Let's Rewrite the Battle of Winterfell [ Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 ]

49 thoughts on “Let's Rewrite the Battle of Winterfell [ Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 ]

  1. RE: Melisandre. A lot of people have commented they feel Melisandre's death is a lot more satisfying as it is, and you know what? I agree. You've convinced me. As such, to give consequences to the Crypts scene (without killing mains), I'd focus on the girl who promised to defend the crypts to Davos. We'd track her narrowly escaping death for 2 scenes, hiding behind statues. In the third scene, we finally feel she's safe/hidden, that the dead won't find her in this tight space behind this tomb. Sansa can see her across the room. Then the wight's arms burst from the walls. Guess what? I have an Instagram where I livestream and people demand I cut cheese with a sword: https://www.instagram.com/tim_hickson_hfm/ Patrons, your support keeps me going <3 https://www.patreon.com/hellofutureme
    Get my book here! https://www.amazon.com/Writing-Worldbuilding-I-Timothy-Hickson-ebook/dp/B07PNKHDFZ So, how would YOU rewrite the Battle of Winterfell? What would the Night King say, and who else would die? Stay nerdy!

    ~ Tim

  2. I actually greatly enjoyed this episode except for 2 things. First the combat tactics were obviously ridiculous. Second, Kings landing should have  been resolved first, with the battle with the Night King the finale {this would also resolve the problem of having huge amounts of destroyed forces, suddenly available in Kings Landing. I had a feeling Arya would kill the Night King, especially after Melisandre's comments to her in the keep.

  3. I didn't get why ppl said they wanted bran to be the night king but now I do. that would be so sick and make the night king and bran so much more interesting. and didn't bran have to cut his three-eyed raven training short? if so it makes sense that he might make a mistake like that

  4. I'm genuinely amazed at how GOOD this rewrite is. Even with all the rules you set yourself, you still fixed this mess of an episode. Whilst I didn't hate it, it really was not satisfying and your version is FAR more satisfying. Thank you soooo much for this!

  5. I love this!

    Additional thought: Jamie, who threw Bran out of the window, now aids fighting the dead/night king he indirectly helped create, rounding up his arc of getting rid of his cercei days, which would have been a better ending for him anyways imo.

  6. The only big point I see was overlooked in this rewrite that was also in the original, is the fact that the White Walkers are NEVER used whatsoever in the battle

  7. YOU ARE A GENIUS! Like, seriously, I absolutely adored this rewrite, they should've hired you as the scriptwriter. Like… I'm speechless, this is sooo great. <3

  8. Nope. I lost interest when you said Bran is the Night king. Bran may be the opposite of the Night King but that doesn't mean its a good idea it also being the Night King

  9. dude. no dude. your story is way too broken. interesting or not, you broke it. what are the night king's motives? why are you cool with that outcome? fixed some problems that create others. the fact that he died at this point in the first place is a huge problem. changing the manner and circumstances under which it occurs changes little.

  10. If only. This is so much better than the original. It addresses one for he major issues I had with the season, the Starks win but they never seem to work together. So the line the lone wolf dies but the pack survives never seems to be true. By showing how Arya and Jon work to help Bran, it gives his death much more meaning. He died to protect his family, sacrificing both his sanity and his body for the survival of the family. I also liked that you gave Bran's warging abilities some meaning. Having him be stuck in the body of the Night King further reinforces the tension between himself and Jon in earlier episodes. Bran as Night King recognizes Jon as his brother and a Stark.

  11. I would have had the Night King WIN.
    They had set it up the WHOLE SHOW for him to be a formidable enemy. And he got killed in ONE episode.
    They spent the preceding episode showing characters singing and telling stories, getting ready for the end…
    and NONE of those characters die.
    I would’ve had it be a MASSACRE.

  12. It would have been cool if, following this version of events, the knight king said "the ink is dry" right before killing bran.

  13. I think they should have made it that the Night King wins at Winterfell and then a few characters escape to Kings Landing and have to defend it

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN_89bQvXSM&t=5s Tell us what you think we talk about game of thrones and other stuff in our podcast

  15. The war of the long night was one goddamned episode. the very next episode was bright daylight. it's as if the Nightking controlled the weather.

  16. Having Arya as Wight Barrick still doesn't explain how she would get past the Wight Walker lieutenants; why is one of their puppets moving on its own? Perhaps Jon would just fight normally on the ground, rather than leap out of a tree, and he and Theon could fight the Walkers on foot. Maybe Dany could come in and burn a ring around the supporting wights so the Walkers are isolated that Arya dodges. Jon kills a couple walkers, and maybe Theon kills one before getting killed himself, while the Night King goes and kills Bran in the distraction. Then Arya runs over and kills the King as Jon starts to get overwhelmed.

  17. I’d personally think I’d be very satisfying if Jon went to jump at the night king and ended up getting thrown back with long claw knocked out of his hand then he goes to crawl back for the sword but is then picked up by the night king like Arya was before but then Arya with Berics face stabs him in the back killing the night king

  18. Leave Bran barley alive but with a blade in his throat and then have Arya put him to rest

    Brown eyes
    Blue eyes
    Green eyes (metaphorical)

  19. Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) has grey blueish-green eyes not brown. At a distance they look more green so still works just change the colour. Walder Frey had the brown eyes.

  20. you should do the whole season. I would listen to it all! just rewrite it all starting with season 8 episode 1! you would make millions of views! MAKE SURE YOU MONETIZE IT

  21. Well geese! You should’ve reached out to D&D and pitched some of these ideas. I literally enjoyed listening to this far more than even watching the entire season 8!! Thank you!

    Edit: Subscribe; Hits bell notifications!!; starts vigorously binge watching all of your videos!

  22. Rewrite the Battle of Winterfell godswood: Theon and his remaining men fight whites then the walkers come into the godswood walking toward them Theon's men attack but are killed, Theon kills two write walkers, then the night king come into the godswood Theon fights the night king but losers, Theon laying dying the night king walks to bran, john runs behind the over walkers with glowing sword killing the over walkers. the night king come turns around to face sword in hand, the two fight, Jon fight good but the night king fight better, Jon is forced to his knees, Jon's sword is Brocken, the night king is about to kill him, ghost come to Jon rescue then Arya run throwing Jon the catspaw dagger, ghost thrown jon stabs the night king in is heart.

  23. Rewrite the Battle of Winterfell a two part episode the first ending when night king raises the dead part two from went the night king raises the dead:
    Jon is surrounded by whites he starts fight but is overrun then their is a bright light comes from his sword the white are thrown back, Jon killing them down 5 then 10 at a time.

  24. rewrite of Episode 01: Winterfell (cut out bronn scenes it was pointless) the lest of the Episode a seen extend the Episode with the first 30 minuets of Episode 2

  25. Actually I don't like the idea of "arya wearing beric's face" I think that it's as simple as Beric or Jon is Azor Ahai/The Prince and one of them kills the Night King. Predictable? Maybe. Better and making more sense than Arya? Definetly. Beric is a major pillar to the Lord Of Light/Azor Ahai plotline, meaning if he died it could've been after he kills the Night King with Lightbringer. Or if it was Jon, than in Beric's dying moments he realizes The Truth of the Prochecy, he hands Jon Snow his sword, or hear me out, Jon VS The Night King w/Ice Viserion, Jon looses Longclaw for a split second, it flying out of his hands and landing in the snow, where viserion turns his head and burns it down, Jon then runs away feeling defeated. Jon finds Beric slowly dying, and Beric either hands him his sword or while jon is telling him he feels he failed everyone and that he lost the sword he promised he would pass on. Beric then tells Jon he needs to shut up, and realise everyone around him is failing, and that if he's failed, that "your going to do it again, and again, and again." "what else do you think I've done these past few years?" "besides, I'm pretty sure that out of all of us here, you're the one we need the most" * picks up sword, hands it to Jon * . Jon then sees the truth in Beric's last words, Jon takes the sword, and thanks Beric for following him to the wall and back. Beric then says it was all for his Lord of Light. Jon leaves and walks out infront of the Night King and his Walkers. They approach, but the Night King stops them and chooses to fight Jon again head on. He draws his Ice sword, and buffs it with more ice magic. During this fight Jon barely manages to survive each blow from the Night King due to his incredible skill and the fact Jon avoids his hits to a normal sword. The Night King then blasts Jon back with magic, when he gets up the Night King approaches, but Jon stands up, pulls Beric's Sword from the snow, and stabs himself, deep into his own heart, he feels a great pain, but then the sword begins to turn really hot, and from the wound fire begins to alight, and travels up the blade, but unlike Beric's fire, it is otherworldly in it's brilliance and creates a pattern with an appearance of that similar to Valyrian Steel. Jon then pulls the sword out of his chest, and it is brightly aflame. Jon's wound seals itself from the Sword's magic, and he turns around to face the Night King who has a look of expression of what appears to be like anger, and runs at Jon with his ice sword above his head. when he swings, Jon blocks it, in awe of the Night King, and pushes him back. They skirmish for a little longer, and in those moments, Jon barely manages to cut through a powerful magic attack, using his newly found Lightbringer. The fight for a little more time in the battle, Jon barely manages to withstand a few more blows, but during the time the ice sword cracks more and more, and suddenly, when the Night King slashes Jon down the chest, making him feel a great pain, and drop his sword. He then lifts his sword above his head to finish Jon off, but Jon pulls his sword from the snow, and in that moment, he uses the last of his strength to cut horizontally into the Night King, the sword passes through him like a hot blade through a block of ice. This then breaks Lightbringer into shards, with the part Jon is holding with a piece of the blade still attached, but in turn causes the Night King to blast into several Ice Shards. After this, Jon looks over to Bran who smiles and says "well done, wolf of light". Jon smiles back, but out of serious fatigue collapses in exhaustion.

  26. If D&D didn’t want to write Game of Thrones anymore, they should’ve just let someone else write it instead.

  27. The "tactics" displayed by our heroes is definitely not something I would attribute to any of the well seasoned warriors/tacticians that helped prepare the defense. Jaime, Jorah, Jon, even Tyrion would not have so sloppily set up those defenses, or contingencies. I also very highly doubt no one would have thought of the fact that the crypts beneath the castle were filled with potential recruits for the Night King's army, because this completely undermines the competency of everyone involved

    The cavalry charge was yes, cinematically a stunning and very well shot scene that really set the tone and atmosphere for the whole ep, but it was a seriously poor tactical move, and that's not even taking into account the trebuchets. Had they written that properly, the cavalry would have been lying in wait around the other side of the castle waiting to charge in from either flank on the advancing enemy forces in a pincer movement whilst the Unsullied held the line, much like what you mentioned.
    The trenches that were eventually lit on fire were very poorly positioned, making it near impossible for a quick retreat into the castle. Had these been done properly then the trenches would have been laid in their original position, but also much further out in the field. The reason for this being that when the pincer movement was successfully executed, the Dothraki would then have their right flank protected by a wall of fire, effectively cutting off the advancing horde of the dead, giving the Unsullied and Dothraki the necessary time and room to deal with a smaller portion of the horde, and allowing them to regroup for the next wave. This would also prevent Dany's army from getting caught in the firing line as Drogon would rain down fire upon the advancing horde on the other side of the flaming trenches. This fully displays the efficiency and prowess of Dany's army and gives a brief sense of hope to the characters and the viewers.
    When the dead begin building a body bridge across the outer trenches is when things should have begun to fall apart
    Jorah sees this, regroups his cavalry and orders Grey Worm to pull back behind the inner trenches. He then charges head on into the next wave, essentially ending him there.

    I think it would have been far more of a narrative pay off to have Jon arrive to find Theon alone, staring down the Night King and his honour guard preparing to fight them.
    Jon moves in towards Theon as he hears the horde of undead coming up behind him. He stands with Theon and prepares to fight the horde. The horde does not advance, instead the Night King advances alone, pulling his sword/spear thing. A moment passes, and then Theon engages the Night King quickly followed up by Jon. They both battle NK for a few moments until Theon's fear and lesser swordsmanship gets him killed which leaves Jon to fight and slowly lose to the NK alone.
    Meanwhile, keeping to your idea for Arya, there would be a wide shot of the duel between Jon and NK, slowly moving around the edge of the courtyard until we reach the side where the horde is standing, which is where the back of a wight comes into view just in front of the camera. The shot peers over the shoulder of this wight which is where we get a very brief glimpse of Sir Beric's eye patch strap wrapped around it's head.
    Jon, exhausted and barely holding on, parries another swipe from NK, they lock swords both staring into each other's eyes as Jon slowly loses his strength at which point NK pulls back with his sword and swipes in for another blow with Jon just barely managing to block it, is thrown to the ground from the force of the blow, right in front of Bran. With his energy waning, NK's blade inches closer to Jon. The shot of this moment is from the NK's view. Then the shot changes so that we can see the horde behind the NK as he wrestle's his weapon closer to Jon's throat. Maintaining that shot we see in the background a wight slowly step away from the horde, and gaining momentum until finally it jumps through the air at the NK, landing a fatal blow.

    Having Jon finally battling the Night King in close combat is an overall payoff for the series as it had been somewhat set up at the end of the episode where Jon convinces the remaining wildlings to fight alongside him against the dead. Right at the end of that episode we have the very memorable moment where Jon and NK stare at each other directly, and as a show of supremacy and somewhat of a taunt the NK shows Jon the power he has and raises all the people he just killed, exactly the same way as when Jon tries to fight NK just before the NK walks through the breached section of Winterfell's walls. By the final season, NK knows Jon and Jon knows the NK, and there is an overdue duel needed that never happened.

    As for the death of Bran, well, I would have been more subtle in this regard. Your ideas on Bran's warging and whereabouts I like the idea of, except for the part about him going right back to the NK's inception. I wouldn't have changed his inception, but more given him a reincarnation of sorts.
    Bran and NK are linked, we know this, it is established. We're never really given an explanation as to why this is important, well here I go.
    So, just before the NK is finished off by Arya, the reason I placed the end of the duel between NK and Jon right at Bran's feet is so that NK can grab Bran's arm again, in exactly the same manner as he did way back in S5. This does not kill Bran, but instead imbues him further with the dark magic of NK in an attempt to corrupt Bran in much the same way NK did with that baby, however NK is destroyed in the process thus meaning the process of conversion was left incomplete, yet the mark on his arm grows much more prominent which would develop in the episodes remaining.

  28. I would have also have Sam, Sansa, Gilly, little sam, Grey Worm, Poderick die. Maybe have Jon kill the night king with the help of Arya.

  29. But why would they even be in the crypts and not having burned the bodies? That makes no sense. A lot of people there know the Night King can raise the dead AND Tyrion is waaay too smart to let that shit fly, why are they putting women and children in the crypts without burning the bodies? Aside from that, I like your rewrite

  30. Notice how there are no rewriting videos on Breaking Bad. I wonder why? HBO should have got Vince Gillian when D&D told them they would do GoT in just 8 seasons.

  31. Aegon Targariyen and his Sister!!
    I would have Jorah die defending Dany and Gray Worm dying at the begging.

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