Lewis Black: Comedian, Author and Social Critic

27 thoughts on “Lewis Black: Comedian, Author and Social Critic

  1. Without a doubt one of the funniest people on earth, his observational humour is so on point every time. Louis Black you are the shit.

  2. What a show. LOL. A great "lecture" from Black. Funny to watch reactions in the audience…..easy to pick the Trump voters…..

    The schizophrenic nature of politicians is spot on. I'm a lifelong hippie liberal and appalled at this fact. Love Hillary? Go look at a clip of her after a speech… fake smile, smarmy pointing at people a if to say "Hey there!!" Trump? At least he knew enough to break the fakey fake professional politician act and just talk to people as himself… and it WORKED. Never mind that "himself" was/is an arrogant, lying, racist, misanthrope. He knew how to tap into the angst of conservative America who are slowly starting to realize that the Republicans have sold them a bill of rotten goods with an economic agenda that gutted their jobs by appealing to their emotional social concerns ie. god, guns and gays.

    Now the Democrats (controlled by the Clinton faction) are doing the same thing in a way. Media manipulation (notice how much Michelle Obama is in the news? She is definitely going to run at some point… look for a late entry), bullshit Social Justice Warrior issues are thrust to the fore making liberals look retarded (-1 SJW point for using the word retarded) so that one wonders what the agenda actually is and ignoring Bernie Sanders (still) ideas.

    Oh yea… let's not forget gun control. By (here comes the emotional social concern) pursuing a meme instead of the real problem (mental health care, education and social isolation), the Dems virtually guarantee that moderates will shun them and vote for Trump again. This one issue could make the difference.
    Which leads one to ask… why? Could it be that it's designed? Are both parties so corrupted by corporate interests that their is no hope?
    Actually, Trump has done us a favor. He showed us that the "system" can be beat. Remember, even the evil corporate Republicans hate him because he is not one of them. So…
    Where is the Demo (or independent) candidate who can do for liberals what Trump did for the AVERAGE conservative voter?
    I had hopes for Al Franken but the SJW's torpedoed him. MAYBE Tulsi Gabbard. It doesn't look good at this juncture.

    What to do? Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Find common ground. FORCE politicians to get real.

    What's important?
    1. Health care
    2. Education
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Environment
    5. Term limits
    6. Campaign Finance Reform
    7. Gerrymandering
    8. Civil and Constitutional Rights (yes… including 2nd Amendment)
    9. National Security (yes… including border security. That's REAL border/immigration security. Not some reactionary bullshit "WALL")
    The list goes on………..

    What's not AS important?
    1. Having ridiculous numbers of gender pronouns (I'm all for trans/lgbt equality but shouldn't that focus on work/rent/financial rights? Ze? Hir? Really? I mean… ok, is it more important than the above issues? Seems like an orchestrated distraction to me.)

    2. Neo-Nazis (yes, they are abhorrent but they really don't need liberals to make them look stupid.
    # tags… of any kind.

    3. Shutting down free speech of conservatives (or even reasonable moderates ie Jordan Peterson, Brett Weinstein, etc..) They have a right to say whatever they believe, bullshit or not. Even Alex Jones… makes me throw up but there you have it.
    This list, actually, is short compared to the above, but it is POISON for liberals. Oh yea…almost forgot…

    4. Pursuing pointless "gun control" This is a HUGE RED HERRING !! If you think gun control works, look at Britain. Got rid of guns… criminals now use knives (same in China BTW). Now G.B. has a BIG "knife problem" and want's to ban all sorts of knives.
    Take away the knives and they will just go to bombs or make homemade guns… it's EASY. AGAIN… POISON for Liberals.
    I know MANY liberals who actually voted for Trump over this one issue.

    Anyway, as Leftist Radicals, shouldn't we support the 2nd Amendment so we can be armed against Govt. tyranny? 🙂
    I think this issue is a big part of the Manufactured Polarity.
    The extreme Left/Right divide will be our undoing.
    "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." – Ben Franklin (slightly different context but still applicable)
    OK folks. That's it for me. Let me know what you think? Peace.
    Thank you all… and goodnight.

  4. Watching some of the people in the audience who weren't laughing makes think that they are exactly those folks that Lewis was talking about not having a sense of humor but think of themselves very funny people. And boy I've never seen a whiter room. Yeah, I said it, go ahead PC that.

  5. On the few audience shots, let's play count the minorities. Ready? Begin…Times up. Huh, Same number I came up with.

  6. I loved your reference to how audiences react to your ending on your insights into the social injustice mentality ill people endure. I have a mentally ill step son. He is 41 years old and cannot find the door or door knob to get help. We struggle daily to open that door for him but our health care system has hidden the doors or bolted them charging too much for the key. When I first heard you say “but they are mentally ill and can’t find the door knob” I laughed until my ass fell off and bounced off my heels. Then I thanked God someone challenges us uncaring dimwitted public with the truth bursting out of laughter. Then I thought Fuck, thank Lewis too. Thank you Lewis.

  7. Didn't realize he was so frail, his shakes were worse than ever, maybe he's not a morning person. this guy needs some time off|

  8. 8:27 blak finally comes on. Hint to introducers: nobody wants to listen to an introduction if they know who is coming on. If they don't, then just say world acclaimed comic lewis black, and get away from the microphone you stupid fucking idiot!

  9. pity politicians cant communicate like this, directly, rough and frank and EFFECTIVELY. they could of course, but they are so compromised dealing with conflicting interests and divided constituents that they feel unable to speak openly for fear of offending some interest and losing votes.

  10. 26:40 "So, are there people who just aren't funny? Who are bereft of a sense of humor. Maybe the Amish? I've always wondered about them, and who hasn't?"

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