Lil Skies: BEST Verses

Hey guys, CDTVProductions here, and today
in Best Verses, we will be looking at Lil skeet skiddy bang bang Skies. Skies is a rapper
that I discovered from my, umm, review series, with a title that totally doesn’t make you
think I dislike his music, but no it turns out I love his music, and I’m gonna see
him live hopefully in about a month so I thought today we would look at his best verses. That’s
all I’ve got to say, make sure you check out the CDTVThaG channel where my twin uploads
in depth reaction videos, this is ya Boi, CDTVProductions and let’s get into this
video. Life (Verse 1) This is one of my favourite Skies verses for
sure if you’re looking at the lyrics. As the title tells you, Skies tells the story
all about his life and his upbringing on this track. He tells us all about his family, about
how he didn’t like asking his mum for money because she has bills to pay, about how his
uncle sold drugs, and Skies thought it was pretty cool until his uncle went to jail for
it. The whole song, which one long verse, is just about how Skies came to be the person
that he is. It’s got a really nice vibe to it, and it’s just cool knowing the background
behind the person. Russel (Verse 2) This is one that I enjoy because it’s something
that we rarely hear from Skies, as this track actually has quite an aggressive and foreboding
sound to it. His flows are incredibly suited to this, and he moves very fluidly throughout
this verse. Lyrically there aren’t really insanely crazy lines here, but it’s all
just fitted to the dark theme that this song has, with some nice, gritty lines. I’m actually
happy Skies doesn’t employ this sinister style more often, because that way, it’s
more enjoyable and notable when he actually does use it. LilSkiesFuneral (Verse 2) I just wanna say, you really missed an opportunity
to call this one SkieFiesFuneral, but maybe I’m the only one who thinks that sounds
pretty cool. Here Lil Skies bounces his words over the kinda fast paced drums on here, and
it’s got a cool energetic vibe to it. I will admit there are a couple lines I consider
to be a little corny on here, but the rest of it is pretty solid, and I mostly listen
to Skies for flow and vibes anyways. And he did a pretty damn good job on this one. He
also closed out the song with a fairly nice singing segment, and it’s always good to
hear Skies pull out a fairly strong rapping verse. Lettuce Sandwich (Verse 1) I love this track as it’s really a nice
mix of Skies using his melodies and rapping flows in tandem to create a great sound. He
uses auto tune throughout this verse, which actually isn’t something that Skies utilises
regularly, and that surprisingly makes this one stand out from his other tracks. Again,
“milk the game like a t!t” isn’t a great lyric, but the rest are fine to me. The beat
dropping out, which occurs a few times on this first verse, just serves to make the
verse even more catchy, and it’s one of the Skies verses that has stuck in my head
the most. I really enjoyed this one. No Bad Vibes (Verse 1) I think this is simultaneously Skies’ most
emotional and chilled out verse at the same time. It’s got an inspirational feeling
to it, and inspiration is something that Lil Skies does very well. One of the lines that
really got me was where he said “I’m Trina blow up and do an interview with Westwood”,
because that’s exactly what he did. He had that ambition back in 2016 when this dropped,
and almost a year and a half later, he would blow up very rapidly and achieve that interview
with Tim Westwood, the man that looks like every schools swim team coach. It also hit
quite hard when he says he’s single because he doesn’t wanna risk having his heartbroken,
and I think this whole song is great if you want some laid back motivation. It’s probably
one of my favourite tracks from Skies and I didn’t discover it until recently. The
second verse is also great on this one. (Outro)

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed! Like I said, just releasing a bit of a shorter video right now whilst I'm working on longer ones in the mean time. Lemme know what your personal favourite Skies verses are!

  2. Do u go to college CDTV? Let me know on ig @thundertails95. I am one of your biggest fans from B-ville South Carolina. I enjoy your content because I like lyricists as well.

  3. “I got tattoos on my face I used that shit as motivation,I could never get a job,so for my dream I’m dedicated.just me?

  4. Let's just jump… wait wrong intro. LETS GET ROIGGHHHTTT INTO… wrong again. Hey guys its Cdthony Tvtano he…. nope. Now,… wait no that Mr. Speakz. I got it, CDTVthaG here reacting to Lilliam Pumpernickle!

  5. Hey cdtv productions can you do a video on a rapper named Shofu Tha BeatDown he's very dope and you won't be disappointed and he needs some shine on him

  6. he's soooooo boring idc what anyone says this guy has the most cookie cutter lyrics and flows I don't understand what people see in him, it's the safest, most palatable music ever. generic garbage yo

  7. CDTVProductions your probz not gonna review any of these but I feel like u should make another one with theses

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    Plz read these and u should really should do a review on anylist he is by fare the best rapper off this time

  8. How did he not include the line 'I got tattoos on my face, i use that shit as motivation. I can never get a job, so for my dream i'm dedicated' from welcome to the rodeo🤔

  9. why have i never seen this man before?

    i know quite a decent amount of rappers who aren’t all that popular, but i rarely know the popular artists

  10. My favorite list top four lil skies verses is:

    Nowadays verse 1
    Welcome to the rodeo verse 2
    Lettuce sandwich verse 1
    Some kind of love verse 1

  11. Cdtv great video you should do a simalar one on lil peep or a worst rapper in the game on lil peep thanks in advance

  12. Why are you so fucking biased against X? You KNOW he's better than you say he is, and he's DEFINITELY better than trash rappers like SMOKEPURP, PLAYBOI CARTI, 21 SAVAGE, and 6in9ine

  13. Watch the interview with skies dad. It's about how he wanted to touch and connect and like change the music industry but he had to adapt. Because he used to rap about real shit and what was going on in his life but to be recognized he had to change. It even shows his father opinions on what he thought when he heard his sons first hit single and was really surprised and scared for him. But skies legit every song he talks about drugs and bitches he has somewhat of a positive message in at least one verse hoping people would acknowledge it and see that he wasn't just rapping about typical shit. He also just has alot of kinda deep songs

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