LIMESODA (라임소다) – ‘WAVE’ 웨이브 Lyrics (Color Coded_Han/Rom/Eng)

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13 thoughts on “LIMESODA (라임소다) – ‘WAVE’ 웨이브 Lyrics (Color Coded_Han/Rom/Eng)

  1. Sorry but teeny isn't in the group and the song was re-recorded again without her! She doesn't sing in this song.

  2. i appreciate you for doing this but teeny doesn't sing in this song and the translation is just google translate and not very good 😅 please learn korean or don't upload translations;;

  3. Teeny does in faact sing on this song lol, she's also present in the MV
    Her vocals can clearly be heard on the song

  4. Sorry for any mistakes. I just used this웨이브/ as line distribution and saw some comments that Teeny was present in the Mv and their song.

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