Letters About Literature 2: Introduction to Letters about Literature

From the Library of
Congress in Washington, DC. Hi, I'm Anya Creightney
and this is the Letters About Literature video
series Today we'll be talking about the Letters About
Literature program. As you may know, the Letters About Literature program is a
writing competition For students on grades four to twelve Wherein
participants polish their reflective skills By writing
a letter to an author, living or dead These letters
explain how an author's work changed a student's view of him
or herself and/or the world. Now let's talk about
how to write a letter for the competition It's as easy
as following these simple steps. First, we have to find our book. A book that makes us feel
something unique or special. It could be a book your parents
read when you were little, A book you take pride
on being able to read, Or a book that has
changed you over time. To help you think of a book,
let's do a little activity. First, think of three books that
have a special meaning to you. Then, think of the responses
you had while reading the books. How did the book make you feel? How did you identify
with the book? What did the book
help you imagine? After thinking of
these responses, write them down on
a sheet of paper. Remember, great reader
responses are not solely based on the physical level, like the
color of a character's hair; Your response should go under
the surface, Like describing why and how the story or its
characters affect you. After you finish this list,
you are ready to pick a book! Choose one of the three books
based on your reader's response! After making your selection,
find the author of the book. Remember, your author can
be any gender, any age, any color It's just
important you relate to the author you choose. If you're stumped, don't
hesitate to ask your teachers or librarians for
authors suggestions. I am sure they are more
than happy to help! Now that we have your
book and its author, let's get to the fun
part: writing the letter! For this part, imagine you are
sitting down with the author and sharing your
personal thoughts. What do you want to say? Your letter should be
personal and sincere, More like a private
conversation rather than a book report
or a fan letter. In your letter, remember
to share specific details about your reaction to
the book, Always thinking about what you read and
the meaning you gleaned from the author's words. After you finish your
letter, ask your teacher, parent or guardian to help
you submit your letter To Letters About Literature. For more information,
visit: www.read.gov/letters with a guardian's permission. Thank you! This has been a presentation
of the Library of Congress. Visit us as LOC.GOV.

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