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keansburg is a small town on the plains of Colorado more and more the resources that people need in order to be successful in their lives are moving online you can't do a lot of things with a government unless you're online you can't apply for a job unless you're online I was unemployed company I worked at which I thought I would retire from ended up closing after 18 years so I was out looking for a job I needed skills I walked in here and I noticed all these new computers being installed in here and I thought well that's pretty neat I would I wish I knew how to run one I whipped around said oh we offer that service here and I scheduled a book a librarian appointment with him these public computer centers are enabling people to enhance their skills and connect to things that they were kind of being shut out of before I was able to create my resume fine-tune my resume and send my resume these computer centers are much more than just a computer but much more than just Internet access they're an education place a gathering place they fill a lot of roles especially in rural Colorado we have 84 public computer centers across the state somewhere library somewhere in town halls somewhere in community centers tribal museums the program has been integral to giving us the access to resources and tools and training to help make sure that no one is getting left behind because of skills that she helped me with now I have a job starting next week you

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