Library Lowdown: Borrowing books

Current and alumni members of the University
of Cambridge can borrow books from the UL. Books are issued and returned at the Reader
Services Desk. Borrowed books are stamped with the return date, and you will receive
a courtesy email when your book is due back to the Library.
You can check the due dates of your books by visiting the Libraries Gateway. You can
also renew books here by clicking on the record. Loans can be renewed up to three times online
or at the Reader Services Desk. All UL books can be recalled by other Library
users, during term time and vacations. If this happens, the loan period of the book
is shortened to one week. You will receive an email explaining the new due date and asking
you to return the book. In most cases, the UL has only one copy of each book. In order to keep them in good condition,
please don’t mark books in any way.

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