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the Toronto Public Library has been rapidly adapting to the digital age and they've already got various online services like downloadable ebooks and digital magazines and they've been using their physical locations for a lot of things like a light therapy in the winter and even coding and robotics workshops and now this we got everything from like tripods the lights to also sound boards as it continues to update its facilities and upgrade its relevancy the Toronto Public Library is now offering up audio and video recording services complete with all the equipment you need for your next project they provide the lights and cameras you bring the action aspiring singers fly me to the movie actors there's a Bojack voiceover artists don't delay call today or anyone that wants to try their hand at video and audio production can access the very affordable facilities everything's free all the services are completely free and all you need is a library card it could be anybody from a photographer to a podcaster we want the next Drake to come in here and play great music we want the next filmmaker to come in the next photographer to all come in and feel like they have access to the equipment as they can actually achieve artistically whatever goal they want along with all the gear some library branches also have workshops to teach you how to use it over the past few weeks Greg worked with a group who planned and shot a music video and now they're in post-production artists came in last Thursday afternoon and performed a three-song set we set up all the different mics and cameras lights everything we need to activate the space and then today all the footage is there for them to edit the audio and video studios are part of the library's digital innovation hub and some branches even have 3d printers and sewing machines the general innovation hubs are technology spaces at the Toronto Public Library where with a library card you can access new high-end and emerging technologies for free now when I think of library that's not where my head goes why did the Toronto Public Library find it necessary to bring in all of this amazing equipment into this space sure the library we have a huge strategic priority around providing people with access to technology and the training to be able to use those technologies so we always aligned our budget and resources accordingly to support that strategy straumann came with his finger yeah oh right okay so you can learn all about the library's digital innovation hub and all the cool services they offer on our website city news CA for city news I'm the odd Berman

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