Life Lessons From Literature – Clark the Shark Dares to Share

my friends I'm so glad that you could join me for today's story which is Clark the shark dares to share written by Bruce Hale and illustrated by guy Francis it is dedicated to Charlie and Oliver Lois Alyssa Jack and poppy that's a cool name puffy let me find the first page all right here we go Clark the shark loved school he loved his teacher and he loved learning but sometimes Clark got a little mixed up one marvelous morning mrs. inky dink told Clark's class it's time for show and share Bennie Blowfish went first he played a song so sweet and sassy that Clark couldn't help but dance his funky sharp dance with a hip and a hop and a skill a wiggly waffle sit down please said mrs. inky dink but I was sharing too said Clark sharing is caring said mrs. inky dink and everyone must learn to wait their turn I get it to Clark but he didn't really at reading round up Amanda II wiggle want a scrumptious prize for reading the most books sea slug ice cream pass Clark yum yum I want some that's up to Amanda said mrs. inky dink but sharing is caring cried Clark mrs. inky dink nodded yes I'm aware but the giver chooses when to share sharing is confusing said Clark in wreaths hockey Clark chose to share his spectacular skills hockey is awesome he roared Clark from faked and back faked and he stick checked and depth in the end Clark did everything but passed the puck his teammates were cranky hey hotshot let someone else score why don't you said his best friend Joey mackerel though we all shared the wind said Clark coach crabby scowled a winds not okay unless we all get to play sharing is complicated said Clark after school Clark and Joey macro played sea Wars at Joey's house Wow is that dark waiter as Clark best birthday present ever said Joey want to play with fluke Steve Walker Clark really wanted dark waiter but Joey asked him to wait his turn do you think they're talking about star wars guys I do then when Joey went to get them a snack Clark couldn't resist must be my turn it was after all the coolest toy ever see Wars rocks cried Clark POW BAM crunch oops Clark cried Joey you broke it sorry said Clark I was sharing Joey shook his head that's not sharing he said that's taking and breaking Clark the shark swam home befuddled and bewildered he didn't understand sharing it all and when he arrived Clark found he wasn't the only one who didn't get it mom said Clark my cap he borrowed it he bit it and now it's ruined teething or no teething Clark's mother said that's no way to treat a cap she told his brother to ask before borrowing but she told Clark you have a lot of caps and if you have a lot why not share a lot but Clark didn't want to hear it he swam to his room and sulked up a storm sharing is caring Clark grumbled it's not taking and breaking but this only reminded him of what he done at Joey's house Clark's head hurt as if a big shark II thought was trying to break free so sharing is waiting your turn letting everyone play the giver chooses when not taking and breaking and giving what you've got a lot of sharing was confusing but thought Clark it also might be worth getting it right mom he asked will you help me bake something the next day Clark gave Joey a home-baked krill cake and a great big Sharky apology I think I'll share this with the whole class and Joey really said Clark really said Joey and when Amanda eel wiggle saw that all the cake being cut up she said you know what goes well with krill cake no what's it Clark sea slug ice cream and just like that she scooped her treat on to everyone's plates Clark the shark looked around at all his classmates enjoying the cake and ice cream and he got a warm wiggly feeling way down deep inside what is it asked mrs. inky dink with a ginormous grin Clark broke into the funkiest shark is funky shark dance ever and this time all his classmates joined it with a hip and a hop and a skid Lee Whitley while sharing is sweet cried Clark the shark so he finally learned how to share and sharing is confusing it's something that I talk about with the kids at the Peter Pan Center and they beam write about in our books so I love how he described it and it's really very true so I'm just gonna review it sharing is waiting your turn it is letting everyone play whatever game that you're trying to play the giver chooses when to share and that's important if you're using something that's yours and it's brand-new or very special you can say no thanks I'm not sharing this right now but you just need to say it politely okay not taking and breaking right we don't want to take things that we don't have permission asking before our taking any action can be a very helpful thing for you to remember and to master okay and then giving what you've got a lot of so why not if you've got a lot of good stuff why not share it with your friends so thanks for joining me for our story today and I look forward to seeing you this time

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