Legends Summarized: The Poetic Edda

34 thoughts on “Legends Summarized: The Poetic Edda

  1. Welp, now we know that Tony Stark went back in time and disguised himself as a boatman in order to troll Thor thousands of years before they would actually meet.

  2. fuck baldr, pretty cunt thinks hes all that till he gets fucked up by a phone lanyard, Loki did nothing wrong btw everyone needs to be able to be stopped

  3. Just imagine like, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek/Roman, Hindu, Norse and other dieties had like, a huge meet up every year. Tell me it wouldn't be awesome.

    Stuff like:

    Freya: My brother is such a dork
    Artemis: Yeah mine's a downright gay idiot
    Freya: … okay?

    Then there's just the smart ones trading random knowledge in the background

    Athena: WHAT, you didn't expect the Greek knowledge deity to be a GIRL? Excuse me?
    Thoth: I never said that-
    Odin: Wow well uh that's cool um-
    Athena: smirks that's what I thought

  4. Note: Thor is unable to use Mjolnir alone. For this, Thor needs to wear megingjǫrð, a belt that doubles his strength to be able to lift the hammer. and Járngreipr, iron gloves that allow you to handle it since the handle of this weapon is too short for normal hands. (Law of the lever maybe?)

    Technically, the legend of Thor and Mjolnir is the story of how Thor got an epic set of armor in Diablo 2


    Apunte: Thor es incapaz de usar Mjolnir el solo. Para ello, Thor necesita llevar megingjǫrð, un cinturon que dobla su fuerza para poder levantar el martillo. y Járngreipr, unos guantes de hierro que le permiten manejarlo ya que el mango de esta arma es demasiado corto para manos normales. (Ley de la palanca quizas?)

    Tecnicamente, la leyenda de Thor y Mjolnir es la historia de como Thor consiguio con un set epico de armadura en Diablo 2.

  5. Giant (I forgot how to spell the name): What causes night to happen?
    Odin: A horse.
    Giant: Go on.
    Odin: A horse named Hrimfaxl.
    Giant: Ok.
    Odin: She really likes apples.
    Giant: stop that
    Why did that conversation just kill me? 🤣

  6. Norse Mythology Ymir is cool and all but my favourite Ymir will always be the tsundere anime lesbian who confirmed my bisexuality

  7. Don't tell me who's not a chick!! Thor is the most Norse, blonde, busty, bearded, peener- having, big boobs, hammer man, muscular, masculine, Y chromosome holding, son of Odin, God being Chick in the 9 REALMS!!!

  8. Only someone as powerful as Thor can wield Miljonr; Enter Dania of Themisceria. Yes, this actually happened.

  9. Thinking about the whispering thing, maybe it was instructions or suggestions on how the next world should be ruled. Learn from your mistakes am I right?

  10. lol you need to do the myth where Loki gets pregnant with a horse baby, or the one where he makes a deal and gets his lips sewn shut

  11. I've heard a slightly different version of the story where Loke distracts the giant who is rebuilding Åsgard(That's the Norwegian spelling by the way). The giant is being helped by his (male) horse, which is doing a significant portion of the work. Loke disguises himself as a female horse and somehow gets the giant's horse to fall for him. They kind of run away together, and nine months later Loke returns with a baby horse (yes, it's his child) called Sleipner which he gives to Odin. Sleipner actually has eight legs, just because it's not special enough to be a child of a horse and a half-god.

  12. Loki is the only one in Asgard who can't handle his alcohol. He's a terrible drunk! These are facts.

  13. Red, there are at least four other gods surviving Ragnarok along with Baldur. Do let Christianity ruin the fun of the most awesome apocalypse with their false interpretations and non-existent connections. That's how Odin got morphed into a fat Santa Claus!

  14. Okay, few things, the giant was Tyr's step dad, Thrym was an ogre (yes there is a huge difference), and Loki is good looking, which wouldn't be a problem on its own, except he's very aware of it.

  15. Note: that sword is so awesome it could fight on its own if need be and would have been able to help Frey defeat Surtr, which he knew at the time. The things we do for love.

  16. Yeah, Odin is a good dad who doesn't judge too much and lets humanity make their own mistakes and learn from them.

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