see how that plays out against Houston v thing I want you to know and Mountain you grinch was part of a 54 and 55 game winning streak that are the two longest in college football history the Division one record is Oklahoma with 47 straight in the 50s under-bed Wilkinson so Alex French came from a college program that not only was used to winning but he was a part of that program when all they did was win and for him to go to other places like say Missouri and go to Washington State say no I expect this to win because I win that's what we do and that's that's me I'm here for that I'm always going no the standard is winning the standard is getting double use the standard is not did you play well did you play hard no what is the scoreboard say because the record is you you are your record I dig that six thing I want you to know Matt Campbell called grinch the defense's playmaker while they were in college saying it looked between him and Campbell and and and Canton candle right guy Toledo right now yeah those teammates that were all-american defense man candle was a standout wide receiver this is Matt Campbell's quote it was football in its purest form it became a place where guys really had an unbelievable passion for the sport of football Alex had a great defensive backs coach at the time a guy whose name I refused to try to pronounce I say that look Jeff watch to whisk I could spell it wo j t o w IC z good luck with that and we always said that Alex was the greatest version of him on the field when we need to make a play the most Alex was the guy who could come up with a big play for our defense I talked to Matt Campbell at length about Alex grant to pick 12 media days he was nothing but complimentary want to talk more about them being friends than football and I understand that these are two guys that Chloe pulled their values and the way that they actually want to run a football team very close to the vest really difficult to pry those guys open and get them to talk about how their strategy works and I can come to respect that if it worked it's worked for Matt Campbell we'll see if it works for Alex grinch seventh thing I want you to know his Alex Krantz comes from a bust but football background Jason Kendall who was an assistant in Mountaineer from Oh to 208 after playing remembers that one of his first days as an assistant Karras wrote at the top of a dry erase board coaching is teaching teaching is the ability to inspire learning think about that I would inspire you to want to learn to do this and that's what every coach will tell you right but not every coach is really good at doing now find that there's coaches that know their fundamentals but no footwork that no hand placement there's coaches that Park everybody can Bart does everybody know football seems alex reisher knows football because Larry Cara's knows Jacek Kendall knows football Matt Campbell knows football and you know what allas crunch is pretty good at Washington State all right look then eight thing I want you to know is this quote coming from candle now it was something that was always stuck in my head it puts some perspective that just because you have a hat and a whistle and a pen doesn't mean anything if you're not a teacher our responsibilities to teach these young people life lessons and ultimately help them achieve their goals through rock solid work ethic and sound fundamental principles that's cool nice things this quote coming from Matt Campbell again be the best where your feet are now try to always play for the future that's what makes Alex really special it's sometimes hard to find that standard in our profession today but I think often about how we were really fortunate to have a mentor like Coach Karras who demanded that and instilled that into who we are and what we're about I believe in that firmly be happy where your feet are like people would ask me yell do you want to get a radio she'll be like no I'm very happy to do my channel this is fun it's good time and then a radio show came to my doorstep the animal said hey do you want to do this I said yes I would love to do that and I'm happy doing that be happy where your feet are work hard where you are don't look to the future just make this work make this home and I think that matters I think if Alice Prince starts to look toward the future about what he wants his football program to look like instead of fixing the öyou defense he's gonna get busted out and fired and we know that the coaching tree goes up and down it does not stay stagnant you either get fired and demote it back to position codes or you get elevated to head coach that's how this works ten thing I want you know just on that 2000 Mountain Union championship team the Raiders had two current Division one head coaches Matt Campbell and Jason Kendall who we talked about and I've said Knicks Arianny and then Grinch those that's ridiculous so you got two head coaches and two coordinators one at the NFL level one at Oklahoma that's big time if you're Larry Karras Leavitt thing is Larry Cara's believes Alix Grinch is next when we're talking about head coaches he's the next one pretty soon he's not going to be somebody else's assistant coach this is his quote some ad is going to recognize his talent and skill and I think you get a chance look I think the other thing the last thing that Larry carrots put on was you'll see improvement at oh you it's coming I think all those things are really important to keep in mind as we continue to talk about what OU's defense is going to look like what values that we think Grinch is imparting unto the defense and how he is choosing to teach them to play his style which we've caught a 3 for but it looks more like a 335 the way I look at it it's gonna have four men on the line of scrimmage but the personnel is gonna look a more like a 335 we won't get into that but I want to go with the offensive line defensive line will work from there but these are the things that I wanted you know how am i doing on time all right cool that's not bad okay so at the offensive line which is literally throwing darts unless your name is Bill Beaton Bo outside of one creed Humphrey we know that creed Humphrey is the best offensive lineman at Oklahoma possesses today and there was a really good discussion about whether or not use the best offensive lineman Oklahoma had last year and that's a really big deal seeing as all four of the other eligible guys that started next to him were drafted in the second third or fourth round of last year's NFL draft that is big-time and there's lots folks that think read Humphrey could be one of those interior lineman that is selected in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft if he just plays anything like you did the last two years now behind him you got a depth problem and that's the thing about this offensive line you got a depth problem at center more than you got a problem anywhere else because behind him you talked about Clayton woods who was a redshirt senior who snapped the ball when Crede Humphrey was hurt – Jalen Hurd stoner spring game and then EJ and DOMA ogar coming in this summer who I think it's gonna be a stud he's already turned heads with his feats of strength but I think if Creed got hurt you're gonna have to go to Clayton woods not EJ and you might even have to throw Tyrese Robinson in there and we'll get to him in a second but a left guard I think you're gonna have RJ Proctor grad transfer from Virginia as your starter I like RJ Proctor got to talk to him that videos on the channel where I interviewed him about why he picked and committed to Oklahoma he's coming in knowing that he needs to lead he's coming in knowing what they desire from him he can play every position on the line but we know they do play left guard at Virginia that's where he was comfortable he was their best offensive lineman out there I expect him to be the guy who is more or less like a vice capped that offensive line help them Creed get some leadership duties under control and also be the guy that everybody's looking to who's looking at cream that's a big deal to have a guy like that on your offensive line to support your most talented offensive lineman behind him I'm gonna let marques Hays because I think that that's the next guy up unless that guy is Tyrese Robinson but marques Hayes has the physical build and the feet to play that left guard position and come out flying I also think the Tigers Robinson's gonna be starting right guard and I think that Tyrus Robinson is your second best or second most talented interior lineman behind Creed Humphrey and that would be the guy I expect to take over snap in the football if Creed got hurt if he broke his hand if whatever would happen and I know that everybody's knocking on a piece of wood right now but my mind doesn't think in best case in rre owes my mind thinks in Murphy's Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong if you don't have a contingency plan or a back-up plan you don't have a plan that's where I come from so Tyrese Robinson at right guard starting the best of times at center I think if Creed Humphreys hurt behind him I got Michael Thompson I think Michael Thompson has the feet and the hands to play inside because he was defensive tackle I mean yeah he was recruited offensive line but dude obviously want to play defense to tackle this where his mind was and moving him over you got another big body six-foot for 330 that can move around I know that he played some tackle but I also think that you would be wasting him out there because I don't think his length is gonna give you anything I do think that he can actually get up and out of a stance he can get to the second level any more than that you know the defensive tackle wants to do so why not take advantage of that in the way that we do when we say quarterback go play linebacker or safety you know what they want to do in this instance you know where the ball is going to go let's use your mind let's let you freestyle back there or up front saying no I know how to pin this guy against the wall because I know what I would want to do in this position I think Michael Thompson will be a really great backup at right guard and possibly be the kind of guy that could compete for a job this time next year then over at right tackle I got Adrian Ely I know we're gonna have two dudes at tackle that nobody knows what they're gonna do nobody knows how they're gonna turn out but Adrian Ely looks ready-made for the position he also looks like a guy who has done more than wait his turn if bill beaten most sticks to what we think he does which is play the older guys because they kind of earn it it'll be Adrian Ely and then behind him I got Dario Simpson David's wavy and Stacy Wilkins thinks Thank You oak is just gonna take the redshirt year that dude's got to put on a lot of weight sway be juco transfer guy that you could depend on and then Darryl Simpson perhaps the second most talented of the younger guys that still hasn't gotten you run yet but I'm really interested to see what and how he figures in I got right now at right tackle then at left tackle Eric Swenson coming out to gate because I think he's the more experienced guys got more years in also you kind of doesn't necessarily think you he's got to be a lockdown guy but we did think that about Cody Ford we didn't think Cody form is gonna be your best right tackle ended up being the best player according to the NFL because he was taking but 38th pick and the draft just slid out of the first round and I was guy that never played the position before now I think behind Eric Swenson and the guy that I think is brilliant or rather than a backup spray Walker brain works just that dude a matter of fact it the same thing where Lincoln Riley said he wasn't scared of the big 12 said he was scared of break Walker that was a guy he wouldn't want in a mixed martial arts fight six foot eight like 340 and he was a wrestling champ not unlike Creed dad dudes got all the ability in the world after redshirting last year I really do believe that that guy's kind of pushed for a starting job either at left tackle right side got him and left tackle because I think that's where you put the more talented longer athletic dude but I could easily see him just fitting in wherever he needs to go I mean he played some guard in the spring game even though he's not a guard he's a left tackle but you're right tackle he's a tackle offensive tackle but I really think that by the middle of the season we're gonna see brain Walker starting more games and we're going to see less of Eric Swenson now on the defensive line I got Neville Gallimore as your starting defensive tackle for reasons that everybody already acknowledges most talented guy on the defensive line we need him to have a big year he's redshirt senior this ought to be his defense and his year behind him we got Marquis over ten is Troy James now because Grinch is going to run four men on the line of scrimmage on the defensive line but only has three dudes with their hands on the ground this how I think it's gonna go down gonna have to defense tackles one defensive and one rush end so the second defensive tackle I think starting Dylan farmer tau who's done enough to show you that he has all the power and the speed the agility to play position but dude you picked up like three defensive holding penalties last year I don't you can't do that anymore you got to be more mature you have to understand where you are you have to understand down a distance and you're gonna have to be better in this one gaps game where you're playing a two gaps key now you get to do what you do best which is split people and go kill the quarterback go kill a running back and make it really difficult to operate in an opponent's backfield for them now behind him I gots chaos mckinney and then Marcus Hicks Marcus Hicks is the most talented person on the defense full stop from an athletic standpoint there is not a more talented person on the defense let that settle now why would I say that because tracted football has this really cool index called a player athletic index where they use track and field data to measure football athleticism right at the top in is like a 5.0 that's Adrian Peterson that's Julio Jones the guy with the highest number of the entire owe you football team is Marcus friggin Hicks this dude was a state champ in wrestling had like one loss all the last year was suplexing dudes that 40 pounds heavier in him was making him look foolish went out there and performed in discus and all all the throws actually discus shot he was good and his dad Calvin is awesome but more than that I think Marcus Hicks is gonna learn to play inside interior he's already rockin around at 270 when he got onto campus expect me to get a little bit bigger and knowing that grinch wants his defensive tackles around 295 I don't think it's that big a stretch to think that Marcus Hayes could be that guy but I also got him starting further down the depth chart just cuz you true freshmen probably want a red shirt and we'll see now a defensive end Ronnie Perkins is the do one Ronnie Perkins has been chirping good I like chirp and I like chirping and public means you were expecting great things for yourself and means that you want the pressure to perform well Ronnie now is the time strong side defensive end I got starting over captain Kenneth man right I'm gonna to platoon in so starting on the defensive line doesn't mean a whole lot but you still want to count starts versus not start and I think you know the man is going to push Ronnie Perkins and I think they're gonna push each other and those gonna be your two dudes rotating most but behind him like a quarry Roberson and of course Isiah Thomas out of my alma mater Tulsa Memorial Isaiah it's just got to show me some stuff for me and move them up depth chart I don't necessarily feel bad about that anything I feel bad about Kenneth man behind Ronnie Perkins but I like it as an or also I'd be fine starting either one of those guys as strong so I defend him in it would just work for me at Russian you got so many dudes oh you got Mark Jackson who I know pro football pro Football Focus has a love affair with but I've seen mark Jackson play I know he's a liability in space but in this scheme all he's really got to do is cover the flat and go get kill a quarterback now I know he's responsible for curl and I know he's gonna have to run with the occasional fullback running back even tight in but the job is to be the edge rusher get out there and a foot nine and go kill somebody the arocs striker roll all right this is the most fun position on the field period this would be the position that I most want to play this is the star position this is why I think you got so many bodies here and you got so many tweeners that are running in it so jus Mark Jackson behind him but that's only because I don't know if jinglun revin is gonna be completely healthy anybody you talk to you about Jalen Redman is gonna tell you that is pure talent that dude just can play football especially not having much experience having played the game before but the blood clot thing is real and I'm surprised that he's even cleared to play football honestly because you know that's not something to play with I mean we're talking about life and death situation here and the slightest thing gets him pulled okay no more football for you and that's why I got him second I don't even know that I would give him that many reps if I was to Fitz coordinator defensive line coach because I want to get those reps you guys I know can play and I understand that they're trying to do right by Jalen Redmond but you also need to do right by the football team and you got so many dudes to play the position Jalen Redmon's gonna have to be healthy he's gonna have to show the performs and then he's not gonna have to give up anything otherwise that'll be all she wrote for Jalen Hedren behind him I got Joseph wet day long lean athletic put on some weight same dude behind him David Duke way boo both of those guys are mirrors to me I think that they're both ridiculous coming off the edge I think they got great length I think they're great athletes I also think the true freshmen right we're gonna do some growing up and then behind them Nick Benito and John Michael Terry I look I thought John Michael Terry is gonna be pretty good inside linebacker when he got to Oklahoma and it just has it pan out he asked to move over to Jack Jack become rush in we'll see where he fits Nick Benito same difference that was a All American I got played no no I'm all-american boy him and all of a sudden we haven't heard word one from him maybe both of those guys can get in front of the freshmen but I just I've seen more from the freshman until the freshmen prove that I'm wrong or Benito and Terry prove that I'm wrong that's my depth chart so that's what defensive line looks like for me now let's get to some skill positions all right running back I think it's fairly obvious what you know fight me but I got Kennedy Brooks is the starter okay Trey sermon as the second I mean you can call him co-star you can call them or just probably what they look like in the official depth chart when that comes out in like a month oh my god just update the depth charts already like this is stupid all right so we got behind him Ramon Dre Stevenson I think because Ramon Dre's that you go transfer and he's bigger than everybody chasing him and he's just as fast as TJ pleasure what do I got teaching a pledget behind him I know you're all about all-american I know you went to IMG but Ramon drew Stevens is a monster he's humongous like he might be bigger to semaj okay we'll get to see that up close but perhaps TJ pledgers put on some weight maybe he's a sturdier runner less of a scat back out of the backfield that means that you run more between the tackles but the dude that might fight everybody on all this marks major who JT Runnels dubbed the closest thing Nathan Peterson that he's ever seen I cool I'm all for a Millwood kid holding up for agent Peterson but my god you better be lights out and he might be 215 pounds about six feet tall can flat-out fly might drop for four and 40 still true freshmen there are lots of guys in front of him and they're all really good but one thing we learned from the 2018 season you can never have enough running back started out with do five like the same problem just depth and then Rodney Anderson went down that was one okay then you lost Trey sermon to an ankle injury off and on then you lost Marcel is set into a broken leg then TJ Pledger picked up the hip injury and all of a sudden Kenny Brooks was the only dude left standing so it's kind of a wash because by October running back situation is gonna look a whole lot different because the odds of all of them being healthy it's just a battering-ram of a position it's low right so that's what I think it is right now then it fall back I got brain Willis ahead of Jeremiah hall and then Kobe Tillman I think brain Willis just he's won he's won Lincoln Riley over all right there's nothing that Lincoln loves more than a football mind for offense and this do you play quarterback coming out of high school it was being recruited at tight in place of tight in last year look good doing it they asked him can you put on 20 pounds put on 20 pounds thing moving and fullback so now you get somebody that he actually can trust to do that multi back stuff that Dmitri flowers was doing not to say Carson Meyer was good but he wanted to meet flowers that's that's no Shea that's just what it is and if you can get more of that you have somebody else that can help jaylen hurts all right you can do more things you can get more outs and you can be more pass oriented because you really want balance but balance is only going to be good if you can throw the football all right if people know that you're gonna run it on run downs and you ain't very good at run the ball you need to be able to have something your back pocket with the dudes flaring out when nobody's used to seeing him flare out right Brayden Willis is that guy he understands blocking he understands past catching understands quarterback play he knows how to do the offense and that's what you're asking the H back to fullback to do and only can Riley often that's why I got him ahead of Jeremiah home because Jeremiah Hall should be out Carson Meyer couldn't do that we'll see what happens with Jeremiah Hall okay so at X CD really we're gonna argue about that I don't think so behind him I got field we see Aidan Hazelwood and a Dean Miller that's a strong group all right the obese for me is the most ready made pro of any of the true freshmen I feel comfortable saying that that guy has the tools to play in the NFL today it's about developing a bit more size and just going up against better competition to prove that he's still the guy that it was down at Allen who was just legit awesome Jayne Hazelwood we'll wait and see I think that Theo is a better prospect but that ain't to save Jayne Hazelwood wasn't you know the number one wide receiver in a class according to 2 for 7 he's still planted good and then ad Miller coming back after one to go to Portland coming out of portal I always won an ad to be good but now it seems like he's gonna be an afterthought still it's nice dude to have on your depth chart and I started to have going up against the defense when we're talking about size because that's that's a good look he's gonna give you a good look then I got @h Nick bass Qin behind him Trajan bridges with an asterisk we're getting in a bit men might kill Jones and of course Drake Stoops right you're going to be deep at H I also think that you're gonna have the ability to move around some guys you're not going to see a whole lot of H because you're going to see more why because you to be bigger and they rarely one run five guys out there at the same time they rarely run for wide at the same time I mean you're gonna see two backs when you can see two backs you're probably gonna see more of a fullback probably gonna see more tightening the concepts the H is gonna be nice but I don't think it's gonna be a focal point of the often still it's really nice to have Nick bass coming back and I want him to do well the Y position I got Lee Morris had a grant calcula I think Lee Morris is the most talent tied in at Oklahoma and the Flex tight end positions been really really fun at Oklahoma matter of fact it goes Lee Morris grant Calcutta and Austin Stagner that's what I got I think it's Lee Morris grant Kaka Terran also starting her because Oster starting there's the true freshman that dude has a frame on him and he move around like that was actually the really cool thing to see out of a lot of those guys and even see DeLand was saying hey man Austin moves way better than I thought he would move for a guy his size he's enormous that's the dude that you really love having in the program you think can develop into a low-key star at Oklahoma could be the next Mark Andrews but right now Lee Morris has got to just shut y'all up because some of y'all are still in love grand calc Terence no shade to grant it's just when Lee caught a touchdown he caught a touchdown like we caught bats got stuck down that's what it was he was lead he was nice most the whole time he was that good they had to give him scholarship in the middle of season cuz he was that good what do you want you know that that's the thing I get the Greg Calicut Erica still be good I get the grant counter-terrorists both on the Mackey award and the Biletnikoff watchlist but you know what it's like 50 news long he's gonna be there I just also think that enough media have not seen Lee Morris that's the thing about these watch lists as a guy who has or is on a selection committee Jim Thorpe Award selection committee for those of you don't know a lot of it's just who did people see and if you saw a dude up close you're more likely to fight for him being on a list and you're more likely to bring it to the rest of committee be like hey can we pull up this guy's film real quick cuz I think he's really good and then it'd be like oh yeah okay cool I see it throw him on the list and I think that's big part of it now at the z-position which is the Hollywood Brown position opposite CD lamp I got Charleston Rambo jaquail across fir'd and then bridges and parentheses because I think trajan showed enough in a spring game to where you're gonna want to use him somehow some way not to say that's gonna start at a or Z but I think you're gonna see him on the field morn you're gonna see any other true freshman on the offense I believe that that dudes just he's got it all right he knows where the ball is he knows how to fight for the ball he's not 6-3 but neither am i and I don't doubt myself against none of y'all I think the trades and bridges is that good he's gonna work his way onto the field quite McRobert might be the second fastest guy on the field other than Trey Brown and Trayvon's on the field two returning kicks that's gonna be fun I think both of those guys are gonna have an opportunity to run one back if there's ever opportunity to run my back because kickoff is what kickoff is now of course the quarterback already went through that hurts Mordecai Shafer rattler rattler because you want to get the redshirt year Shafer is ahead of him because you don't have to you know preserve him and then Mordecai because he's a better quarterback than Shafer yes I know you'll fight me on the spring game but you know what whatever you want to do at mic I got Kenneth Martin jr. I got Levi Draper I got Bryan Asamoah and Jonathan Perkins at will I got Sean Whyte Brian Mead Ryan Jones and then you know Caleb Kelly and his busted knee look I like the period of Kenneth Moton jr. and DeSean white Mike and will I like that I think it's good I think Kenneth Martin yer is going to thrive in this system because Brian Odom is in his ear and he's listening to everything that man has to say Alex grinches in his ear and he's listening to everything that man had to say and no matter how you slice it up a hundred fifty five Tigers last year that's a lot okay dudes on a buckets award watch list for a reason and I think yes Deshawn White is the most instinctual linebacker of any of the linebackers on the entire depth chart but Ken infirmary jr. is your second best athlete behind Marcus Hicks and I'll probably be your best athlete on the field and this is a position that he would just learn to play and he seemed to just learn what he was supposed to be doing last year this junior year this is his magic year you might not have the same amount of tackles but you're gonna see them getting in the backfield shoot the gaps absolutely take advantage of this scheme and I really looking forward to it Shaun White instinctual is gonna be able to fill in where Murray is not probably gonna be able to get in each other's ear going do you see what I see and Shaun White could say no I see this and can the murder be like okay cool I think that partnership will work I also like the idea of Levi Draper and Brian me to platoon it having the two kids from collinsville on Owosso go in there to just shake things up and go kill people yes Lord give me what I'll watch me and that I would love nothing more than to see some Tulsa Metro kids go tear it up at middle linebacker that would be awesome and then behind them you know it's crapshoot ASIMO and jones obviously paired and then perkins as these hold over now secondary we got a little bit of a difficulty closure here if it was up to me boo-ki starting at right corner trey brown starting in left corner put the short dudes out there against tall Jews because short dudes are undefeated against y'all we don't care about nutty y'all we will tear y'all a new behind tall dudes they never got to fight nobody because people just walk up to him be like he's tall I wonder sure dude get picked on all time you know what a short dude doesn't do back down we can't wait to fight y'all and give me the junk dogs out there corner cuz they gonna get picked on people go throw balls at y'all here in the big 12 kind of justice lineup out there TJ fashions lining up out there gents up men flying up out there I don't care give me the two dudes with speed that want to play corner there are absolutely corners that are your best corners problem I have would Oklahoma right now at this moment Buki is not playing a corner he was 5-star corner and everybody's pissy because he got torched it nickel and not even half the time the man took out an entire tight end by himself locked himself look I understand that he's versatile and that he was due to said cool I'm strong enough to play nickel I'll play nickel without any leverage without any help you gonna match me up against david stills in the slot and watch me get torched because Larry Turner yell can't get over the top that's all on y'all alright I say move demand the corner okay but as the depth charge stands boo-ki probably gonna play nickel behind him I got Jeremiah Cordell the true freshman Mater Dei and then Pat fields and with an ash tricked don't don't get twisted about Pat fields with the Astra but I would love to see somebody else out there like Justin Broyles at nickel perhaps and Buki moved to corner but you know what I don't get paid 1 point 1 million dollars to coach defense I was Chris does strong safety the only guy that I have starting as a true freshman Jamal Morris that I talked to that dude at length I got to know him he's got the leadership mentality he was out there making plays in the spring game he gets it he's already got the sides you can come in and play behind him I got to Larry Turner yellow chance so me and Jordan Parker I know some of y'all love DT why I know some of y'all love Jordan Parker chants nobody's coming off the Achilles I think this is just Jamal Morris's job to lose his strong safety at free safety Pat fields all right and then Robert Bryant's and then Justin Broyles okay Justin Broyles is a nickel surah da I looked at him he's the corner coming in lets do play corner you know same thing would run Parker let's do play corner you got a lot of corners I also think that Miguel Edwards could fit in at nickel and or corner but I got him at corner all right at left corner probably gonna start Mahara Nell motley behind him I got woody Washington and then train Norwood Washington could easily beat out Parnell motley for a spot he's that good lots of folks in Tennessee love his game I love this game I got to know him really cool kid he understands it he wants the pressure of playing corner in the big 12 that's big to me cuz you got to want the pressure and then you know we'll see what Trey Norwood turns up being at right corner Trey Brown of course then behind him I got Miguel Edwards and Jaden Davis Jayne Davis could easily jump in front of Miguel Edwards because he's coming out of st. Thomas Kiwanis he's well coach he understands he's also a dude that was being recruited to play a little bit of nickel when Carrie Cooke's is here and he's used to plan with knowing where his leverage is knowing where his help is as a nickel and that's a big part of playing that position all right I'm not gonna waste anybody's time with a specialist I will say that I get that you think it's a big deal to lose honest I Britt but it was a big deal to lose Michael Honeycutt you know I'm sure Reeves is gonna do a good job of punny I would go for two I don't really believe in the kicking game like that I think if you're inside the red zone you ought to go for it because the worst thing that can happen is you turn the ball over inside the opponent's own 20 and you got him pinned against the wall I actually like that as a problem if I'm a defensive coordinator cool I can pin my ears back and I get to go try to get safeties let me do that that is how I see everything shaking out heading into preseason questions about getting ready for Houston we're gonna address at a later date but that's what I wanted to do today what we do here 38 minutes and Counting I think I might at that down just a little bit but I think solid right solid all right again check out the Kyla Marie bobblehead I think it's cool I will see you tomorrow deserts

21 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, Jalen Hurts and the 2019 Oklahoma Sooners college football preview

  1. It should be easier for a right handed QB (if his feet are set) to make an accurate throw to his left, especially the deep ball. Your follow through finishes at your left foot with your right hand if exaggerated so you're throwing that direction anyways. Technique could be the problem or a lot of people have a dominant eye so Jalen may see the field better with his right eye which could explain why he throws better that direction. Or it could be that he's not very comfortable standing in the pocket and he tends to roll right and momentum and the laws of physics aren't on his side when you do that. These things can be trained and cleaned up and Lincoln Riley is the best QB and offensive coach in the country. Jalen will have his best year ever this year.

  2. This Sooner resides in Jacksonville FL (Ya go DeeDee and Flowers) and listening to these yahoos on 1010XL talk about Alex Grinch saying he had little experience before WSU and really wasnt promising, that he had no talent to work with at OU, and couldnt receuit yada, yada is getting unbearable and unspeakably painful.

    I appreciate the positive speak from u, in relating Riley's confidence in the offense and Alex's potential. Boomer

  3. 2:40 "Don't you dare put Trevor Knight back in there at quarterback! Don't you dare do it!"

    Yep! I remember those days. 😂

  4. RJ I’m going out on a limb in saying this, but I do believe OU are going to shock a lot of people this upcoming season. It won’t be about the offense but the defense are going to shut a lot of teams down this year. I’m not sure about Hurts at QB but the offense is loaded, I just hope Riley isn’t trigger shy if Hurts performs poorly. I think Tanner should be the starter if not Rattler. I guess only time will tell, but I think the Defense will be smashing everybody this upcoming season.

  5. Why did we schedule ucla and houston as non conference games. All it does is makes our sos weaker, and forces us to be nearly perfect if we don't get any outside help to make the cfp.

  6. It depends on how the defense on the injury's the o line play could get to the CFB with no loses Thur sooner colored glasses

  7. RJ I would assume kyler and baker could make all the throws in your book, yet none of that got any one of them to the National title game, my point is no quarterback is perfect, Jalen has his weakness just like weather you care to realize it kyler and baker had weakness too. Jalen is a winner and will prove you doubters wrong, Jalen has improved his skills tremendous from his 26-2 at Bama and will help will this team to a natty win and capture the heisman as well, watch my friend!

  8. Typically the strength of schedule carried us into the playoffs. This year might have to be flawless to make the playoffs again

  9. Here is one bet against Alex Grinch. His record at WSU was very average and he managed to give up 45 to Eastern Washington and in two years gave up 75 to Boise State. At OSU he gave up 51 to Maryland and 49 to Purdue. Fortunately for OU their offense won't skip a beat and may be all around better than last year. The two RBs are excellent and Lincoln knows how to move things through the air. Biggest chance for being upset is in Pasadena.

  10. @RJ Young I guess Phil Steele's is considered the "best" college football preview publication nowadays. Outside of any local Oklahoma ones (I said OUTSIDE of) who would you say has the 2nd best College Football Preview to run out and get the hardcopy version??? I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts on it. THANKS

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