Learn to write poetry: THE HAIKU

50 thoughts on “Learn to write poetry: THE HAIKU

  1. 俳句ですか!!

    These days I have just started to learn English with your videos.

    I'm so excited to learn English with you!!


    from Japan 🇯🇵

  2. Very nicely teaching ma'am, great work. Really liked. Very informative and easy to understand. Keep good work going.

  3. Hi Gill! I really enjoy your videos. You're an inspiring teacher
    Here's my contribution:
    Winter soon arrived
    And the last leaf of the tree
    Kept swinging in glee

  4. Limericks haiku and other short poems on Amazon has some really good modern haiku poems. If anyone interested in haikus wants to read and learn.

  5. I clicked on this video
    Thinkin I was goin to learn English
    Turned out to be Haiku
    Now I am triggered to learn Japanese
    Can't help but to search
    'n find new channels that teaches Japanese

    Really bad I know 😜

  6. Thanks a lot Gill !!! I had to stydy haiku poem for my exam of Literature !!! your lesson was so useful !!! Thank you very much !!!

  7. Good evening. I’m also a Japanese. Basho says now that you are real poet. I definitely agree with him. This unique lesson was very moving. Thank you so much.

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