Lil Tjay “F.N” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Most of the niggas just talking about me be
fans. Most niggas just be chatting about me just
be fans. If you want to chat on me, talk hot, I might
just scoop your shortie, you know what I’m saying. I might just take her out with me, show a
little bit of my lifestyle. See how she like it, an allow her to compare. This song is inspired from somebody I know
that I was close with. That was for me involved in street activity. He act like anyone at that life over night. You know what I’m saying? He just changed up on gang. F.N is just Fuck Niggas like you feel me? If you’re not with me its fuck you, fuck
niggas. I kind of liked the energy of the beat. Like it kind of like it was hype, it was good
tempo and matched the energy or the vibe I was feeling. So when I went in the studio, I kind of just
tried to like double up. I tried to make the energy double up, you
know what I’m saying? And make people understand what I’m saying. If I had to skip town, I’d be real dumb if
I told my plans to you right now, what a genius man. Come on. A lot of people like to say what they did
do or what they didn’t do, what they deserve. I don’t care. So if I don’t fuck with you, we don’t fuck
with each other and you feel like I’m supposed to fuck with you or you feel like I should
fuck with you or you just feel like you were entitled to something, I don’t care. My homie Smelly passed away before I got
incarcerated and he’s like my biggest inspiration to making music. I just wish he was here. You know what I’m saying? Living the lifestyle with me right now. Smelly dying just made me realize I want better. It made me realize that stuff was doing for
no reason. It was no reason to be doing all the
street stuff when there’s so many other routes. People mad because I can’t do the same stuff
like I used to do. I’m not the same old Tjay. I kind of leveled up. It kind of is disappointing to see that a
lot of people change. And I don’t get the same love as I did when
I first started out. But the way I feel is that if our relationship
tears easily or if it just tears at all, it was like it was never that strong. This line is not relevant to me no more. If it’s that I ain’t masking up, I ain’t doing
nothing. If Brody catch a body, somebody else going
to leave it in the rearview because I’m going to be in my crib chilling, watching Netflix
or something. Bluff is when you’re not really with it. When you talk about something, you not really
about. Or if you’re capping like you’re about
to do something, you backing out but you’re not booming. Bluff is somebody who’s cap. I’ve seen all types of stuff in the field. The thing is, in the Bronx, a lot of people
actually feel like they know me in the Bronx because they’ve seen me before, like almost
the whole Bronx. They’ve seen me in real life before. Before, like even getting here, like baby
stages, everybody will be like, oh Lil Tjay here, Lil Tjay here. I’m everywhere. I was really in the field. People really know my body. Anybody from the streets or anybody involved
in anything that was ever street activity, you know, rule number one is if you get caught,
don’t tell it’s yours, because you was in that life so that’s what you signed up for. saying that is basically expressing myself
through music or someone might have said something on me, because they might have told on me
when I did my time. Honestly, it’s probably one of the worst feelings
in the world. You just see a homie name on paperwork,
like damn, you? Like, how the fuck? Mom dukes stressed out because she don’t want
you in that field, you know what I’m saying? But your like, can’t wait to wake up and get
to the field. My mom ain’t never going to understand how
I see things. I mean, in that perspective, so you got to
have the street relationship and then you got your mom relationship and she’s not going
to understand the streets. I was stuck up
in the streets “Bubba stacks!” That’s what my boy Bubba Stacks, that’s my
hype man, that’s my cousin. You see me you gonna see Bubba in the cut. Bubba always in the cut. We all kind of started getting into the streets
ourself, we all eased in to every stage together. so it’s not like it was a bad influence or
a tragedy, it was just us being led the wrong was because we just… doing stuff… recklessly,
I don’t know. I remember my mom telling me “What’s done
in the dark’s going to come in the light” It’s just like karma, so whatever you do is
going to… even if somebody I don’t know is going to show you going to have some type
of reaction to what you did. I go to Lil Tjay type beats all the time. It’s just sometimes like I feel like I see
all my tape beats. Like if anybody makes a tape beat Lil Tjay,
I’m going to see it.

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  1. Genius interviews be like

    Lyrics: I don’t know what to write
    Rapper: It’s like.. I don’t know what to write..ya feel me?

  2. I’ve seen Lil Tjay twice in like a year. He pulled up 2 my school in the gold car that he got and then I saw him on the sidewalk talking 2 hotter people and I was like “wtf there’s no way!” And I was with my friends and shit and I haven’t seen him since like July 🥺

  3. He doesn’t use auto tune but a tiny bit on the fastness he’s like Eminem not on voice only on fastness they use it to make it faster

  4. “If you mention my name boy I promise ima kill you better duck nigga” I thought the end was “I promise ima kill you for the dub nigga”
    Dub meaning like win

  5. your hell is that you're gonna be looking for a cup for all that lean surrounding you but you wont find one or your life 🙂 /

  6. I really thought it was “ Now I wished I done bussed ( shot ) at you” And turns out he said “ I wish a bus hit you” but ima say what I thought it was because that shit matches the song

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