Lil Mosey “Stuck In A Dream” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Every month it gets more lit, and more lit.
I just keep growing, I keep progressing. My career keeps going crazier, and it just, feels
like a dream, for real. Because I used to dream about this. I’m stuck in it now, so,
it feels good. You don’t get what you don’t deserve. So if you deserve some shit, you
going to get it. But if you don’t deserve that shit, you don’t get, you’re not going
to get that shit. So I felt like I deserved it. That’s why I got it. I wouldn’t be here
if I didn’t deserve this. If I didn’t work every day for this. You got to work everyday
for what you want. I was in Atlanta at the time for a while,
now I think. I was just in my hotel room and Royce was like, “I got this fire beat. You
probably fuck with that.” So, I’d already had some shit written and I was that type
of style. You know in a hotel room where the TV is at and shit, they always got the little
table thing. We just set up the mic. We just made it like, we used the ice box from there
in the hotel room. We used some random shit, like the clock. Just like, some, throwback,
back in the day set up. Some old school shit, before you had anything, type of shit. When
I heard the song, I knew it was perfect for Gunna. This is his style. He sent the verse
back, he really killed that bitch, for real. I just knew that shit was over it. It’s one
of those songs I say. It started at 2018, I had to change the word
for it, because we dropped it in 2019, but that song was made in 2018 but, I don’t take
drugs no more. So, just so you know that, that’s for y’all. Drugs in general, just be
killing people. That shit just, mentally and physically, so that shit’s just not good for
you. Since I stopped doing all that, I’ve been paying attention to my money, paying
attention to everything I do, way more. Before I didn’t really watch where this money was
going, where that money was going, I was just going crazy, but now I be watching like, “Oh,
I made this much, so I got this much and I only spent that much so I know how much I
…” I just been watching everything, making sure I’m good, making sure my family good. My first licks was like plugs. In my head,
“He can’t snitch on me. How could he snitch on me selling me drugs right now? So fuck
it, I’m going to just take that. What are you going to do? You know what saline is right? Saline drops,
man, like contact. It’s dripping saline, it’s dripping all this water. It’s like the purest
type of drip, type of water, you could just splash, you feel me? So “I got that ice on
me, dripping saline.” Know the vibe man. I just knew I was different than everybody
else, as a little kid. I used to play basketball and stuff. I used to play sports or once I
started getting good at that for real, I started feeling myself. I started getting hoes and
I was just like “Yeah, I’m the one.” I just picked up the snowflake necklace but
I left it at my crib in Miami. I don’t like bringing it everywhere I go because that’s
the real, real big boy right there. But this was my first like real chain, I got this Gucci
snake, if I just be like, look here, just move her eyes. That’s my chain swinging. It
just feels good to have it on, you feel me, but I’m not, I’m probably not going to keep
buying jewelry. It’s not even worth it. Still buy some more pieces, but once I’m really
racked out and I just got, I don’t really care no more. What else am I going to spend
this money on? I feel like the same exact nigga. Nothing’s
changed. I still bring my same niggas around. I still got the same brothers, but, if I’m
not near you no more, if I’m not around you, that means you did something wrong. That means
you did some, because I definitely wouldn’t have switched on you for no reason. Big gas, smoking shit. You know, if you looked at my recent interviews.
It was one of my Genius interviews, you know I’m not from here, so I came here on a blimp
and it had a bunch of technology in that bitch, so I came in with the tech. I flew in that
bitch with the tech. Forreal. If you put down 50 on a down payment, how
much do you think he’s spending a month? If you lease the car, like if you put 50 down,
come on, you dropped the bag cause ain’t nobody putting in 50 down. Not regularly people are
not putting 50 down. I’m not talking about 50,000 all together on the whole drop top.
If it was $50,000 drop top. I said 1972 I’m talking about 50 down on a down payment cause
that’s a big ass, expensive ass whip. Fuck is you saying? One time, it only happened one time. One time
I was off a bean and then I had some green high tech, lean, and pour that bitch up and
niggas is like in a real like daydream for like just hearing like I was hearing my bros
talk and I was just replying, like they was hearing me talk, they was hearing each other
to talk and we just kept talking like, “What you say? You ain’t saying nothing?” It’s like
damn, this shit crazy. Like this shit. Not the way we was. Not fucking with it though,
but that’s sometime I walk talking. Never been a lame
Ain’t shit to Fourteen racks. Because my family still live
over there so I still be over there sometimes. Save that for a rainy day. Tuck some money
away. Shoot like the team, it’s like Magic how the
way he pulled up and just push him away that fast. That’s crazy. But my young niggas going
to pull up. I feel like they still look at Seattle like
what is it? Little Mosey is not the Seattle sound, I don’t think like, so like I feel
like there’s not really a sound of Seattle. There’s just a bunch of different stars out
there that’s going to go crazy.

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  4. Genius lyrics:
    “I got this ice on me, drippin’ celine”

    Talks about saline water

    Me: Wow even Genius didn’t know what you’re saying lmao

  5. ay im from the same town lil mosey went to high school in last. my friends brother went to school with him. give me unnecessary clout =)
    (im kidding dont give me clout)

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