Let's Examine Lele Pons' Content Again

hey guys YouTube deleted my most popular video it's just gone 750,000 views I'm fine guys its we're cool we're cool so the original video is let's examine Lele pons content I changed it just a little bit but it's still pretty much the same video I'll play right after this there's a new intro new outro to it I felt we are just be uploading it and not making anything new because if you already saw it then you're not giving anything out of this not that you get anything out of my videos other than disappointment usually one quick thing I wanted to mention I said on the channel before in mid-july Gus Johnson and I are moving to Los Angeles one thing about moving across the country is that you can't bring anything big like furniture you might already own or anything big and expensive and again we're fine but if you want to support me and buy submerge the link is in the bio if you're that generous you'll also get you know clothing out of it that I think looks pretty nice I didn't wear it here cuz I'm dumb and I don't plan things out so here are some pictures I don't know if they're pictures of merch because I just said here are some pictures one of them look at this one is that merch I don't know you want to DM me like a screenshot of you buying it if you're that generous where you want to support me like that obviously we're gonna have a chat we're gonna talk like Instagram or Twitter all right so let's get to the video what I like to do on this channel sometimes is to give someone's content a chance and the last time I did it it worked out really well we gave Jake Jake polished a chance fuck did we give anyone else a chance let's watch some Lele pons content are you excited get excited come on get excited I've been away from the desk for a while all right maybe I'm getting a little rusty but I'm just trying to pump you up before we see lily ponds and stuff and I know when lily ponds isn't the best creator but it's all we got right now this video is sponsored as in it has an ad read at the end of it I told you because that's the honest and right thing to do when you have sponsored content so the thing about Layla's content in the three videos that I watched is Lily doesn't seem to make stuff and get sponsored so she can keep making stuff it seems like sponsors will contact her and say hey Lele we've seen that you've made a video centering on another company before can you do that for us and she goes absolutely but here's the problem kiddos here's the problem guys here's the problem my dudes the problem is that Layla's audience is very young and when you're not clear about sponsorships to young kids then things get a little a little tricky if you're trying to deceive children into liking certain brands that's one of the scummiest things you can do in entertainment the first video that we're gonna watch is currently on the trending page it's number five right now it was 8:00 last night and it was number four earlier it's a video by Lele called Halloween costume contest and I'm not gonna waste any time let's just get right into it Halloween is probably a really fun time for you right yeah I know yeah I know you asked me a question and then said yeah I know before I could answer it give me some time Lele yeah Halloween's great I love to get spooky since you were little your parents used to take you out you know trick-or-treating you know eating all the candy one going on a school night wrong Halloween is not all fun and games did you hear that I'm sorry to interrupt so quickly again but if there's any excuse that Lele doesn't aim her content at kids notice to how she's talking about Halloween she said it's a fun time and she's talking about trick-or-treating going out on a school night no mention of partying or anything like that note so that we're not talking about adults Halloween here she's directly talking to young kids on her bed that's her intention there what there's no significance to the bed that just it's just where she is in my school there's a thing called Halloween costume party and maybe didn't win he was sit alone at lunch hold on what the fuck Leigh Leigh you're 21 years old we were born in the same year you're not in school anymore you can't talk about it like you're still in school I know that kid has been five years I've been sitting alone at lunch I know that kid has been five years I've been sitting alone at lunch okay I'm not here to make fun of accents I genuinely don't know what she said there I think what Leigh Leigh said is that she's been sitting alone for five years at lunch Leigh Leigh you're 21 you don't go to school anymore I know you're not talking about college cuz you you don't go to a costume contest to lose and then eat alone at lunch in college and if you do that's that's your choice just weird to me why would you do that why would you talk about school like you're still in it when you've been out of it for years here's a look at all the costumes I've been wearing so not only did my costume suck but I sucked at the games but this year I'm gonna use the covergirl fist you I'm gonna win the Halloween costume party oh fuck sponsor alert sponsor alert hey you I know you're sitting there you're 16 to 24 years old and you're going Eddie obviously this is sponsored content she doesn't need to be clear about it yes but think about a seven or eight year old girl who watches Layla they don't know the nuances of sponsorships in videos they don't even fucking know how to spell correctly yeah and I don't even know how to do that now and I'm almost 21 so don't assume everyone's smart because me not I'm not me not smart smart smart tonight my name let's see what happens I like that face I'm sorry I just don't like her comedy at all I don't want to focus mainly on that but she's like okay I'm gonna put the makeup on and I'm gonna just walk to the bed and pour it out and somebody behind the camera went Lele that's not funny enough is this can we do should I should I bring it like try bringing the makeup like this would that be funny yeah and Lily if you could fall down I'm not falling down anymore everyone in the area is making fun of me all right we have more videos to watch so I'm not gonna waste too much time on what happens during this video basically Lily's just at a weird party with a bunch of adults at a house so it's a house party but they're treating it like they're 25 but also 10 at the same time they're all playing weird childish games it's not even a party it's a weird costume contest that's the sole purpose of the party all these Instagram let me go on a small rent really quick all the shitty popular vine stars that also moved over to Instagram they make these sketches that are fucking surreal the worlds that these people exist in don't make any sense at all it's where people are constantly cheating on each other but everything's also PG as well but really sexual and social interactions don't make any sense someone will walk up and go I want to date that guy all of you help me if I had a friend that constantly would look at girls and go I want to date her what do I do what do I do she's a stranger you fucking psycho leave her alone so by the end of this video a guy that's dressed as a doctor it's revealed haha he's it's not a costume he's a he's a real doctor so that's so that's funny and then Lele wins and here's what happens if somebody wins a contest even if you don't like them the adult thing to do is not to go yeah and then walk away cuz then you're at the party with that person for the rest of the time that's really awkward I don't understand what I'm so glad that Leila used the covergirl makeup to win her Halloween contest she made this whole video for the purpose the sole purpose to advertise this makeup she created the entire video around it if you're gonna trick kids into wanting to buy makeup sell the goddamn makeup if you buy covergirl you will be able to enter a costume contest and a guy who's dressed as a doctor well that's beating you will also turn out to be a real doctor and he'll leave and you'll get disqualified and covergirl does that for you so by covergirl in this next video that's called neighbourhood crush lele tries to get a guy and I wonder if you can spot the ad eventually well we'll see we'll go we'll start going through the video and I want to see if you guys can guess the ad and if you do you get a million dollar dollars hard I promise that I can't I can't afford I can't afford to do that what the fuck the only hot thing is leathers life is her lipstick new neighbors wait wait I see I see a hot guy wait what yeah okay I have to take so long it's you Lily you're terrible at dating okay who what friends would say that to each other but also this is a stranger that Leigh Leigh wants to hit on so I would probably say the same thing hey that guy's just moving in it's his first day I'd say now is inappropriate that's not true I'm great at flirting the flirting scenarios that she's a part of are ridiculous and they're not even rejections okay I want to go for a swim I'm good this first one this guy is just cleaning a grill and she walks up and says hey want to go for a swim uh no he's busy he's cleaning a grill and also why you and his backyard do you two know each other I don't understand the situation but the next one is my favorite hey Alec books want to eat one with me numb oh my god so this guy just standing there reading a book and Lele walks up and says hey I like books want to read one with me to a stranger who's reading on this what the fuck this is what I'm talking about what world would any of those things happen where in what scenario do you regularly read books with other people are you both gonna read the page at the same time as someone reading out loud is it a popcorn reading scenario I don't know I have so many questions I have so many questions about the reality that Lele lives in and I just did they can't get answered but all I know is I need to buy covergirl that's for sure no no I'm fine I don't know you you just walked up and said let's play a game I'm good thanks I'm good Leigh Leigh's brain went he said he does he doesn't want to play a game so I should have specified a game foot football and he's like fuck no I said no what is wrong with you I said I don't want to play a game and you just pointed to a football and said football I'm gonna throw the ball please God don't throw the ball I've told you so many times to please get away I don't I'm not interested and she throws it anyway delay Leigh fails I tell me if you can spot the sly advertisement in this video you know what I got this girl come on oh you know a little friends you know I do but I don't what they're talking about this is gonna be a seat covergirl total tees mascara give you a maker but you will not forget this mascara is going to give you full long sexy teased and refined eyelashes oh yeah what my favorite part – mascara comb is the long and short edges it gets even to the smallest of corners to give you long full lashes they didn't say this is sponsored by covergirl they just in the middle of the video started doing the read like that British woman might as well be in a living room selling it to me a child might not know they might just think that the friend is real crazy about cover girl she doesn't specify it before the video and then structures the entire video around an ad and a shitty one at that and then this time this time she'd the makeup does make her go on the date after she harassed that dude he's just like let's go on a date and then she does it and the video just cuts off and ends right there the last Lele video we'll look at is very brief I just wanted to mention it in the small amount of videos I've seen by her this is the only time that she clearly says that the video is sponsored in the actual video it's called hunger showdown and in the beginning of the video Lele says this thank you so much Snickers for sponsoring this video okay she specified so Snickers has sponsored her content search now she can make it she can make whatever she wants as a kid I would think Oh Snickers sponsored it so she could afford to make this thing she wants to make let's see the thing that she wants to make looking for this it's mine you said I could have it well I'm hungry and I deserve a treat oh and it's just a video where she fights someone she boxes with a girl because they both want a Snickers bar it's just a fucking commercial you'll probably notice a trend with my commentary videos I talk about advertising a lot when it has to do with these kid entertainers we have to do better in criticizing people who make content for children on YouTube and Instagram and snapchat because right now it's the Internet it's the Wild West we have no idea what kind of effects its gonna have on kids so when I see these people making ads that are disguised as YouTube videos just like the regular YouTube videos that those kids watch all the time they might not have any idea that they're being shown an advertisement and that's fucked up so we just got to get better at recognizing that okay guys we gots the end of the video I wanted to also share that this is the last time we will ever see this set in a video can we cue like some mr. Rogers music mmm bow guys we reached the end of our time here and it's time to say goodbye to this to this set is just the stick it's not stop let's take a look at some of that great things this basement had to offer what up guys it's me look Logan Paul dab dab on the heaters what am i what am i doing hello Matthew it's me again with another hot cheeto review you don't respond so I'll just keep sending them here we go oh that's hot get out of here live your the rest of your life you're gonna die soon grandma you're gonna die go do something by the way I got you a new TV why would I want to mess with that why not I've never seen more of somebody's lips drink of beer in my life I need to turn this fan on better better start hacking Minister we're gonna start hacking oh there's a firewall Oh I'm hacking into the mainframe I'll tell you what Eddie I'll help you out I've got something that'll help you hey I'm plug again it's burning I'm not even kidding boy did we have fun here but it's time to move on to turn to a new set so let's take this one down and then we'll cut it there cuz I don't want to actually take the set down now I'm too lazy to do it and there's really just no written can you see the reflection of stuff in the posters can you see the reflection of the light and the camera you can see the reflection of the camera on the poster every movement I make every fucking move the treadmill – it's been a year and a half why didn't any of you tell me that that looks like shit what the fuck can I go back and change the old videos Siri call Gus Johnson Thank You Helen business vulture Bernard Nami Damian Gabriel Kerry Megan amber Warren Aurora Kimberly zebra corner Errol Kaelin two trains Dominic ELISA Noah Reese Emily Jake Amanda Ashley Dave and Janet Smith thank you guys my mic works now I guess what the fuck

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  1. hey guys! apologies for this weird half new half old reupload. i'm in the middle of a move (not LA) right now and it has been extremely hectic. bless your knees!

  2. That's not even costuming makeup! Maybe she could win a beauty pagent or something, but maybe the reason she doesn't win her contest is, she has no idea what she's doing!

  3. Back in the day when television was pretty new tv shows would just have ads in the middle of the show like Harry’s eating breakfast then he’s tellin you about his delicious cereal brand and that’s like what’s happening on YouTube

  4. Why do these content creators have no concept on how social situations occur. Like the scenarios don’t make sense and the dialogue is like so unrealistic it’s like anyone who has had a conversations should be able to write a better sketch

  5. Lmfao my friends were at that costume party in the sketch haha they were getting lit until it was time to shoot Hahahaha

  6. I still can’t get over how she dressed for a kids video, she could’ve just worn a normal costume with makeup

  7. Dude he says 16-24 in 5:29, Im thinking dude im eleven. But at least I don't unironicly watch 3 am challenges like all my pears.

  8. 11:16 my school called it sniper reading and people got in trouble for pretending to shoot rifles

  9. If her videos have links to these websites and if it's in. The regulations of kids content with the sponsorship percentage is over a certain percentage of the video Wich is about 17%

  10. Who cares if it’s obvious or not if she’s sponsored!? It’s literally the law to clarify that you are sponsored.

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