Lil Wayne wins the Best Lyricist Award at the 2006 Ozone Awards

oh come on girl hey trying to find a hair less you damn it girl I business is a work order Drake bring it out hey how ya doin guys still hanging to notice we got up next the best lyrics this award my man cool & Dre they bring it up yeah bring it out with it gonna try with y'all that runs right in my age span down okay a mother play B novocaine one of them jump out boys jacket or something cause I remember anyway it's 95 degrees in December and Trina good lord I was happening we doing the best lyricist right now nominees that lyricist our God you go respected what about you get your hand from this that represent in my town yeah just on the drivers for that out of ships enrollment Dixie healed I'm impressed against therefore we can define Shannon tears crying time laugh gang never kill a kid or purple Ridge enrolling Oh and we always funny the color of that will jelly it's a rap for you different like a hoagie I said daily use a man back in the day but you feel like belly that's a new king of the throne with the robe in the crowd is by being while I'm holding it down you can't stop the rain Chamillionaire Lil Wayne steai and the winner is see what it is mine we don't thinking it oh boy wait y'all make some noise he on this way he gonna be here real soon I'll a brown

12 thoughts on “Lil Wayne wins the Best Lyricist Award at the 2006 Ozone Awards

  1. Lil Wayne won the best lyricist Award in 06. Cause noun of those rappers they mention aren't better than Lil Wayne accept maybe Scarface.

  2. What kinda Dollar general courtyard inn tick tock motel award show is this????? And everybody thought the Grammys were lit

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