Lil Wayne – What About Me (Lyrics) Feat. Post Malone

31 thoughts on “Lil Wayne – What About Me (Lyrics) Feat. Post Malone

  1. I give my wife my all; I took care of our son every day and worked nights, rarely getting more than an hour or two's rest. I cheated on a lot of the females I dated previous, but I was loyal to my wife. I never laid a hand on her, always provided for her and our son. 5 years and she leaves me with no explanation, no urgency for marriage counselling.. just gone. I love you Sasha, and our son that you took is my world. I was served with divorce papers almost a week ago and I'm hurt like never before, but at least maybe soon I'll get to spend some time with our son.

  2. I wonder he talk about me and my life is and heartbroken forever I thinking this song is. Me 🙏🌠💙💕💞🌺

  3. "i shut down my life for you"
    weezy, why you gotta bring up my past and stab me in the heart with it like that 💔

  4. This song has me tearing up, it reminds me of that one girl who just dropped me out of no one, I thought she would be the last girl to ever do that to me, this song also is just so peaceful and it takes break from that hardcore shii about killing people and having sex while smoking weed and doing xans,this song is much preferred

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