Lies: A Gone Novel Book Trailer

we all know what happened that day in Perdido Beach the why of it doesn't matter much anymore no warning no explanation suddenly everyone 15 and over was just gone some kids cracked some kids changed some of us have tried to keep it off from falling apart make sure good kids survived protect everywhere from the kids who just you know do evil thing I guess I tried to play here on the hero thing doesn't always work out the old-world parents teachers cops that's gone now and in this new world all that matters is surviving so that's what we do what I do

26 thoughts on “Lies: A Gone Novel Book Trailer

  1. This was the most cringy thing I've ever watched! 😂😂
    If they do make a movie I would soooooo want to be in it. Don't even care who I play!

  2. Thanks a lot you just ruined the book for me trailer looks pathetic now keep trying but your going to end up making shitty trailers like this shit

  3. Half the stuff in this is just confusing
    Why would there be a kid having a birthday with no children his age at his house but instead there are (probably drunk) adults and the kid just plays a game on the TV
    Drake's whip arm is supposed to be 18 feet long not 2 feet
    Sam looks like a serious druggie and Caine looks like he's 12 or some shit
    The bullies have such nice clothes
    You didn't focus on the fact about drake enough
    Basically what I'm saying is this is shit

  4. Come to think of it, if Sam had just annihilated the Human Crew with his light blast…
    No, I think that would have made things worse.

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