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that's a Sinkler soup at me and village do a lot of content online for copper nightly this is poem virgin we're gonna have a chill just gonna chill sit down and talk to someone that plays for the team that I love on the door and I'm not just saying this because he's here he's genuinely a very nice guy at the pleasure of having a good conversation with him at Wireless he's named you didn't say you know why we're really here is you've launched some yeah do you MA yeah you've got a CREP as well yeah hundred pairs yeah it's not I think they're medicine for me honestly and this is I can't even thank you enough o'clock that Hector's wearing the boot on Saturday against Watford so where's the prayers a pump it's bad enough that Pima made me make a beaver then when they gave me that news I can't like I was just like this is because your bear fashionista you just saw well it's just so sick do you know why don't you and Ronnie wear it no why did you choose this now as the modern I wear soul but I love black boots so when they come in that is so nice moving yeah but I'm gonna live this one's um it's got no ball games gross mines gonna see my boots so much of the de Lauer's curtain if there's an option to quit now I'm actually into a lot of questions in Raleigh was been to you and the era it was super fun bro the internet there's just different rules there it's a whole new world what ask questions karma the first question I think is something that I've been analyzing quite a bit and I feel there's a lot of awesome and today they'll be underlies it as well James says how are you adjusting to life under Emory of the being managed by Austin was so low be honest everything is really different everything has changed I love my time under Network I mean he was a great man he was a great coach he's the one who gave me the chance to be the player I am today but I'm very happy with the with the change as well you know he's brought a different kind of style and mentality to the club and you know obviously the early stages we know anything occurring away six wheels of roads how many 600 600 yes so it's you can see what we get in there slow leaders are still a lot of work to do but you know there's a lot of reasons to be excited is there like is it kind of different like look into the cycle Austin used to sit down for time he's all amazing what they used to be this Emory brother he's in a suit Armani thing he doesn't sit down but then his assistant managers are airing suits just keeping it Angry reckoning smokes warrants he hundred cents most exam is that like what's that like though seeing these that it's a whole different situation now when you look at the bench athlete for the team hours I don't know for coaches as well I used to be shallow the national team had more calm kind of culture so it's just different you know I think for me as a player that I love to have information most to me a whole time so you know when someone on the bench is constantly telling me you know if I do something wrong what is you need to do to be better I think for my style the way I play nothing I prefer it so you know from sentences what's the kind of things you've learnt in your first month under every because we sort of Fitness preseason she's battle at rocky assembling now that was an army moment oh now that long summer resort I didn't go to the wall car anything like seven weeks and then going back and see what we're doing ten minutes on time but you know I joined my summer as was the first long one that I had after a long time so back to the question you are always learning different things he's more about adapting to war he wants you to do you know how to do it already but probably another coach was at the Mandalay or preferred to do something else so it's more to adapting tactically to work that coach which you deliver all the concepts really at the end of the day is football so and you just learn by experience is like all the fans and stuff after you know we miss the pass you know start here with the rumbling oh you know everyone is used to it like what are you having with Wadi Allah the beginning everyone was wondering is this really and then you shouldn't play now and you know though that this quote the other day it was it was a great goal play not from the back so it's all about as I say experiencing it making mistakes then make it better and you know we need to believe in it man as if people think that the way forward is just kicking the ball it's not really the best things like to play football for police so it's just about time experience no no thank you to be doing my life man what did you do it on the news Tim yeah I live my life I don't see how people need is love yeah love I love our friend Josh was on it I love him and I'm surprised I can sees gorgeous he's doing this thing but personally nobody love Island now would you do me yeah me cuz I'll be swimming off that thing cuz I'm not on it from the moment I choose a woman and the upper brothers a dick I look at skinnier just trying to see the same violence besito that's not fair all right next one sorry I'm at engine bay Kira Walker's us which attacker or attackers gave you your toughest match ever what is your target or targets for this season all right Karen you're asking way too much just start with the first bit toughest match ever and Kieran s all you gave me I remember that on man it was a date we think one one one no that was too new oh wait I'm Oh buddy went crazy oh it was that I remember like when they when I saw my name on the board starting and those that hour and a half lead into the game I never been that nervous even alive you know the fans up Thurman they crying to start your first game that's all they just see is it affect you go like because something told me when they kind of met up with speed but baby mind that's my first game okay so obviously it's something that you get used to me at the end of the day and then after you stopped playing football you forget about everything you worried about what you need to do polish your first game away you see your fans and I but the way I saw it it was like if I'd been able to survive to this everything else is just gonna be industry lower than that you know it's like the biggest say to Europe so we wouldn't allow it all right next one best player you've played against she's not the fence fight me to see an athlete just so quick he's really good in it yeah but you're kinda question he's been getting fooled like yeah I think it's a bit in the culture you know people in Spain doing a lot like even coaches tell you like I tried to like throw the poacher in in receivers of a ladder so you know I do a mean and to win whoever you had to be like soir that's a letter that doesn't mean that doesn't mean I respect I've never liked times in my life you want to score okay it's more of a cultural thing yeah like me growing up of coaches that told me like you know China kapow obviously again stop on my way when you roll on the floor three times it's probably too much when you do it too way too much speed Shia mosques who wins in a race between you fear walk or Obama young and new same book serious I've got my take listing take it up Bob that's too much I've seen you me feel will go for you yeah about me off he looks like he hits his max speed quicker than I in my max feet oh it would take me longer to get my hand loose and yes over 200 meters you might find out who's the fastest bum fighting but then again yeah he was 20 Huey he's awesome I've seen him run it looks like he's joking he's laboring man ha there's a lot questions here my lifestyle a little aggressive pressing up field and winning position which is a dog named I says what do your tattoos symbolize my right arm is all my family although it goes from like my grandma cousin my mom and dad over here so ever since my family I'm a left arm which I'm hard on it's all about my life so like this is my hometown this is a you know Hector from Troy he got up he thought yeah well that's the reason that my friends gave me the name serious so cause he's a ninja song about Duffy you know it was also like he was defending Troy's on my defender nobody knew you were gonna be see come on 30 developed you the this thing here is what as an interesting topic right veganism yeah cuz them guys are everywhere right now yeah thank you know voted em you know I knocking on doors leaflets its meanwhile I'm not gonna compare them to something but you know I'm saying anyway listen how does going vegan help your ability as a footballer and nowadays is loads of like information of the document that's how one was a hell I was healing in my diet every day I was eating less meat because I was just it was just like reference when I was here so I decided to try three weeks not even just my detox but then on my third week I felt so good nice different so then I was like let me just try one more week one more week I just like get to go in and like my recovery times for what you could call I had little is my uncle's like now I don't even struck them like he's changed my life I've no that kind of person that we see in they're trying to convince anyone but like it worked for me so you know and now lots of players or like you don't have please ask me like how do today's when you put your protein from all these kind of questions I you know I feel so good so why would I change something that's working especially for me like I am always eating meat on my chorizo and yeah like all the Spanish food like that's what soon I thought but I'm an athlete so for my body I mean what's best for my body so our food service even the next one is saying and it's all resource since you become vegan have you thought of dropping your spinach trend for is it going all the way around everything better all my physical performance it like went vegan is not gonna affect what you really do and you can only affect you physically Sophie my performances you know like she I played I think like 50 games almost and you know was always top three in terms of like speed or distance combat and stuff and I've never really been to last year so there's other things there's lots of methods of covering I do take a lot of care of my body stopped by the apartment diet so lots of things that affect about me personally I can say you know I mean I was joking around on hey you try to splash up the print over there anything else you might do like obviously the video because anything else we don't know a habit that you have do you like a wim HOF breathing method like would that stop you are the meditation are the yoga I do my favorite one yet [Laughter] I will try everything I can to recover to make my performance better so yo got something I tried for years ago through that sucker and he was helping me so much so as I say like why would have stopped doing stuff is making me holistically minute every day or not every day but two three times a week especially in that big ball games if you think about after games like the adrenaline is crazy sometimes like before if I play at 7:45 I won't go to sleep until at 5:00 because your body's so like sign you're coming up war like it's crazy the Opera team one thing I like about a also team over this summer they look so United their running jokes I practicing things in the training ground in terms of lack of comedic value and then they bring it to the game left I seen him snapping people in their heads and one of these things do you like like oh what's that group first team just because it was made by the you know okay yeah yeah yeah yeah please where you from lost niggles give us you review this outfit some massive alchemy massive L what last year where he's my boy where I can see the massive l know he's here no L the Hat for me bro hey Neil we T balls into T's [Laughter] damnit give us a review he looks like he's doing a bokken version of paid in full and I'm raining right now you know what you a change would you came out under the picture quality is high okay I like sound more being black every single day and I said what a little bit of color in your life like it's not like everything so any boy that picture I was proud of him so do you like give fashion to start other guys the things like most of them they don't they don't rate my style okay football does have like the own bubble like their own style I've seen like the dsquared you know that is watching lactose a bit more for them you know my stuff they don't really like it which I really like your stuffing is mad unique I think generic pupula is very very jarring but I don't know makes you happy yeah you actually have a question Alex have you ever considered starting a fashion line I think it's something that you know will probably come naturally kind of thing that I've started making clothes in the mums and my mom is a master pattern cutter like she's made clothes off yes Marty yeah yeah yeah that's one of the reasons why I brought interesting fashion it's not just like it's like a family way yeah at a factory like is Ryan – my family manufacturers yeah sure your dad is it always been like around in the families we've made stuff together she's teaching me and stuff like this so maybe down the line it will happen but it's something that in the future I would like to be involved in any questions from the only anything you want to ask when it will be war the auscultate a baby can we have the part that's on the same question I asked in the same question like I need in a happy war be at the back it had big 17 oh yeah but I don't know he's taken it was like he's boys we're gonna wear it as well so I don't know he's like some kind of like but the only one at Netflix shows I was in knockos knockos strange things – so see I made the kids as well and like crazy like how confident they are when they're so young like the American Way it's very funny we've got to be realistic in a way that which is from 22 years with the same College we're just starting from scratch so even though we have to be very positive and I'm really excited personally about the whole project I think we have to learn a lot this year and I think if we keep going the way we are right now I think we will yeah when I started training what the training every day like how the players are responding to it when you see the game site it's just about getting used to the new system and you know be more competitive for me was winning because now it's a season that's I play beginning on the season I was meant to go alone I was about to go to Holland things turned out in a way that after playing a few friendly games they the boss wanted me to stay and I end up paying 30 games and we did that I think up so when I look back on that year that made me so proud and the team that we won it with like the personal qualities of like all the players he was amazing so it was a great experience I was saying to super-early I think like first of always like the the mix of cultures you see here you don't see nowhere else there's a lot of young creative people everyone's like working til I make a living or make it and I think like that's really inspiring like you know like I would say like a guy from like small town in Spain I would be here today you know you guys so like I think things like this don't happen everywhere London is one of the cities that sure allows it to do it all so for me it allowed me like the way I dress for example if I was in Spain I could not do that because you know people are more like way like classic and like they were look at you waiting here you couldn't be wherever you want whenever you all right and also like there's so many things to do all the time like doesn't matter the day of the week there's always a gig there's always an event there's always like somewhere to go you know I'm someone that doesn't like staying home I like to be my friends or meet new people always everywhere so London allows you to do that when you sign you know you become a Londoner and even the way you speak is quite random a surrender in my dressing room when I first turned what were never saying to Arsenal it was 90% black players from my different sides of London so everyone can see in it in it and I was like you're never lend art to me give me a few months to realize what it was and like I kind of end up speaking like them at some point so my landlady in bigs he said I Hector you cannot speak like this like if you meet someone like from the border on something they wanna feel like is this a very serious you know being like a bad English kind of thing and they even called my parents at some point like I'm just learning from the from the people I'm around you know I like to adapt to where I am yeah that's the truth you know that's what I liked about about me being in London like you know I learned so much from all the coaches and other people that I wouldn't have done in space unless I got in the show yo I mean we're gonna ask that for you in it that way you are ended yo massive round of applause please for exit like comment share thank you for watching that's amazing poets you check it out obviously Puma boom and check out the shoe patrina go cop that if you if it's available and you will probably sold out by now but yo see you soon

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  1. I bet its really strange when Hector turns up for national team duty and starts speaking with the heavy london accent😂

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