Lemony Snicket – The Composer Is Dead

23 thoughts on “Lemony Snicket – The Composer Is Dead

  1. Very excited to see The Little Orchestra Society's performance of this great, and fun, work next weekend at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC!!! 

  2. "We often have to stay late after practices and stack the chairs…" It's very true. We poor violas.

  3. Now playing at the Berkeley Rep in a theatrical production. It's a must-see for adults and children of all ages. I sat in front of an entire third grade class who were all enraptured for an entire hour. Adults will love the humor and the kids will enjoy the whole visual experience.

  4. @BethGoth15 ASOUE has a sequel called "Letters to Beatrice". Have you read it? It's really cool.

  5. 4:53 I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thought of something like this lol….Daniel Handler is awesome.

  6. the orchestra at my university performed this at the annual halloween concert, it was SO FUNNY!
    i dont think i stopped laughing the whole time

  7. My kids love this. We have the book and CD. You can buy it at most book stores and online at Amazon.

  8. now that's clearly where you've been taken in. naturally, in order to help hide his identity, lemony snicket has fed this message to the public hoping that they wouldn't be savvy enough to comprehend the truth and he would be forgotten as a 'fictional character'.
    from the evidence presented in the unauthorised autobiography (the *non fiction* book) it is clear lemony is indeed as real as you or i. joel seems to understand this…

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