Leftist Books For Brainwashing Kids

what’s up guys this is will wit with Prager you and today we’re doing storytime with will you have this book the team at Prager you picked it out for me peaceful fights for equal rights it is a children’s book we’ve got our Barnes and Noble the back says shake a hand lend a hand have hope and be hope it’s meant for kids ages four to eight because you know when you’re 48 years old that’s what you should be doing is a protesting not school or sports or anything you should be protesting ok let’s get into this book assemble take action create allies resist as well little kids need to know about resisting and look at these signs hashtag resist there’s the communists fists as I like the Labour Party communists fist boycott boycott boycott boycott grapes we’re off to a rough start call someone campaign campout this is super weird already okay be fearless fly a flag file a lawsuit what little kid is filing a lawsuit oh and this guy real American hero kneeling for the flag at a football game there’s a baby at a construction site that’s unsafe strike four-year-olds don’t have jobs they’re not striking from their jobs are they supposed to strike someone be nonviolent that’s good tell that to an Tifa you can only do what you can do this guy looks homeless so do it just do it just do it four year-olds it’s the Little Book of little activists activism taking action in order to create social change anyone can be ok look at this can you see that it’s there’s nothing written on the sign it’s just a bunch of scribbles feminism the belief that women and men deserve equal rights opportunities and respect I wish that that was true adults are harder to convince than kids exactly right adults are harder to convince in kids that’s why they can convince these kids to hold up signs that they know nothing about we will not be silenced I doubt this kid can barely even talk diversity America great I agree if only I doubt they’re talking about diversity of thought I dissent 18 months old what could you possibly be dissenting from I marched before I walked it makes zero sense that the to say that people are different just because their skin is a different color or they were born somewhere else there’s differences in cultures of where people come from someone from the Middle East isn’t going to have the same culture as someone from America future leader she’s knocked out of sleep that’s pretty cute speak the truth even if your voice shakes people say the indoctrination starts in college or even as late as high school it starts when you’re four to eight years old when parents are getting their kids these books or when they’re seeing them in the books or their friend has it at school and they read it with them but that was story time with will I hope you guys enjoyed the books that we had today I wouldn’t recommend these books to you unless you want to laugh at them and you and your kids can laugh at them this is will wit with Prager you thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Leftist Books For Brainwashing Kids

  1. This is the liberals agenda. Brainwashing. It has already happened to the snowflakes. Making it alright to think a person is something other than male or female. Lol.

  2. Well you won't get my children
    The real resistance is being honest and sceptical. Not being a brainless far left moron.

  3. Ok we need to start making social issue books & bringing them to school. Like, Stand up & speak out against communism. Organize & resist people who want to harm our country. It's ok to love your country. No one has the right to silence your voice. Etc etc.

  4. the left has become the party of unhinged psychotics. they truly need to be crushed at every opportunity. there is no common ground with these wackos.

  5. Hey du cooler, hipper Will, du bist so "fresh and funky", dass du dir nicht zu schade bist, dich für einen rechten Propaganda-Kanal (von wegen "Uni") herzugeben. Du behauptest, das wäre plumpe Propaganda der Linken, dabei verbreitet dieser Kanal selbst plumpe Propoganda für die rechten Konservativen: Kapitalismus ist gut, weiße Männer sind gut, alles andere ist Scheiße. F*** Dich ins Knie!


  7. Mao in comunist china made young people kill their teachers first and their parents next
    if they were not leftist of course….

  8. We need to stop this leftist propaganda if you are a parent or planning to be one don't buy those indoctrinating books

  9. The liberal dummycrats are more Nazi than the actual Nazi's were. They are the party of hate and communist propaganda. Trump in 2020 easily.

  10. I think it’s good to teach kids about tolerance that way if they have a friend with 2 moms or 2 dads they’ll be more understanding however I do not think we should be teaching kids that they should be putting their time into worrying about their sexuality at such a young age when they should be studying or going outside to play with their friends instead.

  11. I found similar books at a local grocery store going for like one bucks each. I bought them all and emptied them in a dumpster behind the store. Don't tolerate indoctrination of children! They should be playing with dolls and legos, not protetsing with Antifa.

  12. This book is terrible WTF.But honestly supremist groups are way more violent and have killed many ..I agree the book sucks like O Reillys trash.

  13. Agreed. It pointless giving young minds information they can't evaluate… But the same people who disapprove of this, are usually happy to brainwash children with religious ideas (again giving young minds information they can't yet evaluate).

  14. Indoctrinating children with Marxist communist garbage to turn them into mindless NPCs . HOMESCHOOL your children people ! and DEMAND that communist indoctrination be removed from our public education system

  15. Problem is those books aren’t for kids, they are for leftist adults. Leftist adults need easy words, lots of illustrations and pictures to formulate the correct opinions.

  16. Every single kid movie ive seen my brothers watching has some kind of liberal twist to it….. ie the Lorax

  17. Personally, I think that ANY book by a conservative is NOTHING BUT PURE GARBAGE! After all, anyone who reads books by conservative pundits and activists are just as willing to be indoctrinated as books by progressives. As for this video by Will Shit, I mean Witt, I am NOT at all impressed with it.

  18. Is this book even real?

    What do you know, it is actually a real book. Glad i don't have kids to worry if the teachers would be reading this garage to them. SMH https://www.amazon.com/dp/1534429433/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_dgQTCbF8RGT51

  19. If you look at most American campuses today, you can see the results of this mass indoctrination of children and how effective this is.
    Also, European school is no different than the American ones. Here in Norway, as I am about to graduate High School, we see the same thing. Opinions are silenced. Debates are banned. People who share their right-wing opinion is labeled as extreme.
    We ARE experiencing the fall of the West and the rise of the Caliphate. Europeans will go extinct within 100 years from mass-suicide and mass murder, I am sure.

  20. I remember when the Chinese resisted the government they were taught in their schools , didn't work out well for the protesters there in some Chinese jail.

  21. "Someone from the Middle East isn't going to have the same culture of someone from America." Actually, the Israeli culture is pretty much the Middle East version of the American culture.

  22. Scary. Remember when books and schools taught kids how to think. Now they teach them What to think. Just like in authoritarian countries.

  23. And this is why america is flushing down the toilet, we dont have that stuff in the uk…

  24. damn. The fututre looks so bright when this is what american kids are learning. No wonder your youth is so angry & hateful & protesting everything. You guys got problems…….

  25. If a teacher ever told my son to read this crap I would rearrange the teachers face and shove the book up his/her a$$. I cant wait till my son starts school I'm ready to fight. My son is three but I'm reading the constitution and the federalist papers to him

  26. in Brazil that is happening Exactly the same!
    It is so synchronized all around the world that ONU is the responsible for that.

  27. It's a guide on how to indoctrinate children, even though a 4-8 year old doesn't have the competence to understand what they hell is being said to them.

  28. The leftist are insane teaching 4 year olds to 8 year olds this stuff when I was around that age I had no idea what that even was or never been thought of. Also creating peace on earth is with the authorities is straight up false it will never happen it will lead straight to destruction since every leftist has the sin of pride in them because pride comes before a fall.

  29. Decision exactly the bad type of indoctrination there's much worse from the Public Schools… Actually standing up for your rights is probably one of the best things they could be teaching u guys should agree with that…. And pragerU promoting the left and right paradigm is just as much propaganda

  30. why? this kids don't want a liberalism, they want love and affection. why should they do this?? instead of teaching them love, u teach them to think this strugle?? only the satan from hell would do this

  31. The highest number of rapes,in India have been committed by Jihadis and leftists(maoists,naxalites,etc.) in India,a country,that according to UN has the lowest number of Rapes,statistically as well as numerically;yet,the UN never calls this out….Strange!!!

  32. When I was a kid, I only had five things on my mind:
    LEGO sets
    Don’t pee your pants
    The world is so kind and loving
    SpongeBob is the best show ever
    The typical childhood immaturity

    Boy, I’m glad these brainwashing books didn’t exist. (I was born in the early 2000s)

  33. I am not against the leftist movement in general. I believe in equality for all. What I am against is the fact that so-called 'leftists' are nowadays acting like big bullies and calling anyone who doesn't agree with them racists.

  34. What's the point of this video? Parents are free to indoctrinate their kids if they want to. Is Will suggesting these books should be banned from Barnes and Noble? Should parents be banned from buying these books for their kids? Should we impose laws that prevent people from writing and publishing books like this? What is the solution to this most pressing issue?

  35. I think we are about to see the most horrible generation ever very soon , unless someone take an action against these poisoning ideas
    Children have no idea what the right or left are doing , they just wanna play and eating candy,, don’t use the children to promote or advertise your opinion

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